Treasured Grove Karastan LuxeCraft LVT

Nothing adds gorgeous, elevated luxury to your home quite like timeless and sophisticated genuine hardwood.  As you plan your next great design refresh, you may find that the price tag, expensive professional installation, displacement during installation, or time-consuming upkeep that comes with wood floors might knock them out as a flooring option in your home. Thankfully, gorgeous luxury vinyl plank offerings such as Karastan LuxeCraft are created to provide the breathtaking visual of rustic wood while lending a versatile performance that every homeowner will appreciate! Here’s why you’ll love Karastan LuxeCraft.

Exceptional Beauty

If you love the extremely popular farmhouse chic and coastal chic design schemes, or if you want hard surface flooring to outfit an open floor plan, you will how LuxeCraft luxury vinyl offers incredible realism and authentic looks. These striking wood visuals get inspiration from rare sources such as old logs and weathered barnwood. Whether it’s the brilliant mineral streaking found in the Refined Forest line or the fallen old-growth characteristics of the Treasured Grove line, the undeniable depth of texture is achieved through 3D printing technology and gives these elevated wood creations their realistic surfaces.

Amazing Performance

In addition to the eye-catching look of LuxeCraft flooring, homeowners cherish the rigid top layer and multilayer construction, which gives it an inherently waterproof nature that resists the spills, scratches, and dents that an active home will see. You don’t have to worry about spilled food, drinks, or pet accidents compromising your floors and causing warping, cracking, or other damage. Messes are kept on the surface while the resilient nature of LVT helps cushion any dropped items that fall down to the floor. Now your kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and high-moisture areas can have Karastan beauty and quality!

Easy Installation & Maintenance

As we spend more time at home with the family this year, LuxeCraft offers an efficient way to install new floors that takes much less time than it does to put down new hardwood. Featuring the UniClic MultiFit locking system, the finished installation is air-tight and instantly ready for use. Each plank features an attached underlayment that insulates sound and eliminates the creaking, expansion, and contraction of real wood. When it comes to maintaining your home, LuxeCraft floors can be wet-mopped for quick, effective clean-up. It’s a busy family’s dream come true when it comes to keeping a chaotic household sparkling.

Whether you want traditional wood elegance or a trending modern look floor, LuxeCraft luxury vinyl from Karastan can help you easily craft unforgettable spaces throughout the entire home. Get in touch with the experts at Dolphin Carpet & Tile and let’s get your design project started today!