carpet in bedroom

We cherish the feel of plush carpet underfoot in our homes—in fact, we cherish it so much that in the US, carpet outsells all other flooring types combined! We love the supremely soft touch and soothing qualities, but we also need our carpet to perform in our homes with durability, stain resistance, and resiliency. Choosing the right type of carpet to match your household activity level and the purpose of each room will go a long way to ensuring your home remains pristine for years to come. Which carpet is right for you? Let’s take a look at different carpet types and where they will best serve your home.

When it comes to matching carpet construction with the right room, you have to first understand your options! The two prominent types of carpet construction (which refers to how the carpet fibers are attached to the carpet backing) are loop pile carpets and cut pile carpets. Loop pile construction has fibers that are bent into small loops that create a durable, low-profile carpet with better stain resistance. With cut pile construction, the yarn tips are cut, which means there are no loops. The carpet pile is softer and thicker as a result. Both of these constructions create different types of carpet that will serve your home with distinct characteristics.

Berber carpets are level-loop carpets that resist foot traffic tremendously. Multi-level loop carpets provide patterned texture visually while making it easier to clean up dirt, mud, spills, and pet accidents more effectively. Plush carpets, twisted Saxony carpets, friezes, shag carpets, and cable carpets are all cut pile constructions that will offer exceptional comfort and elevated style but will hold footprints and will take more effort to keep clean.  Here are some recommendations of carpet types to fit specific areas in the home.

  • For high-traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and stairs, level-loop carpets will resist foot traffic and prove durable over time while maintaining their original appearance.
  • Your family room and living room will see moderate activity and foot traffic, so you want to find attractive styles that are still easy to maintain. Explore a carpet with cut and loop construction, which features both cut pile and loop pile fibers. Your carpet will have softness and texture, but it won’t show dirt and stains as readily.
  • Since your dining room and bedrooms will see less overall activity than the rest of the home, you can indulge in the softness that you crave! These are probably the most appropriate locations in the home for your favorite plush, high-fashion cut pile carpets such as textured cut pile, friezes, and shags.

As you shop for carpet, you can use characteristics such as face weight, tuft twist, fiber type, pile height, and pile density to ensure that you are getting the right options for your home. No matter which carpet type you decide to purchase, adding a quality carpet pad will enhance performance by helping minimize the effects foot traffic, reduce noise, enhance cushioning, and absorb spills and stains. To learn even more about what type of carpets will fit your lifestyle the best, visit any of our retail locations and work with one of our helpful flooring specialists today!