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It’s no surprise that homeowners these days are looking for pet-friendly flooring options that can handle playful activity and still look fantastic: we love our pets, and we want them everywhere we are! Our favorite creatures don’t mean to present harm to our pristine surfaces, but scratches, stains, and knockedover items are inevitable in a home with dogs and cats. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have our furry family members relaxing with us in our favorite rooms. You can even have attractive soft carpet in your home that will withstand daily life with our animals if you follow key considerations with proper maintenance along the wayHere are a few examples of the best carpet in a home with pets:


EasyToClean Construction

Our pets love relaxing on softwarm carpet, playing with toysstretching out, and of course, catching a quick snooze. Whether it’s chewing on a treat or rolling around with active paws, it’s wise to choose carpet that’s well-suited for playtime and will be easy to clean afterward. If your master bedroom or living room is offlimits to your pets since they have more plush carpets, consider a different carpet fiber for the common and high-traffic rooms like hallways, family rooms, kid’s bedrooms, and playrooms where the pets will play more 

For instance, a cut and loop carpet construction features both cut pile and loop pile fibers that will add softnesstextureand help hide dirt and stains in between cleanings. Although good for handling foot traffic, you may want to avoid carpet with a completely loop construction since they can get snagged by pet claws and nails. A plush shag or Frieze construction might be hard to clean if it receives a pet accident. In addition to shopping for carpet that is engineered for stain resistance, explore a valuable cut-and-loop carpet construction that will provide resiliency, handle pet traffic, and stay looking newer for longer.


Carpet Fibers

Whether you are investing in wall-to-wall carpeting or shopping for area rugs, the right carpet fiber will make a huge difference in successfully handling pet activity. For added protection against food, liquid spills, pet accidents, and more, here’s is a quick run-down of the best carpet fibers in a home with pets: 

  • Polyester is a great fit for homes for pets that will experience many unexpected spills, tracked-in dirt, and assorted messesPolyester fibers are extremely durable, can handle regular wear-and-tear, and resist fading as well. You will find great price points and even recycled P.E.T. options that are ready for adventures indoors.  
  • Nylon is another great choice for resiliency against heavy playtime if you have big pets, as well as stain resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance.   
  • Triexta fiber brings superior stain protection and enhanced durability for maximum performance in a home with pets. Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean offers a beautiful carpet that is built for the action of a home with pets.  
  • Olefin indoor-outdoor rugs at doorways, porches, and garages will help remove dirt, debris, mud, and moisture from paws when your pets run back insideThis durable material is also highly resistant to scratching and chewing, so it will also be a good fit wherever your pets like to chill.


Steps for Carpet Success

In addition to arming your home with the best pet-friendly carpet, these steps will also prime your rooms for stress-free pet playtime:  

  • Trim pet nails and claws to avoid snagging carpet & scratches. 
  • Brush your cats and dogs regularly to reduce pet dander. 
  • Invest in the right vacuum cleaner that matches your carpet type.  
  • Vacuum your carpet weekly to remove damaging particles. 
  • Complete house-training your pets before they can spend time on carpet.  

Although a home with pets may require thoughtful diligence to keep your premium pile looking new, you and your pets can enjoy soft surfaces together with minimal stressOur carpet experts are ready to help you find the best pet-friendly carpet options for your home!