dog accident on carpet

Your carpeting is an investment that you put tremendous effort into selecting, then caring for regularly. Then, within seconds, your pet creates a mess, a glass of wine is spilled, a shoe grinds in some grass, or a pen suddenly explodes.

Don’t worry, your carpet isn’t ruined – but you may not know the best way to remove each of these very common types of stains. We have the answers for you!

When you are cleaning up a stain, the most important thing is to contain the stain. This is hard because liquid tends to run, but quick action will help. Just as important is to avoid the use of any toxic chemicals on your carpet before consulting with your manufacturer’s guidelines. Many customers ask, “Can I use ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or bleach on my carpet?” and the answer is always “no” – unless otherwise stated in your guidelines.

  1. How do you remove pet stains?

With a pet stain, you should first try to blot up as much of the stain as possible with a clean rag, towel or paper towels. If the stain has already dried, then you should use a damp cloth and lightly blot the carpet as the stain starts to lift. If discoloration remains, then you’ll need to conduct a deeper cleaning using a safe, recommended cleaning solution. This should lift the stain.

Pet stain removing tips
  1. Getting a Wine stain out of your carpet

As with pet stains, blotting to remove a red wine stain is the best first step. With wine stains, it is very important to continually change out your rag so that the wine you have removed does not continue to stain the carpet.

Hosting a party that is already in full swing & need a quick fix? Check your manufacturer’s guidelines to see if spreading salt in the area is okay. Salt has been shown to absorb wine without causing additional staining and is easily vacuumed after your party is over. Once you have time to dedicate to removal, a 3 to 1 ratio of baking soda to water has been proven to be the best remedy for taking out wine stains as long as your carpet can handle it. Always test a small area or a sample piece of carpet first.

Wine stain cleaning tips
  1. What is the best way to remove a Grass stain?

Grass stains can be very difficult to remove. You first want to vacuum the area to remove any debris that could further stain the carpet. When grass is mashed into the carpet, it tends to break apart. You want to get each piece with a strong suction vacuum to avoid further staining. As with other stains, you should then blot with a warm damp towel. As long as it is recommended for your carpet, you can use a solution of water with bit of diluted dish soap on the stain to lift it out. The green pigment of grass can be removed using vinegar or rubbing alcohol – but again, only if listed in your recommendations. Try testing with a sample square before adding any of these chemicals to your carpet.

Grass stain removing ideas
  1. Can you remove an Ink stain from carpet?

Dried ink is by far the hardest stain to remove from a carpet. After very carefully blotting out any remaining wet ink, a strong detergent or cleaner is required. You want to test a small section of hidden carpet (a scrap would be best) before moving forward with any chemicals. Try using a very small amount of high quality stain remover or rubbing alcohol if your manufacturer recommends it. Make sure not to use too much liquid, lest you run the risk of further spreading the stain.

Ink stain removing ideas

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