DIY Projects from Your Herb Garden

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If you’re enjoying your herb garden this season, or hope to start one someday, here are a few ideas to make the most of your herbs.


Drying your own herbs is simple and inexpensive. You can find many methods online, but drying simply involves tying small bunches of cut herbs and hanging them upside down in a dim, cool, dry room. Some herbs are best preserved in the freezer; some you can store in containers for a few months. 

Décor Projects:

Make an herb wreath. Trim some long stems of your taller herb varieties and tie them together with floral string or wire. Play around with different sizes and combinations of herbs and enjoy your beautiful handiwork. Even a simple sprig tied into a wreath, as in the image above, makes a lovely statement.

Make a centerpiece display with varying size vases and include dried or freshly cut herbs. Either make mixed bouquets, or let each vase contain a full bunch of a single type herb. Not only will they smell delightful, they’ll provide a vivid display.


Create a small apothecary in your home! Home remedy recipes are widely available online, so making a few basic herbal tinctures to have on hand is easily doable. We’ve included a couple links to get you started:


Dry a few bunches of lavender and make small sachets. Keep one to place under your pillow at night to promote good sleep, and give the rest as gifts. While you’re at it, make an eye pillow to place over your eyes when you need a moment to breathe deeply and recharge. Let the scent of lavender soothe your nerves during a stressful day.


We hope these ideas give you a jump start to using your herbs in creative ways. Learning more about the medicinal properties of herbs can also enrich your life beyond the garden. Hands-on projects with herbs are an engaging way to connect with nature and your own creativity. 

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