cracked tile flooring

As many know, tile is a very popular flooring choice, especially in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. But why?

This is because many types of tile have a protective layer resting over the material, making them resistant to water and stain penetration. Not to mention they are also naturally resistant to high humidity conditions, which can occur most in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Although tile sounds like the go-to flooring option, it’s not perfect. If your home life involves heavy foot traffic, pets, kids, or the normal day-to-day clumsiness so many of us experience, it is possible the tile can get damaged. Here at Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we want you to have the perfect tile flooring, so here are some tips to protect your tile from damage.

tips to protect your tile from damage
Tile floor broken

1. Use grout correctly

When placing tile, you want to make sure that the gaps between the tiles are filled in with grout, or else the sharp edges of the tile will get chipped by shoes, paws, furniture, etc. In doing this, make sure the grout is fully level with the tiles so that it doesn’t have tile sticking out that could be easily chipped.

Another quick tip is to make sure you check the label & use grout with no sand component. This is because the sand in the grout could get loose, which could get picked up by feet and cause scratches on the surface of the tile.

2. Be careful with furniture

No matter what room you decide to put your tile in, it’s pretty much a guarantee that there is going to be some type of furniture going on top. Our best advice is to put furniture protectors on the bottom, whether it’s a table, chairs, cabinets, couch, etc. This will help prevent scratches, especially with chairs and smaller furniture that easily slides around.

Also, try to avoid placing anything too heavy on tiled areas. Sometimes objects are just way too heavy for the tile to handle, which can cause cracks.

tips to protect your tile from damage

3. Clean the tile regularly

Tile is best cleaned by sweeping and mopping. Vacuuming a tile floor can cause scratches. A quick scrubbing of the floors every now and then may get rid of visible dirt, but a lot of bacteria tend to flourish in the grout.

For pet owners whose pets have accidents on the tile, those accidents attract more bacteria. Therefore, pet owners with tile in their homes should stick to a more regular cleaning schedule.

4. Make sure you know the quality of the tile

As you are shopping for your tile, make sure you look for a good quality brand. Cheaper tiles are often able to be scratched, chipped and cracked much more easily than quality brands.

Lucky for you, here at Dolphin Carpet & Tile we know that life happens, and sooner or later your living style will take a toll on any floor covering, whether the floor is busy with high foot traffic or not at all. That’s why we only offer top quality brands and are more than willing to help you pick the perfect tile for your specific home life needs. Here’s an example of one of our top brands, Mohawk Floorscapes.

Mohawk floor

(Mohawk Bayou)