Small Rooms Can Appear Larger!

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Working with small living spaces can be difficult. However, any room can appear to be larger than life by simply implementing design schemes that trick the eye. Often, interior designers utilize optical illusions to make a small space seem larger than it really is. What are some easy ways you can open a small room in your house?


Color Schemes: Color is a powerful aspect of decorating that can easily create a believable illusion.  The right color combination can make a small room look and feel spacious. Lighter colors, especially white, light green and blue hues brighten a room instantly making it appear bigger. However, be careful of using shades of color that are too bright. Dark colors have  the tendency of giving off a closed off feeling. Using stripes in your decorating scheme can also add to appearance of spacious.


Mirrors: Mirrors aren’t only great for viewing, but by using them in your designs you can add some depth to a room. Yes, mirrors give the illusion of increasing a room’s size. Consider, creating a mural effect with one entire wall.  Leave massive or busy frames out because this can create the opposite effect. Mirrors reflect light and color.


Windows: Avoid hampering windows and sliding glass doors with large or distracting coverings such as solid colored curtains. You may opt for sheer coverings instead or pull back the curtains.  Leaving your windows uncovered, you can easily create a sense of depth to a small space. Allowing your windows to be free can bring in extra light which instantly creates a feeling of spaciousness.


Furnishing:  A small room can feel and look even smaller when it’s filled  with too much stuff. Limit the number of decorative accessories in your design scheme. If you have a lot of items, be sure to keep things organized and utilize storage space that is out of sight. Select furniture that fits the size of the room and larger pieces of furniture should be placed against walls so as to maximize the available space.


Pictures: One large painting such as a mural instead of small groups of pictures can help to open up a small space. Murals can draw a room out and make it seem much longer than it really is. 

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