patterned ceramic tile

Can you believe it’s the New Year already? 2018 went by way too fast and now we’re headed right into 2019! A new year means new trends, new styles, new colors, new designs, new everything! Get your resolutions figured out for 2019 with us at Dolphin Carpet & Tile as we show you the new top trending styles, colors and designs when it comes to flooring and home decor for the new year!

People have been predicting 2019 trends since 2018 started, but now that we’re just days away from 2019, the predictability is much more valid.

Here are some top flooring and home design trends for 2019.

Wood-look Flooring

As many of you may know, wood-look flooring is nothing new to 2019. Flooring including laminate, vinyl and ceramic tile has been #1 trending flooring option for two years in a row now. Predicting this trend will never go out of style, we offer many different designs, shapes, colors, etc. for you to pick just the right flooring you need for any room in your home!

This Sterling Asian Oak is a super natural classic from our Laminate catalog. It’s beauty and smooth surface will look wonderful in any room.

Our weathered collection is perfect for people with busy lifestyles. Tough and rustic, this flooring option looks gorgeous and is able to sustain everyday activities.

Featuring the chocolate color of the Fusta collection, ceramic tile can also mock the look of hardwood in stunning measures.

Textured Flooring

Change your design up a bit with some texture! Styles that mock hardwood that are much more durable and offer great beauty for your design, textured hardwood might be what you need for your new flooring in 2019!

Notice how much this textured flooring can make such a difference to the design of a room. The floor might be the most beautiful part!

Environmentally Responsible Options

A very popular change for 2019 is the need for flooring owners to know where their flooring is coming from. With global warming these days, people want to make sure they are creating lower personal carbon footprints in efforts to help our Earth. The people talked, and we listened! Now we offer many eco-friendly flooring options.

There are two main reasons why COREtec Plus is becoming such a popular flooring option. One is because of its durability and water resistant properties, and another is the fact that it is composed of environmentally-friendly recycled wood and bamboo dust.

This year Mohawk Home introduced air.o, the only 100% recyclable soft flooring available. Mohawk is one of the brands we offer at Dolphin Carpet & Tile, so come check out this eco-friendly hypoallergenic carpet!

Blonde Flooring

Gray flooring was a huge trend in 2018 but with the new year comes new trends, and blonde flooring is making a rise!

Brighten up your home this year with the smooth and glistening Huchenson’s Honey Blonde Maple laminate flooring option from Dolphin.

Allow the sunshine to glisten off of Carnivalle’s Golden Blonde Oak laminate flooring to boost your mood and get you ready to conquer the day!

2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Last year’s ultra violet is out of the picture and now we’re brightening things up with 2019’s Pantone color of the year; living coral!

An easy way to add the Pantone color of the year to your home could be as simple as an area rug! We offer a lot of indoor and outdoor area rugs because any living space could use a good area rug!

Although pictured outside, Mohawk’s Oasis Bundoran Coral area rug can also be used indoors. This vibrant coral and natural sisal colored palette will effortlessly enhance any space.

Checkout the difference this area rug creates to this room. It adds so much style and personality that would have been missing without it!

With all of these trends coming for the new year, make sure you’re ready to get the old trends out and bring the new ones in! Happy New Year!