children sitting together on carpet

Life can be pretty messy in a home with children. With all of the messes, games of tag, and trails of soapy footprints from the bathroom to the bedroom, you can only imagine what your flooring endures on a daily basis. You’ll probably spend half the child-raising years just cleaning up after them!

The reality of it all is that kids are really hard on flooring, so you’ll want to make sure it can withstand everything your kids might throw at it—literally! When shopping for flooring, ask yourself a couple of questions first:

  • How durable is this flooring?
  • How much time do my kids spend on the floor?
  • Does this floor absorb impact?
  • How safe is this flooring? Is it chemical-free?
  • How easy to clean is this flooring?

Flooring for Durability

Kids start to make messes seemingly from day one, graduating from spilled formula to spilled juice to mud and snow once they’re old enough to play outside. For all of these messes, you’ll want durable and waterproof flooring—particularly for your bathrooms, kitchen, mudroom, and laundry room. Consider luxury vinyl flooring. It’s available in beautiful wood and tile looks, and it is 100 percent waterproof. It’s also available at a family-friendly price point. It’s no surprise that luxury vinyl is one of the leading flooring solutions in homes with kids! Learn more about one of the most popular brands of luxury vinyl and order free samples delivered directly to your home!

Living room vinyl flooring

Flooring for Comfort

You’ll want to consider the age of your kids when selecting flooring for sure, as well as which rooms they’ll spend the most time in. Go for soft, stain-proof carpet in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and nurseries. As your kids learn to crawl and walk and play, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’ll do all of these things in comfort! And carpet with stain resistance (such as this variety of carpet from Mohawk) is both soft and functional, designed with EverStrand® stain resistance. Other brands, such as Dream Weaver, offer lifetime stain warranties on select carpet types for peace of mind against messes and spills.

Comfortable carpet

Flooring for Cleanliness

Parents want to spend their time enjoying their children, not cleaning up after them. So, consider a flooring solution that’s both easy to clean and incredibly low-maintenance! Tile is perhaps one of the best options, and porcelain and ceramic tile are also both durable and beautiful. Strong and water-resistant, most tile is also surface-treated and can withstand tough stains. Of course, you can add some warmth to your tile with a stain-resistant area rug.

Flooring for Cleanliness

Not sure which kid-friendly flooring solution is best for your home? Get in touch online or speak with one of our flooring specialists at any of our retail locations. Each location has a wide selection of kid-friendly flooring. Find a location near you today!