wood look tile in modern kitchen

If you’re looking for new tile, you’re most likely looking for flooring in the bathroom or kitchen areas. If not, that’s great too! Tile can go anywhere throughout the home and will look great in any room! With many styles, shapes, patters, colors, and finishes your home can range from quiet and elegant to vibrant and proactive. Check out some of 2019’s top tile trends to get you inspired for your next flooring purchase!

Graphic Patterns

Some people find graphic patterns disturbing and some people find them completely alluring, but either way, graphic pattern tiles are a top tile trend this year. Although there’s nothing subtle about it, graphic patterns can be comforting and not as exotic as you think, like this Windsor polished tile that adds a lot to the design featured below!  

Patterned flooring


A cool thing about tile is that it doesn’t have to be a flooring option, it can be a wall option. Perfect for bathroom walls and walls above sink areas, these tiles can add so much to a simple design.

Simple tiles of bathroom walls


From exotic options to more calm options, graphic designs can add a pizazz to the room and get your home looking trendy!

Matte Finishes

When it comes to finishes on your tile, glossy always used to be the number one, but not anymore! Matte finishes are here to stay! A soft but powerful style that does not get too overwhelming like the graphic patterns might.

Tile flooring


These tiles tend to have advantages such as not showing smudges or watermarks and being much easier to maintain. For these purposes, matte finishes might be just what you need in high moisture areas and if you have a very busy lifestyle with a lot of foot (or paw) traffic.


No matter what flooring you’re looking into buying, neutral colors are always a great option and are usually at the top of the list in the trending world. That’s because neutral colors can literally go with any style and design look that you want! Grey’s and beige have become super popular complementary neutral colors, but white is topping the charts!

Modern living room flooring


White has been making a rise due to its brightness that brings light and cheer into the room!

Wood Planks for Tiles

We know that with real hardwood, it is recommended not to put them into these areas of the home due to high moisture levels, but now we don’t have to worry about that! You can have wood-looks all over your house! That’s because manufacturers these days are getting better and better at creating tile that can mimic the look of real hardwood, even able to make it look hand-scraped or wire-brushed.

Wood planks for tiles


This is a design trend that allows you to have wood-look floors in your bathrooms, kitchens and basements with absolutely no worries about it! I mean just look how beautiful it looks!

Design trends of kitchen


Here at Dolphin Carpet & Tile , we offer a wide variety of tile options featured in all of these four trends and many more! Browse through all of our tile options here, you’re bound to find the perfect tile fit for your home and design!