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Coastal Décor for Winter

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Winter is coming! Living in Florida, that may not mean too much to you. But it can be meaningful with a little imagination! Make winter known in your home through seasonal coastal décor! In our coastal home, winter becomes less about the hot sunshine and more about the chilled air and holiday spirit!

At Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we love the beach just as much as you do. So we want to give you some tips to carry that coastal love through with seasonal décor!

Color Scheme

When you picture the beach, you think of blues and tans and maybe some yellows. But in the winter, it’s better to focus still on blues but also whites and greys. Of course you can add in some greens and reds especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

To start, you would want lighter washed flooring, nothing too dark. Keeping the floors lighter will keep the rooms brighter, just like you imagine it would be at the beach.

A light Alfredo tile from Dolphin Carpet & Tile would perfectly mock the sand color at the beach creating the perfect start to a coastal décor.


Another good option would be the Tucana Coretec Plus Enhanced Slim Plank from our Luxury Vinyl catalog.


At Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we have many more color schemes, designs and styles to choose from that will fit in perfectly to start your winter décor.

To go with the lighter color scheme, some nautical pillows and chairs would be the ideal look for your coastal winter.



Preparing for the Holidays

Not only is winter a time for lighter colors schemes, it’s also a time to get in the holiday spirit and you can do it all by remaining coastal! From wall décor to area rugs even down to the ornaments on a tree, let’s keep this holiday season at the beach.

Starting with a simple wall décor, a cute and fun palm tree with a sign saying “seas and greetings!” How clever!


Let your beliefs be known through holiday décor, because I think we can all agree, life is most definitely better at the beach!


Make your holiday wreath out of all the things you love. With all kinds of beachy items, you can make it super fun and creative.


Dolphin Carpet & Tile has a plethora of area rugs to choose from that involve the beach and the holiday all in one!

This one’s for dog lovers! Which happens to be most people, I mean who doesn’t love dogs? The Liora Manne Front porch Happy Holidays rug is a warm welcome to all guests and pets!


Even written in its name, the Liora Manne Front Porch Coastal Christmas mat is perfect for the beachy winter décor we’re aiming for!


At Dolphin Carpet & Tile we want you to embrace your love for the beach and your hometown all while keeping up with the seasonal décor and holiday fun! We offer so many options for you to browse through and choose whatever flooring or area rug is right for you. We hope you have a fun and festive winter!

Prepare your Flooring for Winter With These Easy Tips!

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Here in South Florida, some residents might think they don’t need to prep their floors for the winter. We don’t get snowstorms, and, in fact, the weather barely ever goes lower than 50 degrees. With temperature highs still in the upper 70s and low 80s, why would Florida residents need to prepare their floors for winter?

Our climate is usually very wet for most of the year, so mainly our flooring is chosen because of the high levels of moisture it has to endure. However, some Florida winters can become so dry that sometimes there are even water restrictions. Therefore, Florida homes need flooring that is durable enough to endure these changes in moisture throughout the year.

At Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we are very familiar with Florida weather conditions throughout the year, and what it can do to your home. That’s why we want to make sure that you are fully prepared for the seasonal changes that are bound to occur in the coming months.

The following are a couple types of flooring that we recommend for South Florida homes that endure high moisture during the majority of the year and go from little to no moisture during the few winter months.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a manufactured product that perfectly imitates the look of hardwood, ceramic tile and stone. For more information on laminate flooring itself, learn more here.

Laminate is a great flooring option for Florida homes due to the fact that it does not fade from sun exposure and because of its moisture-resistant qualities. Even in cases of high humidity, which is very common in Florida, the flooring doesn’t expand or curve.

With many different colors and styles to choose from, laminate flooring will not only look beautiful – it also has a lot to offer and is a smarter floor to go for when choosing a floor for your Florida home.

Featured below are a few examples from the laminate flooring options that we have to offer.

Natural Red Oak Strip

Burnished Oak Plank

Vinyl Flooring

At Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we have luxury vinyl tile floors that are durable, affordable and an attractive alternative to ceramic tile, natural stone and hardwood.

Vinyl Flooring is a very popular flooring choice for Florida homeowners because it is another great flooring option that protects against humidity. It is commonly used in areas with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms and kitchens. For more information on Vinyl flooring, learn more here.

A beautiful look that will look great in your home, available in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes. Vinyl flooring is something you should strongly look into for your Florida home.

Below are a couple Luxury Vinyl products we offer.

Beige Prequel Tile

Coretec Pro Pus Enhanced Endinburg Oak

Both of these flooring options are great for homes with high foot traffic and with any amount of pets. They are both very durable, stain resistant and easy to maintain.

With either of these types of flooring, not much prep has to occur due to their built in strength when it comes to moisture

Lastly, the best tip to give to prepare your home for the winter season is to decorate! Bring the joy of the holidays into your home with some area rugs!

Welcome all of your guests with Liora Manne’s cheerful Winter Welcome mat or Season’s Greetings mat!

Florida may not have a super cold winter, and they definitely don’t have reindeer, but it’s not hard to bring that into your home with a little décor!

As little as it snows here, it’s nearly impossible to build a snowman, but they can still bring joy to the family through decoration!

Bring winter into your home with Dolphin Carpet & Tile area rugs! With many more to choose from at our rug shop, you’ll definitely be able to find something you like! Browse now!