outdoor fireplace with stone feature

If you have an outdoor patio, fire pit, kitchen area or all three, you know it’s the time of the year when they’re used the most. During the summer, it’s just way too hot to stay outside, but now there’s a nice chill in the air, perfect to spend time by the fire.

Here at Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we want to make sure your outdoor living space is ready for you and your guests. That’s why we are offering you with some winter flooring options for your outdoor firepit and kitchen area. Be ready to have the most stylish outdoor space to entertain all your family and friends!


Having a fireplace outside is the perfect way to keep warm in the chilly winter months. Stone is a popular flooring type for all outdoor areas, but especially for fireplaces. Not only do we offer flooring stone, but also wall stone. Natural stacked stone can be used for both residential and commercial applications including walls, columns, island bases, grills and of course, fireplaces.

Our Beijing green featured stack stone is 1 of 16 different colors and designs you can choose from! Start browsing now for the perfect color that could match your outdoor décor!

Another popular use of stone for outdoor areas would be for countertops. Whether it’s inside or outside, stone is a gorgeous and sustainable countertop option that can either be rough or polished.

Featuring the polished Absolut black option from our granite collection, we have 134 more colors so we know we have just what you need!

Stone is also a great option for flooring itself. Check out this awesome outdoor living space featuring the Andes Gray from the Travertine Collection.

We offer 136 colors in the Travertine collection so come browse with us to find exactly what you want!


Tile is another popular choice when it comes to countertops. Very similar to polished stone, tile is just as durable and beautiful. In fact, this tile countertop goes great with the Andes Gray stone flooring as you can see below.

At Dolphin Carpet & Tile, we offer a plethora of styles, colors, tones, shapes and sizes of tile, find more here.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a wonderful addition to any space in or outside your home. Any room, and any area, the rug will add style and fun!

It may be winter, but we’re in Florida! The floral décor never has to stop! Featuring Mohawk’s Alexa Medallion Multi indoor / outdoor rug.

The bright colors don’t have to stop either! The marshmallows are ready to turn into smores at this beautiful outdoor space featuring Mohawk’s Avenue Stripe indoor / outdoor rug. 

We offer many indoor/outdoor area rugs from top branches, like Mohawk in order to ensure that the rug is durable to withstand any harsh weather conditions or typical clumsy spills and scratches.

Continue browsing through our area rugs, stone and tile options. You don’t have to overlook hardwood either! Shop now and get that outdoor space ready to entertain!