Camargo oak vinyl flooring in living room

If you’ve been inspired to upgrade the flooring in your home, you are not alone! With extra time at home this year, many homeowners are looking to maximize their space and elevate rooms in need of makeovers. For easy, quick installation and the latest striking hardwood visuals, both laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring are budget-friendly options that can be used throughout the home. Here are some tips on using the water resistance, durability, and style of these hard surface products in your inspired rooms.


Both laminate and luxury vinyl floors come at a cheaper price point than genuine hardwood, and both products will be tremendously cheaper to install. Whereas hardwood will require hiring professional installers, laminate and luxury vinyl offer DIY floating installation that doesn’t require extensive subfloor prep.  If you need to renovate your flooring before listing your home on the market, these options will allow you to purchase and install faster! Laminate costs more per square foot than luxury vinyl, but both varieties are comparable in price. Domestically produced laminates are worth any extra cost since they are held to stricter manufacturing and quality control standards.


Laminate planks have a rigid, dense feel, thanks to their multi-layered construction. Each plank consists of a high-density fiberboard core, an aluminum-oxide top wear layer, and composite wood layers. Luxury vinyl planks feature greater flexibility and dimensional stability thanks to the layers of resilient vinyl they are made from, as well as inherent waterproof construction. Combined with a rigid top-layer that adds realistic texture, luxury vinyl planks provide wood beauty despite not being as thick or heavy. You can create authentic-looking wood floors with striking visuals and popular winder, longer plank formats.


With their simple click-lock installation methods, both laminate and luxury vinyl flooring offer incredible ease of installation, with floating floor and DIY capability. Thanks to its waterproof nature, luxury vinyl can be installed above or below grade and anywhere that will experience high moisture such as basements, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. Laminate products vary in water resistance and grade suitability, so it is always wise to match a laminate product to the specific area you have in mind.  Both product types will offer greater resistance to water than hardwood, and installation will displace rooms for far less time than hardwood installation.


Homeowners cherish both laminate and luxury vinyl flooring for how amazingly easy they are to clean and maintain. Simply sweep, dust mop, and spot treat when necessary to keep your laminate and luxury vinyl floors shining. In fact, luxury vinyl floors will allow you to wet mop whenever you prefer for a quick cleaning! Since laminate products have varying levels of moisture resistance, you will need to verify that wet mopping is acceptable. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines as your ultimate authority on the appropriate care and maintenance routine.

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