What to Do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

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You’ve loved your home for years and taken care of the house as much as it has taken care of your family.  Sometimes we find ourselves needing to relocate or find a larger or smaller home.  If you’ve taken care of the larger details getting ready to sell your home, such as replacing worn floors and applying fresh paint, what are the best things to do first to make it look more presentable? Find out what those things are and find a buyer quickly!

Have a yard sale. This will help you get rid of the clutter that can bring a house down. Buyers do not like to see clutter. They more or less like to see a blank slate. Having a yard sale is a great way to get rid of things you no longer need, as well as bring in some extra cash!

Hire a professional to maintain the yard. Curb appeal is very important to buyers. Having a professional maintain the lawn and shrubbery will help your home’s exterior look it’s very best!

Put extra furniture that is not needed in storage. This helps to achieve the “blank canvas” look that buyers are drawn to. This doesn’t mean place the dining room table in storage; we mean extra end tables and cumbersome pieces can be relocated. This will make the house feel more spacious. The more items in a room, actually makes it look smaller.

Clean out closets. Buyers love storage and actually want to see what storage options your house has to offer. If closets are jam packed, it is hard to take note of shelving and other storage organization the space has. A tidy closet is a benefit to any buyer.

Before showing your home, leave the doors open, lights on and have the place smelling nice. If the doors are closed the home will feel closed off. Having the doors open from room to room, makes the flow feel more open and natural. People want to be able to easily see that they are looking on; so keep the lights on and drapery pulled back. Make sure to have a subtle fresh scent throughout the home. You can use air fresheners or room spray. Just make sure the scent you choose is not a strong, overpowering scent. 

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