DIY Mosquito Trap

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The season is coming to an end, but the mosquitos are hanging on. Learn how to create your own mosquito trap that attracts the bug and then kills them on contact. The items needed can be found around the house. This little project takes minutes to make and provides weeks’ worth of protection.

What You Will Need:

A two liter bottle

1 gram yeast

1 cup hot water

¼ cup brown sugar

Black electrical tape


Wash out the two liter bottle. Wrap the bottom half of the bottle with the black tape. Mosquitos are attracted to the color black. This will help attract the pest to your trap.

Next cut the bottle in half. Then add the brown sugar to the hot water and mix well. Once the water has cooled down add it to the bottom half of the bottle.

Add the yeast to the sugar water.

Place the spout end of the bottle upside down in to the bottom half of the bottle. This will create a funnel leading to the liquid mixture that will attract and kill the pests.

Using the black electrical tape, tape the two bottle pieces together.

This trap will work well for about two weeks. After that make a fresh mixture. The same bottle can be used each time.

Place the trap where you spend time outside as well as near entry doors, to side track the pest from coming inside the house!

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