mosaics in bathroom

One of the main reasons that stylish homeowners choose the look of natural stone and gorgeous tile is for the design capability to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind layouts and unforgettable spaces. Whether you love travertine and slate or prefer porcelain and ceramic tile, you can create a grand-feeling floor, mixed-size, or a smaller, unique design to give your room timeless beauty and durability.

To add greater visual interest, you can use mosaics as central design elements within an attractive layout. By definition, a mosaic is a pattern or image that is created by smaller pieces of stone, glass tile, or ceramic tile. When used within a greater layout, mosaics help break up any monotony and add personality to otherwise ordinary spaces. Here are a few of our favorite fun ways to use mosaics in the home.

Floors & Accent Walls

Mosaic tile will help you create floors and accent walls that create lasting impressions as bold as you dare to create. You can use an accent wall to transform a space with color and texture by using mosaic tile. With a timeless flooring option like tile or stone, employing a mosaic will add detail and a nod to craftsmanship that will earn second and third glances!


Traditional brick is no longer your only option for an attractive fireplace: You can use mosaic tile for a functional, artistic statement that helps turn a room that’s lacking punch into a hip lounge that’s perfect for hanging out. From an earthy stone look to a striking color gradient with smaller tile, your fireplace can easily turn up the style a few degrees by using mosaic tile.

Backsplash & Countertops

To give your kitchen or bathroom an inviting, modern touch, a mosaic tile backsplash, countertop, or both will utilize pattern and color to add a stylish pop. Glass mosaic tile will help you elevate a design that shimmers, shines, and glistens when natural light comes in. By personalizing your surfaces with your favorite shades and varieties, your home becomes that chic restaurant with the cool bathrooms that everyone loves to visit!

Showers & Baths

There’s nothing like taking a rejuvenating shower or relaxing bath to help you feel your best. You can use mosaic tile to create a shower and bath with soothing colors and smooth texture for optimum comfort. Tile and stone are perfect surfaces to deal with the moisture that our bathrooms will see, so why not add some flair and special energy in the process?

In addition to the fantastic added style to your interior, mosaic tile will still offer the same easy-to-maintain quality that makes tile and stone such popular choices. When you’re ready to explore mosaic tile for your home, you can visit us at any of our locations, call us, text us, or schedule a virtual showroom appointment!