Types of Shower Doors

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Shower doors make a great addition to many bathrooms. They can be elegant or contemporary, clear or opaque, and they can be crafted to fit just about any size or shape of shower or tub for a perfect fit. That said, there are still several choices that you can make when it’s time to purchase a shower door or enclosure for your bathroom. Because your choice can have an impact on the style and function of the room, it’s important to take a look at all the various options as you make your decision.

Sliding Doors

Sliding shower doors are most commonly used on tubs, but can also be used on some larger walk in showers as well. Like the name implies, they are installed on a track, with one moveable and one stationary panel. The panel slides to give you access to the shower and slides back again to enclose the space.

French Doors

Some people don’t like sliding doors because they block a section of the tub or shower even when open. This can be problematic for bathing small children, for example, as well as for cleaning. French doors are often the answer to this problem. They mount on a tub or shower curb, and both panels open out into the room, giving you full access to the area behind them.

Splash Panels

Some large walk-in showers don’t need to be fully enclosed because the shower head is far enough away from the rest of the room to not spray everything around it. These showers, therefore, can use what’s called a splash panel. This is a fixed pane of glass that just protects the area closest to the shower head from spray; the rest of the shower remains open.


Frameless shower enclosures are one of the most popular. Rather than having a metal frame around the perimeter of the enclosure, the doors use only clips to mount them to the walls and to each other. This gives a very clean, minimalist look to the enclosure, and makes it appear as though there is nothing in the way, letting you enjoy the look and design of the shower itself, rather than of the door.

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