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2018 was a great year! With some awesome products launched and really cool flooring trends, the year couldn’t have gone better! Let’s run through all the wonderful accomplishments we’ve had this year! 

For starters, it seems like many of you are ready for the winter season since our top blog this year was preparing your home for winter with these easy tips. Yes, we are located in South Florida and yes, we don’t have the harshest of winter weather conditions, but it’s always good to be prepared, especially for things you aren’t expecting. So be prepared for the dry season, especially with your floors! Check out the blog to make sure you’re ready!

Luxury Vinyl

A great floor to have in wet and dry environments would be luxury vinyl flooring which was a big trend this year! Luxury Vinyl is a type of flooring that is durable and affordable. An attractive alternate to ceramic tile, natural stone and hardwood. It has many advantages including:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Quieter underfoot
  • Available in a wide variety of styles, colors and styles
  • Easy installation

Here at Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we introduced two new luxury vinyl floors from Mohawk this year, including Mohawk SolidTech and Mohawk RevWood.


Mohawk introduced SolidTech, the only vinyl brand designed with a waterproof and stain-resistant system with a durability strong enough to withstand chaotic family life including kids and pets running through your home daily. 

With superior performance in wet areas, easy to clean surfaces and dent resistance for high traffic areas, this floor is the perfect addition you need in your home!

This year, we worked on an installation of Mohawk SolidTech for a client who wanted to update their tile flooring to something better. Not only did they follow the luxury vinyl trend, they also followed the grey hardwood flooring trend! Here’s the before and after:

Pet friendly floor

For more information on this project and to see more of projects that we do and products we offer, check out our Houzz page!


We also introduced RevWood this year, a waterproof flooring made from real wood components that Mohawk created to endure the causalities of everyday life. Perfect for busy households with its resistance to stains, scratches and dents while still offering the beauty of hardwood.

Along with RevWood is the RevWood Plus which adds to the flooring with water proof and pet protection that will help when it comes to cleaning.


Another newly launched project this year was Mohawk’s Air.o flooring, the softest flooring option that is hypoallergenic, easy to clean and VOC-free! The Air.o flooring also follows a trend of 2018 by being 100% recyclable! Not only smart for your home, but also for the environment, Air.o is the only 100% recyclable soft flooring available!

Color Trends

There are always a good amount of color trends throughout the year in all different categories, including fashion, design, outdoor, flooring, walls, etc. Here are a few of the top color flooring trends of 2018.

  1. Blue – The most popular flooring option in the non-neutral color family.
  • Greys – a big trend revolved around grey hardwoods, especially the beautiful mocking of hardwoods from laminate and vinyl flooring.
  • Browns – seeming to continue an ongoing trend, you could never go wrong with neutral brown floors in any room.  

Even though the year is coming to an end, all of these trends and products are still very new and in style! As much as we enjoyed 2018 and everything it had to offer, we’re ready to find out what’s to come in the new year!