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Want hardwood flooring but don’t want to worry about spills and pet accidents? There’s a perfect flooring solution for you: COREtec Plus. Thanks to this innovative and revolutionary product, it’s easy to get the beautiful look of wood without having to sacrifice durability, affordability, and moisture resistance. This makes COREtec Plus ideal for families who have kids and pets but want their flooring to be both stylish and functional.


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How is COREtec Plus made?

COREtec Plus is made up of a durable waterproof core that will not expand or contract. Next comes a luxury vinyl layer that resists scratches as well as dents and dings. On top of that is a thin wear layer that stands up to heavy traffic while remaining stain resistant. Finally, each COREtec Plus plank features an attached cork underlayment for extra padding and noise insulation.

Isn’t COREtec Plus the same as luxury vinyl?

As far as uses and benefits go, COREtec Plus is similar to luxury vinyl. It even features a luxury vinyl layer! However, its construction is different. It is made of recycled wood and bamboo dust as well as limestone and virgin PVC. It also features a cork backing. It’s also easier to install, requiring no acclimation and minimal floor preparation. Luxury vinyl, on the other hand, is made of a mix of synthetic materials including PVC, plasticizers, fungicide, and UV stabilizers with a vinyl backing layer. It often does not reduce noise and can be more complicated to install.

 Where can I install COREtec Plus?

COREtec Plus has another advantage over genuine hardwood flooring—you can install it anywhere, above or below ground! Because of its moisture resistance and ability to replicate tile or wood, it tends to be most common in bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. However, it comes in so many styles that you might opt to install it in every room in your home! To find the perfect one for you, visit Dolphin Carpet & Tile now and take a look at our expansive selection of COREtec Plus products.

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