Proper Lighting for Any Bathroom

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The bathroom is a room you will use constantly throughout the day, so its lighting is very important.  Proper placement providing all-over coverage is key to making your experience and the experience of your guests a happy one.  Read on to learn some tips on how to properly light any bathroom in your home so you can showcase it at its best. 


Ambient light is the first thing you’ll be needing to step in the door as this is your overall lighting for the room.  Using a ceiling-mounted fixture in the center of the room or installing recessed canned lighting is a great place to start.  Consider using a dimmer switch to customize the level of brightness throughout the day.  You will most likely not want the room to be super bright first thing in the morning or while doing your nightly routine before bed, but you can make it as bright as you want when you are feeling energized during the day.


Next is task lighting, which provides illumination for the things we actually need to get done while we’re in the bathroom.  While ambient lighting ensures that you won’t be standing in a dark room, task lighting will provide a better concentration of light where you need it most.  Two areas to consider are the bathroom mirror and the shower stall.  Try installing light fixtures on each side of your mirror instead of above it as this will better distribute lighting across the face making morning routines easier.  If there are clear glass doors for the shower area, the other lighting in the room may be enough, however any shower with an alternative door or curtain will most likely benefit from recessed lighting in the ceiling above the stall to prevent the area from losing needed light. 


Accent lighting can help highlight any special areas of the room you wish the make a focal point.  If there is a piece of art on the wall or a beautiful stand-alone tub basin you want to be sure is noticed, consider a small spotlight to draw the eye to this area day or night. 


When planning the lighting design for the bathroom, try to purchase energy efficient light bulbs if possible.  LED lights work just as well, last longer and prevent the room’s temperature from rising and becoming uncomfortable which can happen when using standard bulbs. 


We hope this helps you get started on your bathroom lighting project.  Feel free to contact us today to get you started on your bathroom lighting design!

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