Karastan Kasbar area rug in living room

No matter what your favorite design trends are, there are many stylish area rugs that will fit every room in your home seamlessly. From classic woven rugs to machine washable and sustainable constructions, you can also find the perfect materials to suit performance needs throughout the household. For instant depth, texture, and protection for your floors underneath, area rugs add savvy style enhancement without breaking the budget. Here are some of our favorite recommendations for choosing the right area rug.


When you add area rugs to your entranceways, you are helping protect the floors in your home from tracked-in dirt, mud, debris, and more. Olefin rugs are outstanding for indoor-outdoor use since they are moisture and stain-resistant, as well as durable for handling foot traffic.  For a playful touch, look for an indoor-outdoor rug with a saying or graphic that matches your family’s personality to amuse visitors!


Since your hallways will see more foot traffic than the rest of your rooms, we recommend using area rugs called runners that come in elongated rectangle shape. Not only will these valuable pieces protect your surfaces, but they will also add slip resistance and cushioning in case you have active little ones. Resilient polyester or nylon construction will be a great fit for your hallways.

Kitchens and bathrooms

In both our kitchens and bathrooms, we spend ample amounts of time standing up, whether at sinks, cabinets, counters, mirrors, or drying off from the shower. These areas also experience moisture that the rest of the home does not. Therefore, the combined purpose of your rugs will be to provide greater comfort underfoot, prevent slips, and provide absorption. A woven cotton rug or a tufted cotton rug with rubberized backing will work outstanding for these conditions. You can even search specifically for easy to maintain styles that are machine washable. A culinary motif or pattern will look extremely snazzy in your kitchen, while soothing shades or peaceful floral designs will add to a serene, rejuvenating bathroom.

Living rooms and bedrooms

Since your living rooms and bedrooms tend to be the more peaceful, luxurious rooms in the home, here’s a chance to indulge in your favorite texture and construction. Woven wool rugs are absolutely gorgeous and will serve your rooms for decades if probably cared for. Although slightly pricier and more specific to maintain, wool is naturally soft, durable, and water-resistant. You can find the perfect size wool rug to balance your furniture and room layout for chic harmony. Shag and silk rugs are ideal for crafting luxury and elegance, both visually and underfoot. Depending on the effect you want to create in a bedroom, you can opt for rich color, animal print, or a bold, eye-catching design. With these rugs, it’s fun to err on the side of dramatic or sophisticated. Let your creative imagination take over for these choices!

For added inspiration, make sure to read our previous Festive Area Rugs for Any Room blog post. If you need extra guidance in selecting your area rugs, get in touch online or speak with one of our flooring specialists at any of our retail locations!

Karastan Kasbar area rug in living room