distressed hardwood in kitchen

Beautiful, durable, and sustainable, hardwood floors are as classic a flooring option as any. With proper care and routine cleaning, your hardwood floors will require minimal maintenance and shine for decades. However, don’t mistake a traditional flooring choice for one that is short on modern, trending style!

Did you know that you don’t have to give up the dependable characteristics of hardwood flooring to achieve the current look you want? Distressed hardwood flooring offers the same reliable surface you’re looking for with popular finishes that will highlight and fit any room décor. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular distressed finishes:


As the name implies, wood planks are hand-scraped to give the surface a rustic appearance. The wood is pulled from one end of the plank to the other using a drawknife (a blade with a handle at each end) and as a result, the process leaves irregular scrape marks in the wood that are later enhanced by the urethane coating. Since every board is different, floors end up looking rustic and farmhouse chic! Hand scraped wood flooring is as the name suggests typically hand-crafted and thus can have a higher price-point. The investment in style and wood beauty you receive is undeniable and perfect for creating unforgettable rooms.

hand-scraped hardwood flooring


Another popular distressing technique uses a brush with hard wire bristles scraped across the wood to create a rough surface. Wire-brushing exposes the warm, wood grain, softening the texture and creating a beautifully weathered look. The floor’s uneven surface hides scuffs and scratches, but the grooves formed by the wire brush can also collect dust and debris. However, with regular cleaning using a microfiber mop, your wire-brushed flooring can be beautiful for years to come.  Wire-brushed wood floors are perfect for creating natural-looking modern and contemporary spaces that are extremely popular right now.

wire-brushed hardwood flooring


Hardwood flooring taken from old demolished houses, barns, offices, or other buildings is considered “reclaimed” flooring- and these planks are full of decades of beauty and character.  In addition to its prized weathered appearance, these wood floors are a thoughtful design option for several reasons. First, the original structures often used what was called “heartwood,” the hardest, most durable timber from the tree. Secondly, it’s a sustainable option! Using reclaimed wood keeps the material out of landfills and gives it a valuable second life. Depending on the building’s condition, reclaimed wood may be weather-beaten but it almost always looks striking and distinctive for a one-of-a-kind floor.

reclaimed hardwood flooring

No matter what is your favorite variety, distressed hardwood flooring is a unique option for the homeowner looking for a material that will last and make an eye-catching statement. Do distressed hardwoods sound like they might be right for your home? The experts at Dolphin Carpet & Tile are ready to answer all of your questions!