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If you have been exploring ways to enhance your home’s outdoor living spaces, you have no doubt probably seen photos of fabulous, jaw-dropping outdoor living spaces on Pinterest or in magazines. Instead of the simple grill and picnic table, many savvy homeowners are creating outdoor kitchens and living rooms, complete with cushy sofas, enhanced lighting, and flatscreen TVs.

However, stylish outdoor living spaces don’t have to cost a fortune. With some thoughtful design concepts and a little creativity, it’s easy to maximize your home investment by sprucing up your patio, custom deck, or rustic country garden. Who knows? You might even have fun in the process!

Take stock

One of your first steps will be taking an inventory of what you already have that you can use or design around, as well as what you need functionally and what you want aesthetically. What are your assets? Do you have a beautiful pergola? Make sure your budget includes outdoor lighting if needed so that you can enjoy your outdoor space at night. Do you have a green thumb? Your design should showcase that talent by using plants of all types and sizes to decorate.

Another consideration is the purpose of the space. Ask yourself these questions as your answers will help guide purchasing decisions:

  • Is this area for my use? A private sitting area?
  • Is the area intended for outside cooking and dining area?

Is it an outside entertainment area? A place where people relax or interact?

What’s underfoot?

Once you have your answers and objectives written down, use that info to shape your decisions about what size, style, and color area rug you’ll need for your outdoor space. Today’s outdoor carpets are made to bring the same style and elegance outdoors as they do inside. An area rug is a relatively inexpensive and instant way to add a splash of color and sophistication to your space- and they come in an amazing variety of sizes, textures, and materials!

Since your rug will be outdoors, look for styles made from durable materials, preferably something synthetic. Also, check the manufacturer’s care label for a suitable fit. If your rug isn’t stain-resistant, add a stain treatment to it. As for the size, use the concepts of anchoring the outdoor space and create visual interest as your guiding principles rather than covering the entire area.

outdoor area rug

An eye for design

Here are five easy tips for creating a great outdoor living space:

  1. Small space? Curves are your friend! Round tables, stools, and area rugs with no corners.
  2. Think vertical. Strings of lights, outdoor sheers, and hanging plants create great visual interest.
  3. Need an extra table? Place a sleek lacquered tray on top of an ottoman and voila!
  4. No deck or patio? Invest in a beautiful, boho outdoor rug, lay it under the nearest tree on your lawn, and put your outdoor furniture around it.
  5. Lounge life. Create your own inexpensive chaise lounge with a backless bench. Top the seat with a cushion to fit, and prop up comfy pillows on one end.

*Pro-tip: Don’t crowd your space with too much furniture. This avoids a cluttered appearance and making it difficult for people to move around.

Are you ready to tackle that back deck? Have some ideas about what you’d like to do with that underused patio? Talk to our Dolphin Carpet and Tile flooring professionals on how to make the most of your outdoor living space today!