How to Plan For Your Move

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Relocating an entire household is a daunting task that will require much of your time, energy and funds. Often, the moving process begins as a long, detailed to do list and isn’t complete until you’ve finally moved the last piece of furniture in your new place. Yes, thinking about moving all the things you’ve accumulated over time can be overwhelming. Preplanning your move can help things flow smoothly. Here are some helpful tips:


  • Start off by gathering all of your moving necessities. You can avoid spending unnecessary money by getting boxes from friends and families. Often, they may have empty boxes around from receiving packages or from a previous move.  You can check with retail stores. The manager may be able to provide you with some boxes. You will also need an abundant supply of durable shipping tape. 
  • Old newspapers, tissue paper and bubble wrap can be used to protect items that can break easily. This step is essential because it ensures that your most valuable items are protected during the actual move.
  • Once you’ve packed all of your items, be sure to label them. You can purchase sharpie markers and label the boxes by category in bold lettering.
  • Now is a good time to go through your belongings and determine what items you don’t need and throw them out.  Create a pile of things you don’t need and you can donate them to charity or you can list some of the more valuable items for sale on eBay and Amazon.
  • Determine if you’re interested in painting the new space you’re moving into. If so, contact the landlord and ask if you can go in and paint a few days prior to your scheduled move in date. It’s easier to paint a room when it’s empty and you avoid possibly ruining your furniture.
  • Enlist people to help you with the moving process. You can ask friends and family members to help you move or to borrow helpful things such as vehicles or dollies. To make the process much simpler you might choose to seek help from a reputable moving company. There are moving companies that will pack your items and transport them to your new location. In addition, professional movers are more likely to keep your valuables safe during transport because they have special handling experience.
  • In most cases you have to clean the space you moved out of in order to receive your security deposit back. You should consider hiring a maid service to thoroughly clean your old apartment.


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