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The time has come to install new flooring in your living room and you’re torn between two stellar options: gorgeous, natural hardwood and warm, plush carpeting. Both will help you create a beautiful chic space perfect for relaxing, hosting, and visiting with your family and guests. When it comes to determining which is a better fit for your living room, you should evaluate factors such as kids, pets, budget, and installation. Here are some keys to consider in regards to installing carpet versus hardwood in your living room.

Hickory Engineered Hardwood


When you invest in hardwood flooring, you are also investing in the resale value of your home. Although hardwood will cost more to purchase and install, you will not need to replace the floor for at least 10-20 years and it will be well-received if you look to resell. Carpet will not retain the same value over time and needs to be properly maintained to remain attractive over time.  However, carpet will allow you to have attractive living room flooring that’s much cheaper to purchase and install. For an active home, it might be wise to invest in a low-profile nylon carpet that can resists stain and foot traffic while still offering high style. If you have less activity in your home, think about indulging in a plush carpet pile for soft luxury.


For best results, installing hardwood or carpet in your living room will require hiring professionals. To install wood floors inside the average 1,000 square foot home, you are looking at a roughly $8,000.00 project according to HomeAdvisor. If the average US living room is 300 square feet, then the price to install wood floors comes to approximately $2,400.00. Not only is installing carpet a faster process, it’s more affordable as well! For the average US home, HomeAdvisor lists the total cost to install carpet in the range of $750 to $2,500. Even on the highest end of this price range, that still only projects installing carpet in the 300 square foot living room at $750.00 total. Plus, this installation price is the same for whatever type of carpet you purchase. With hardwood, the installation price can change based on the hardness of the species and the size of the planks.

Durability and cleanliness

When selecting carpet for your living room, it’s extremely important to pick a fiber that can handle the lifestyle in your home. Both nylon and polyester will provide stain resistance and resiliency if you have kids, pets, and frequent accidents. Nylon will offer more style options, but will also be a bit pricier. Polyester will be more affordable but will wear faster and not offer as many design options. Triexta will offer outstanding design and protection versus wear and stains, but will come at the highest cost.  All carpets will require professional cleaning once a year to ensure luster and vibrancy.

Hardwood options will offer tremendous durability and gorgeous style across the board. Plus, they are easy to maintain over time with regular sweeping, dust-mopping, and vacuuming. Of course, it’s always wise to review a manufacturer’s guidelines first to get an idea of what proper care will entail. One of the best parts about hardwood floors: they can be refinished multiple times over their lifespan in the home. If you are ready to sell, chances are a refinished floor is all that will be needed at most to impress potential buyers.

To learn even more about what hardwood and carpet have to offer your living room, visit any of our retail locations and work with one of our helpful flooring specialists today!

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