bathroom tile

A bathroom remodel project is a great way to add new life to your home, especially since this space is where we begin and end each day. Whether it’s getting ready for a big presentation or unwinding from a full schedule, an artfully designed bathroom helps us to feel our very best!

When selecting new surfaces for your inspired bathroom, tile will quickly move to the top of your list thanks to its classic beauty, superior durability, and ability to handle moisture with ease. Tile also allows for personalized design capability with unique colors, materials, shapes, and finishes just waiting to form patterns for an inspired layout.

If you’re looking to add a custom touch to your design, here are a few valuable ideas when choosing a tile pattern for your bathroom.

bathroom tile

Patterned Tile for the Bathroom

For starters, you can add visual interest to your bathroom design by using tile with actual patterns imprinted on them! Whether it’s a geometric pattern, a mosaic design, or a classic-inspired painted design, patterned tile immediately adds life to the space and whisks you away during your daily routines. You can also make a chic statement by combining plain ceramic tiles with tiles imprinted with a pattern or design for a truly creative layout.  

Bathroom Tile Color

You can also easily create your own custom patterned tile layout using bright or soothing colors of your preference. Classic black and white patterned tiles are always a comforting visual! As you envision your bathroom counters, floors, walls, or backsplashes, make sure to balance your tile colors with the other materials such as wood cabinets, wood-look floors, and natural stone. Subdued or neutral shades will be easy to match without overwhelming your unique design, and a shimmery finish can help these blending tones stand out.  

Bathroom Tile Shape & Size

Since you can find tile in just about every shape you can think of, make sure to use your imagination when conceptualizing the layout. From squares and rectangles to hexagons, diamonds, circles, and ovals, different shapes will produce engaging installations.

A mixed-size patterned design also adds an air of luxury with large format tiles juxtaposed with smaller eye-catching varieties. Tile layouts such as basketweave, chevron, and fish scale will certainly uplift your bathroom with upscale appeal! 

Bathroom Tile Finishes & Textures

No matter what tile pattern you land on, consider how the tile finish and texture can enhance the finished visual. If you want to achieve a more formal, polished tile pattern, a glossier finish will be a likely fit. A matte finish is perfect for a casual or modern look that’s also easy to clean. Aiming for high visual interest? Consider creating a bathroom pattern with tile that showcases rippled, rough, or gritty textures to complete your project.  

There’s a virtually endless amount of tile patterns just waiting to be conceptualized, and your imagination is the key to your ideal bathroom makeover. If you need any help gathering pattern inspiration or narrowing your focus, our tile experts are waiting to lend a hand and valuable expertise!