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Designing a Kitchen Banquette

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More and more families are turning away from formal dining and are looking into more casual, eat-in kitchen designs instead. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space to include a standalone table ringed with chairs, or an island in the center of the room with a breakfast bar. In some of these kitchens, this space problem can be solved with the use of a banquette. Because banquettes are built into the corner of the room, they take up less floor space than a freestanding table plus they offer additional storage – a big plus in small kitchens.

What Is a Banquette?

A banquette is a set of built in benches that line the corner of the kitchen. These often conceal storage underneath, with a cushion on top for comfort. The table may or may not also be built in, and there may or may not be additional seating on the other side. Because you cannot walk around the banquette, you can use less floor space, while still providing the seating you need.

Ways to Design a Banquette

There are countless ways you can design a kitchen banquette, from having a couch put into your kitchen to building custom benches. One of the most popular and inexpensive methods of designing, however, uses kitchen cabinets as the bench.

Short upper cabinets can be easily bolted right to the floor and the wall behind them. Because each door swings open, you can use the cabinets to store a variety of things from pots and pans to seasonal items. To create the tops of the bench, just have a piece of birch plywood cut to fit and screw it down on the tops of the cabinets. Now all you need is a cushion bench top to make the banquette comfortable.

Another method involves using trunks or boxes that have flat lift tops. The only trouble with this method is that to access what’s inside, you need to remove the seating cushions, but this method can create a plainer, more contemporary looking banquette than cabinets.

However you decide to build your banquette, be sure to have it line a corner to maximize the amount of seating. You can also have it put partially into the room to wrap around the short end of a table on two sides. Banquettes can be a great addition to small spaces; consider building one in your home.

Organizational Tips

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the time to get more organized. Before you know it your home will be filled with extra decoration, people, food, and presents. It will be helpful to get organized now to free up some space.

Choose the proper containers:

When organizing the pantry, it is good to choose clear, rectangular containers that will hold dry foods and spices. Clear containers allow you to find what you are looking for in a cinch. The square shape is a space saver, as opposed to cylindrical containers. The square shape makes it easier to fit more containers on a single shelf. Round ones are hard to stack and waste space.

Donate Items to the Salvation Army:

The Salvation Army is not for profit. Anything you donate will actually go to people in need. Not to mention that your donation is tax deductible. It is a good idea to have an area in the home, preferably in a hall closet or garage, where you keep a bin of items to be donated. This will cut down on the clutter in your home, and help people in need. Donate clothes that are no longer being worn, old furniture, or anything that works but is no longer being used. A good rule of thumb is: If you have not used an item over the course of a year, donate it.

Take Control of Papers:

It is so easy to end up with piles of bills, junk mail, and other paper items. The first thing to do in order to help with filing important papers is to buy an accordion type file folder that can be easily closed. Make tabs for the following:

Bills, Manuals, Home, School, Pets, Medical, Miscellaneous

When opening mail head straight to the recycling bin and dump junk mail.  File away important papers as soon as you can. This will help you find important documents and keep the paper clutter at bay.

Designate a Place for Shoes:

Shoes can pile up next to the door or just be sitting about. They are clunky and a tripping hazard. Figure out a place to store shoes. This can be a cabinet that holds shoes and can store items on top. Another possibility is to get a shoe organizer for behind the door in a mud room. These are great items to keep in each family member’s closet as well. It is nice to have a place for each person to store shoes as well as being a centrally located place to hold regularly worn shoes.

Follow these easy tips to clear some space in your home. You will be glad you did once the holidays arrive! These tips can be used year round for a clutter free home.

Outdoor Tranquility: Decorating Your Porch

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A beautifully decorated porch is an extension of what your guests can expect when they step into your home.  Whether it is situated in the front or back of the house, the way you choose to spruce your porch up will add value and pleasure to you and your visitors.  Here are some ideas for adding appeal to your outdoor space. 



The most inviting trait for your porch to have is available seating.  Nothing says “stay awhile” quite like a comfortable cushion you can sink yourself into.  There are multiple options available depending on what you use your porch for the most.  If you use the space to occasionally eat “al fresco” on a mild evening, you may want to start with an outdoor dining table and chairs.  Be sure that it is made of a material that can withstand the elements and is also easy to clean, as the breeze can bring in leaves and pollen residue on windy days.  If your porch is more of a relaxation area, then there are multiple configurations you can utilize to give yourself and guests a comfortable feeling. 

If the porch ceiling is strong enough, consider a hanging cushioned porch swing.  They’re timeless and they put whoever sits upon them into a serene state.  Rocking Chairs can also have the same effect.  Make sure to have a decorative outdoor pillow to support the sitter’s back.  Investing in an outdoor couch and loveseat, decorated with beautiful cushions and pillows will morph your porch into an outside living room. You can add decorative stools for people to put their feet up as well.  It would be impossible for you and your guests not to relax!  If you are seeking a less formal piece, a simple cushioned bench can also do the trick. 


Furniture & Accessories

Once you’ve got somewhere to sit, it’s time to add all the extras.  Your seating arrangement can be enhanced by an outdoor rug.  Plain or patterned, it can help protect the surface of your porch from heavy traffic.  Keeping a tray and serving set handy for coffee and tea can make your guests feel appreciated while placing a coffee table or side tables nearby will give them a place to put their drinks while socializing.  

If you are able to do so, installing a ceiling fan can help keep you cool on those hot summer days, while incorporating an outdoor sound system can add some welcoming background noise while entertaining.  During bright days, a roll down sunshade can keep the glare out of your eyes while outdoor lighting through lanterns, string lights or wall sconces will keep things going in the evening.  Finally, a touch of nature indoors can really warm up space.  Try using topiaries, hanging flower baskets or potted plants.  

Your porch is your outdoor getaway.  Make it as enjoyable and inviting as you can.  Happy decorating!

Proper Lighting for Any Bathroom

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The bathroom is a room you will use constantly throughout the day, so its lighting is very important.  Proper placement providing all-over coverage is key to making your experience and the experience of your guests a happy one.  Read on to learn some tips on how to properly light any bathroom in your home so you can showcase it at its best. 


Ambient light is the first thing you’ll be needing to step in the door as this is your overall lighting for the room.  Using a ceiling-mounted fixture in the center of the room or installing recessed canned lighting is a great place to start.  Consider using a dimmer switch to customize the level of brightness throughout the day.  You will most likely not want the room to be super bright first thing in the morning or while doing your nightly routine before bed, but you can make it as bright as you want when you are feeling energized during the day.


Next is task lighting, which provides illumination for the things we actually need to get done while we’re in the bathroom.  While ambient lighting ensures that you won’t be standing in a dark room, task lighting will provide a better concentration of light where you need it most.  Two areas to consider are the bathroom mirror and the shower stall.  Try installing light fixtures on each side of your mirror instead of above it as this will better distribute lighting across the face making morning routines easier.  If there are clear glass doors for the shower area, the other lighting in the room may be enough, however any shower with an alternative door or curtain will most likely benefit from recessed lighting in the ceiling above the stall to prevent the area from losing needed light. 


Accent lighting can help highlight any special areas of the room you wish the make a focal point.  If there is a piece of art on the wall or a beautiful stand-alone tub basin you want to be sure is noticed, consider a small spotlight to draw the eye to this area day or night. 


When planning the lighting design for the bathroom, try to purchase energy efficient light bulbs if possible.  LED lights work just as well, last longer and prevent the room’s temperature from rising and becoming uncomfortable which can happen when using standard bulbs. 


We hope this helps you get started on your bathroom lighting project.  Feel free to contact us today to get you started on your bathroom lighting design!

Questions for Your Carpet!

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If you are just getting started in the process it can be hard to imagine what details you need to pay attention to, what questions you need to ask yourself, and where to even begin. There are four important questions to ask yourself when choosing a new carpet for your home that will help guide you to your perfect floor.


Be prepared to answer these questions when you first head to our store. These will help us to pinpoint your specific needs and this will allow us to show you the most appropriate options for your specific situation. The first question typically asked regards the amount of foot traffic and use will the room sees. This is important in determining what colors will work for your home—lighter carpets will not hold up as well if they are getting constant foot traffic.


Another question you may be asked is about the size of the room. Perhaps if the room is on the smaller side, a lighter carpet will help make the space feel bigger. Conversely, if you have a very large room a carpet with a darker color could help make it feel more inviting and warm. 


And finally, you will hear the question of the lighting in the space that is to be carpeted. This is important because if your space is a room that doesn’t get much natural light, you may consider getting carpet that is a shade lighter than you envision. Without natural light, any carpet will seem darker than it does in the store. 


Once you know the answer to these questions you are prepared to come in and speak with a customer service partner who will help you understand which carpets are right for you. Remember to ask us for samples to bring home as the lighting in the our store will not be the same as the lighting in your own home. You’ll want to bring them back with you to see how they look at home. Visit our website or visit us in one of our stores so we can help you with all of your flooring needs.

Laminate Flooring is Beautiful

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Laminate flooring has so much to offer that many people are not aware of. If you are budget conscious yet desire an attractive flooring with low maintenance, laminate is the selection for you!

This particular flooring selection is quite versatile, yet also user-friendly. It is durable and only requires regular sweeping and mopping. This wonderful material has the ability to look gorgeous and mimic hardwood, stone or tile. To view all the choices available, check out our laminate options available on our website or visit one of our showrooms.

Wide plank flooring is a popular choice.  Recent developments in inkjet printing have made wood-look patterns nearly indistinguishable from wood planks. Laminate is available in patterns that mimic hardwood, stone and tile. It is also available in a wide variety of sizes, textures and styles. The options are nearly endless! There are so many colors to choose from, there is no doubt there is a laminate right for everyone’s home.

This product’s durability comes from the way it is made. It is four layers thick. The bottom layer can handle movement from settling and is equipped to handle any moisture from the sub floor. The second layer, or the core, is made from a high density fiber or particle board that further handles moisture from the subfloor and provides stability. The third layer is a high resolution print of hardwood, stone or tile. This is what gives it a realistic and beautiful look. The fourth layer is a protective coating that enhances the durability and is stain resistance.

If you have kids, pets, or entertain frequently, this flooring is a worthy selection. is a product that has transformed into something better for everyday life and looks better than it ever has.

Use our virtual design tool to see what this flooring can look like in your home. Play around with different material selections as well as sizes, patterns and finishes. You will definitely be surprised at the versatility this product has to offer!

How to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

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There are many benefits to updating a bathroom. Renovating a bathroom can enhance it’s atmosphere and functionality, making it a more comfortable and appealing place. It can also add to the overall appeal of a house when you decide to sell. Deciding what to update during a renovation is exciting; here are a few recommendations.

Start with the shower. A great upgrade here is converting to a barrier-less shower. Barrier-less showers are user friendly and easily accessible for people at all stages of life. They can be designed to accommodate two people, or built small for one person. The shower head is another key feature that you might look at updating. This is an update that is inexpensive and can save water! The type of shower head you choose will affect the amount of water you can conserve, and today’s shower heads are federally mandated to flow at a rate of no more than 2/5 gal. per minute (gpm). There are other shower heads that will conserve even more water. Finding a shower head with adequate water pressure is also important, and many people like large rain shower heads as they provide a large area of water that streams. are many varieties to choose from when selecting a new shower head; it’s key to identify what is important to you, and to find a shower head that best meets those preferences.

Another area one can update to enhance the functionality, look, and feel of the bathroom is the floor. There are many styles and materials to choose from when upgrading the bathroom floor, and it’s important to pick something that will be able to stand up under the fluctuating temperatures and heavy use. Ceramic is a popular choice and can be arranged in various patterns adding to the beauty of the room. There is also the exciting option of in-floor heat, which is particularly appealing during winter. Another option is wood-look tile or laminate. These requires less care in a wet environment like the bathroom but give the classic look of wood.

Bathroom fixtures add to the style and atmosphere of a bathroom, and are another feature you might consider updating. There are are a variety of options to choose from when updating fixtures, and spending the time to find the right look and price will pay off in the end. Selecting a finish is a fun part of the process as well. A popular finish is oil-rubbed bronze which will give it an Old World look.

Finally, consider updating the bathroom cabinets.  The size of your bathroom will affect what type of cabinets you choose, and there are many options such as stand-alone cabinet storage, storage that is equally divided and symmetrical, or vanity cabinets. A bathroom is a great place for linen storage, so consider a built in linen cabinet. Adding pull-out shelves to deep cabinets is another feature that helps with organization.

Choosing to give your bathroom a facelift is a fun opportunity to be creative and increase the functionality of your bathroom. These are just a few recommendations to get started. Feel free to leave comments below.

Removing Pumpkin Stains from Carpet

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It is almost pumpkin carving time! We all know that carving a real pumpkin is fun and messy; which is why kids love it! If you happen to end up with a pumpkin stain on your carpet, we have the answer. Find out how to remove pumpkin stains in the safest way possible.

Act fast! The faster a stain is treated, will result in removing all of the soil. When a stain sits, the fibers will absorb the stain and harden. Making it much more difficult to remove.

A detergent solution is the best place to start if you act fast:

Mix ¼ Teaspoon of clear dishwashing detergent per 1 cup of lukewarm water. Rinse the solution a few times to make sure the detergent has been removed. Any leftover residue will attract dirt and cause that spot to soil much faster than the rest of the carpet.

For tougher stains, try a vinegar solution:

Mix 1 cup of white vinegar per 2 cups of water. Acid solution in the vinegar helps to lower the alkalinity of detergent or alkaline spills. This application can also be used if you are having trouble rinsing a detergent solution.

For set in stains try an ammonia solution:

Mix 1 tablespoon of household ammonia per 1 cup of water. When using this solution, make sure to test a small area before applying mix to the stain. Ammonia can cause a color change in the carpet fibers.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about pumpkin and carpet!  Until then, have fun carving those great faces!