Walk-In Style Showers

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Most bathrooms incorporate some type of either tub or shower into the design. These are usually enclosures that may be separate from the rest of the bathroom and are partitioned off either by a shower door or a curtain. As bathroom sizes continue to grow, however, many people are choosing to use other types of showers in their bathrooms, including the barrier free or walk-in style shower. These open areas are often placed at one end of the bathroom away from the rest of the fixtures, and may or may not use any splash panels, guards, or other types of partitions or screens. The water is allowed to flow out toward the rest of the room; the position of the other fixtures ensures that they are far enough away to prevent them from getting wet. This type of shower installation is growing in popularity, and often leaves homeowners wondering how they can fit one into their own bathroom scheme. There are a few considerations you need to make for the room as a whole to best fit one in.

Sloped Flooring

Because there is no curb or other separation between the shower area and the rest of the floor, the entire floor needs to be able to conform to a slope toward the drain. Therefore, ideally the floor of the whole bathroom should be 2-inches in size or smaller. Using larger tiles on the floor can be done in the rest of the bathroom if you want to change size as you get closer to the shower area, but to prevent cracking and other problems, the area of the floor that does slope needs to be mosaic in size.

Splash Panels

If you have the space to position the shower area far enough away from everything else that nothing will get wet no matter how many body sprays you use, then you don’t need to worry about splash guards or panels. If your bathroom is smaller, however, you can still use this type of shower with a small fixed panel just next to the sprays. This prevents the water from escaping, while preserving the openness of the overall shower.

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