Making Your Home Lovely Part 1

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First impressions are everything. Therefore, it’s important that your home always look it’s best. How can you ensure that your house looks fabulous? Before you begin brainstorming lavish decoration ideas there are simple things you can do to make your home more inviting. Below are some simple suggestions you and your family can implement.


While your house may be clean, with items stored in every crevice and toys all over the place clutter can make your home look bad. The first step in improving your home’s appearance is decluttering your living space. As easy as it sounds, it takes commitment to organize, create and stick to a system. You can start decluttering by determining an appropriate place for everything.


Perhaps the hardest part of organizing a home is throwing away things that your family no longer has use for. It’s easy to get attached to material possessions especially if you’ve had them for years. In fact, you may even have a special attachment to some possessions. However, when you’re attempting to downsize it’s essential to separate your feelings from material items. During this process you’ll have to think of things in terms of utility. Consider:


–       What capabilities does this item have that can be useful to me?

–       Do I already possess anything that performs similar or better than this item?

–       How much sentimental value does this item have?


Utilize the three box method. Label each box: Keep, Donate and Trash. Items that you have a need for you will toss in the Keep box, things that you will be of use to someone else you can put in the Donate box and junk items with no value can be discarded in the Trash box.


Decluttering your house isn’t a task that can be effectively tackled overnight. It will require the help and support of all in the family. To avoid getting frustrated be sure to set aside a few hours each week to organizing your home. 

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