Making Your Home Lovely Part 2

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Now that you’ve tackled the clutter, it’s time to start examining your cleaning patterns. Whether you’re expecting guests or you simply just want your house to be in order, good house cleaning patterns can bring out your home’s full potential. Below are some tips to help you effectively and efficiently clean your home.


Develop and Follow A Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the house can seem overwhelming, especially when coupled with the other housework and responsibilities that we have. That’s why a plan is essential. Write up a schedule that determines what and when things need to be cleaned. The cleaning schedule should also show what everyone’s chore is in the family.  A clean schedule can be designed around what works for you.


Your cleaning schedule should identify what needs to be cleaned in each room and how often the area needs to be cleaned. Grouping each task by the frequency it needs to be cleaned can be  helpful in gaining a sense of what chores you’ll need to do each day.


Buy Cleaning Supplies

While having clean supplies seems like the most obvious step often people forget to purchase appropriate tools. Begin by purchasing plastic containers, each container can be assigned to specific cleaning areas. For instance, there should be a separate container for the bathroom, one can be designated to the  kitchen and an additional to the rest of the house. Each cleaning container should be equipped with its own cleaning brush or cloth.


Consider investing in packaged shop towels. Shop towels are inexpensive and available at most hardware stores. These types of towels are bigger than your average wash cloth and made from a terry fabric. Shop towels are great to clean with because they are durable and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. 

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