How to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

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There are many benefits to updating a bathroom. Renovating a bathroom can enhance it’s atmosphere and functionality, making it a more comfortable and appealing place. It can also add to the overall appeal of a house when you decide to sell. Deciding what to update during a renovation is exciting; here are a few recommendations.

Start with the shower. A great upgrade here is converting to a barrier-less shower. Barrier-less showers are user friendly and easily accessible for people at all stages of life. They can be designed to accommodate two people, or built small for one person. The shower head is another key feature that you might look at updating. This is an update that is inexpensive and can save water! The type of shower head you choose will affect the amount of water you can conserve, and today’s shower heads are federally mandated to flow at a rate of no more than 2/5 gal. per minute (gpm). There are other shower heads that will conserve even more water. Finding a shower head with adequate water pressure is also important, and many people like large rain shower heads as they provide a large area of water that streams. are many varieties to choose from when selecting a new shower head; it’s key to identify what is important to you, and to find a shower head that best meets those preferences.

Another area one can update to enhance the functionality, look, and feel of the bathroom is the floor. There are many styles and materials to choose from when upgrading the bathroom floor, and it’s important to pick something that will be able to stand up under the fluctuating temperatures and heavy use. Ceramic is a popular choice and can be arranged in various patterns adding to the beauty of the room. There is also the exciting option of in-floor heat, which is particularly appealing during winter. Another option is wood-look tile or laminate. These requires less care in a wet environment like the bathroom but give the classic look of wood.

Bathroom fixtures add to the style and atmosphere of a bathroom, and are another feature you might consider updating. There are are a variety of options to choose from when updating fixtures, and spending the time to find the right look and price will pay off in the end. Selecting a finish is a fun part of the process as well. A popular finish is oil-rubbed bronze which will give it an Old World look.

Finally, consider updating the bathroom cabinets.  The size of your bathroom will affect what type of cabinets you choose, and there are many options such as stand-alone cabinet storage, storage that is equally divided and symmetrical, or vanity cabinets. A bathroom is a great place for linen storage, so consider a built in linen cabinet. Adding pull-out shelves to deep cabinets is another feature that helps with organization.

Choosing to give your bathroom a facelift is a fun opportunity to be creative and increase the functionality of your bathroom. These are just a few recommendations to get started. Feel free to leave comments below.

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