living room with accent wall and fireplace

Although hardwood floors are one of the most traditional and timeless surface options on the market, they are as eye-catching and sought-after as ever! With the ability to retain value over time and even improve your home resale value, hardwood is not only a gorgeous choice but a sound investment as well. Also, you are hardly limited in your selections with a multitude of stylish wood species, shades, textures, and finishes to design with. If you love the natural beauty of hardwood planks as much as we do, here are some fun ways to use wood in the home that are creative and chic:

Waterproof Hardwood Floors

Homeowners are cherishing waterproof floors that can fit an active household and now this performance feature can be found in innovative wood products! As we detailed in our All About RevWood Plus blog post, the unique waterproof construction of these products allows you to have genuine, sophisticated appeal in high-traffic, high-moisture rooms that solid hardwood is not well suited for. Kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and even below-grade basement installations, can feature the wood characteristics, knots, graining, and tones that we treasure. It’s time to look at these room designs in a whole new way!

Accent Walls

We all love the look of a rustic wood floor, but have you ever considered designing a striking accent wall made of hardwood planks? The rich texture and visual of our favorite species bring incredible life to low-key spaces and blend seamlessly with rustic, chic, or modern-contemporary layouts. A wood accent wall can be the perfect installation to transform an ordinary room or create a bold transition in your home. Add balance and flair to your home while indulging in the creative visual power of hardwood!

living room with accent wall and fireplace

Distressed Textures

For an unforgettable room, explore using distressed texture to add an extra pop to your hardwood floors. Hand-scraped wood planks are literally pulled with a drawknife which leaves irregular scrape marks and makes every board different in a finished floor. Wire-brushing will expose the warm grain and create a soft but weathered texture that leaves the surface uneven and natural. Reclaimed planks are weather-beaten, striking, and full of markings from decades prior that can’t be duplicated. All of these wood textures will contribute to distinct, inventive room designs that are anything but typical.

distressed hardwood

Patterns & In-Lays

As you design your home and explore wood flooring options to install, consider the ways that you can use pattern to spice things up! Wood floors don’t have to be in a traditional straight pattern: you can use random plank sizes for an eclectic vibe, a diagonal plank layout for a head-turning floor, a modern herringbone design that will earn plenty of double-takes, or a geometric parquet pattern with inspired intricacy. You can also explore wood floor creativity with wood inlays similar to the use of mosaics within a tile floor. These visual centerpieces such as stars and compasses are perfect for foyers, entranceways, and master suites.

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