How To Clean the Bathroom With Hydrogen Peroxide

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If you’ve been on the earth for a few decades it will come as no surprise that hydrogen peroxide is a bit of a miracle. Generations of home owners have been wielding its powers around the house. Here are three great tricks to use in your bathrooms to keep them clean and pretty! As with any cleaners, however, make sure to check with the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t void a warranty!  Since hydrogen peroxide is only slightly more acidic than water (on par with milk or rain water), it is safe to use on most surfaces.

Bathroom Grout

Spray thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide and let soak for awhile. Then, use a toothbrush and go to work on stains and discoloration. The power of the H2O2 bubbles combines with the scouring effect of the brush’s bristles and does wonders. It’s especially beneficial if you have a strong aversion toward chemical bathroom cleaners. They will get the job done, but they’re highly toxic. So much so that most of them require air flow and open window to be considered safe to use! Use H2O2 and breathe easy.

Quickly sanitize the shower

You can buy the bottled stuff at the drug store but why spend money on something so simple? Instead, use a spray bottle to lightly mist your shower with hydrogen peroxide after each use. It will help destroy bacteria and viruses, and prevent mildew and shower scum.

Remove mildew and soap scum from shower curtains

If you do happen to be battling a build up, H2O2 will save your lovely shower curtains. The nice ones aren’t exactly cheap so they’re worth saving! Laundry detergent alone isn’t quite enough to solve the problem. So, put your shower curtain in the washer with a towel and clean with laundry detergent. Then, add 1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide to the rinse cycle. Just like new!


What could use proper sanitization more than the commode? Simply add a half cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water and let sit for 20-30 minutes. We recommend that you swish it in, down the sides of the bowl, so that it can work on the whole surface area instead of just sitting dormant in the water at the bottom of the bowl. Once it’s done doing its part of the job, clean toilet as usual (with a brush or by hand) and flush.

Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 6

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Part 6 – Electronics and Workspace

Okay, of all of our ideas for making your bathroom your favorite room in the house, this one might sound a little crazy at first, especially because the rest of our advice focused heavily on beauty, comfort, and luxury! Who wants to work in that environment? But here’s the thing. More than ever before we are a multi-tasking society, and being able to accomplish things from just about anywhere is a big plus. Here are few things we think you might actually find super convenient and helpful in the bathroom.

Incorporate a speaker system for hands free communication on your cell phone. Think about how much time it takes to get dressed and do your hair and makeup. Imagine if you could be making and returning important phone calls at the same time. By the time you leave the house all of those calls are done and out of the way! Next, consider a small table/desk space for your laptop. Again, while you’re getting ready for the day you can work on small tasks. For example, if you run social networking accounts you can be Liking and sharing with one hand while the other hand holds a curl in your curling iron. Or, wouldn’t it be great to blaze through a bunch of emails while you’re doing your hair?

Having your laptop nearby also allows you to watch and/or listen to videos. Perhaps they are inspirational, or makeup tutorials or even training videos your employer requires you to watch. Take care of all of your video time in the morning or at night. We do suggest, though, that you might want to consider a small, rolling, easel-style desk because bending over constantly to use your laptop can result in some back fatigue. It’s best if it’s standing height, or if you have a chair in the bathroom (as we previously suggested) you’ll be able to set the laptop on a counter and use it that way strain-free.

Last but not least, you might want to go big and include a TV in your bathroom. You can watch the news or your favorite morning show while you’re getting ready for the day, and then indulge in a movie or TV show binge while you take a bath in the evening. A TV in the bathroom might sound a little extravagant, but it’s worth it!

That wraps up our six-part series about unique ways to make your bathroom your favorite room in the house. Leave us a comment and share some other fabulous ideas you’ve encountered!

Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 5

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Part 5 – Beauty, glamour, and luxury

Another way to create a bathroom you love is by transforming it into a beauty oasis, rather just a place to wash your face and brush your teeth. How so? Make your environment feel like it is fit for a beauty queen by incorporating all of your luxury products as well as few glamorous details. 

Typically we tend to cram makeup and hair products into cabinets, or we store our nail and skin products in drawers. Sure, you might use a couple of organizational methods to try to keep things sane inside those cabinets and drawers, but when it comes time to use the products digging them all out feels like annoying chore.

Rather than hide your expensive lotions and potions display them! Install pretty shelves near the sink area and create an interesting decorative arrangement with the jars and bottles and a few artsy accessories. Make sure, though, to only display containers that feature packaging that is attractive and coordinates well with the design scheme of your bathroom. Not only will this add glamour, you’re also much more likely to use and enjoy them consistently because they are within arm’s reach.

Next, install a few fixtures that will add light, privacy, and make you feel pretty. If there’s a window in your bathroom, hang a sheer, white curtain. You’ll be able to open the window and the shade while keeping the room private, and the soft diffused light works really well for some beauty routines. 

Speaking of light, consider installing old-school Hollywood lights like the movie stars had in their dressing rooms. Pow, instant glam and plenty of light for doing your makeup! If you have space you can also include a chandelier in the room just to up the fancy factor. To make the room feel extra special and luxurious trade out the standard hardware for nicer stuff. Get rid of those stock towel racks, for instance, and replace them with well designed towel bars. Don’t use them for your day to day towels though. Hang beautiful decorator towels and leave them alone so they stay nice!

Last but not least, achieve a sense of beauty and luxury in the bathroom by keeping a very glamorous robe and slippers nearby!

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Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 4

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Part 4 – Comfort and Music


Once you’ve incorporated a few spa elements, the next step to making your bathroom your favorite room in the house is to make it really comfy. Comfort is key to any room in a house that you want to call your favorite, but it’s not always the first thing that comes to mind when designing a bathroom. We tend to overshadow comfort in favor of function.

To change that, think about texture and temperature! First, if you can afford a heat system in your bathroom, incorporate one. Stepping in or out of a bathroom that is perfectly warm is so lovely. If you can’t have a built in system, a space heater will work really well too. Just don’t put it close to water sources as a safety precaution. Second, invest in cushy, fluffy rugs. Happy feet make for a happy body and feet love soft textures. Third, if you have enough space consider including a comfortable chair. How many times have you traipsed back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom so you can sit on the bed to put on lotion or get dressed? Or, how many times have your feet started hurting because it takes seemingly forever to curl your hair? With a chair in the bathroom you can comfortably do all of these tasks. You’ll be surprised by how often you use it! If you have a really big bathroom you can include other furniture as well. Don’t be afraid to use unusual pieces such as apothecary cabinet to make the room more interesting.


If you are a music fan, an excellent way to personalize your bathroom is to invest in good speakers. Sure, you can play a tinny version of your favorite song on your phone, but that’s not very compelling if you want to adore your master bathroom. Instead, opt for a high quality bluetooth enabled speaker system. Wires and cords are especially pesky in bathrooms so a bluetooth system is ideal, especially if you stream music from a music service. You can stream your tunes via your phone or laptop even if they’re in another room. Then, play whatever music you feel best suits your mood. Maybe motivating music while you get dressed for the gym, or dance music while you get ready to go out for a big night on the town. Even better, play soothing spa sounds, jazz, or classical music while you enjoy a bubble bath.

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Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 3

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Part 3 – Spa Environment

An important part of transforming your bathroom into your favorite room in the house is to ensure that if feels a little like a retreat. The easiest way to accomplish this is by taking inspiration from your favorite spa. A bathroom that feels like a spa visit is a bathroom you might never want to leave! For this post we are going to focus on bathrooms that have a stand-alone shower that is separate from the bathtub, because they are ideal for this plan. Think of your approach as “float versus function.” 

The shower is a great place for all of your skin, detox, hair, and body treatments. The extra steam helps open pores so your treatments are super effective. Stand up showers are perfect for spa-like activities because quick drainage of all or your lotions and potions will make cleanup a breeze. To fully enjoy this, create a kit with all of your body scrubs, mud masks, foot pumice, hair oil treatments, razors, shower gel, hair clips, etc. Use a container that doesn’t require you to cram everything in. If the products are nicely displayed you’re more likely to use them because it seems like less of a hassle. So, opt for a tall corner shelf or a well designed shower hanger caddy. Just outside the shower door stock plenty of towels, place your robe and slippers nearby, and lay down a mat or rug so you don’t slip.

As far as the bathtub is concerned keep the area simple. It’s a place of relaxation so resist the temptation to stack all of your bath stuff around the edges. The clutter won’t feel calming. Instead, just place candles, plants, bubble bath, a bath pillow, and towels near the tub. Store any other products you need in a small container in an organized fashion and store it in a cabinet. Then, when you need it you can pull it out and the area around the tub will remain uncluttered.

Last bit of advice for organizing your bathroom like a spa is to buy multiples if it will make things more convenient. If, for instance, you have a separate bath and shower don’t drive yourself crazy moving a product back and forth. Remember you want it to feel like an oasis, not a hassle. Buy two of things that get frequent use (loofahs, shower gel, etc,) so there’s one of each in the shower and near the bathtub.

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Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 2

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Part 2 – Goals

Now that you’ve come up with a great to personalize our bathroom by hanging a vision board or inspirational quote, we will move on to goals. You might be wondering why we are now discussing goals, because in Part 1 we discussed inspiration and having a vision. Aren’t goals the same thing? Why hang both in a bathroom?

Because, they are somewhat the same but they are still different. As far as daily exposure the idea is the same as the inspiration elements we just mentioned.  If you display your goals in the bathroom you’ll see them at least twice every day! But, we believe goals are a little different from inspiration because they are more task oriented. For example, a vision board is a broad view of your aspirations. Whereas goals are the measurable steps you’ll take to get there.

One really unique way to feature them is using a dry erase marker, the kind usually used on a white board. Skip the white board and use the markers directly on your bathroom mirror. If you want your list to be easily edited this works really well!

Another great way to feature your goals is by printing them on nice cardstock and framing them with a larger piece of cardstock. For this to look nice you must color coordinate it with your bathroom and use good quality paper that gives the display an actual aesthetic. In other words we don’t recommend printing it in a boring font on white paper and tacking it to the wall in an arbitrary place. Make your display seamlessly blend with the rest of the bathroom décor. To do so, print your goals and objectives on a light colored cardstock. (It’s too difficult to read on dark colors, but you can try ink in a coordinating color.)

You don’t have to limit this to just one page. As long as you have enough wall space you can include several documents that vary by theme or purpose. You can find the supplies in the scrapbook section at the craft store. Select 12×12 designer card stock sheets. Then, “frame” the goal 8.5X11 sheet of paper by attaching it to the 12×12 paper. You can use strong glue meant for paper, or staples. We don’t recommend tape of any kind because the bathroom humidity will likely cause it to lose stickiness over time.

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Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House

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Part 1 – Inspiration

Gone are the days when functionality was the rule of thumb for bathroom design. Bathrooms are now one of the top two reasons why people buy a home (the other is the kitchen,) and people are seeking a space that is just as welcoming and comfortable as the rest of the house. This is primarily true of the master bath as it is the bathroom that gets the most extended use.

So, how do you transform your master bathroom from a well designed room into your favorite room in the house? By turning your attention to unusual ideas for personalization! In this six-part series we are going to share some fabulous ideas about how to accomplish the goal. Some of our suggestions are standard fare, but most of these ideas show you how to create a space in ways you’ve never considered. So, grab a cup of coffee and read on to learn how it’s done. The posts are short and to the point so you’ll whiz through all six posts in no time!

Inspiration – People typically think of an office or kitchen as the ideal place to feature inspirational elements. We suggest the bathroom. It’s the place that you both start and end your day. Morning and evening are excellent times to be reminded of your dreams and ambitions. Here are two great ways to incorporate motivation into your bathroom.

Hang wall art that features inspirational quotes and messages. Home design trends brought these pieces to the forefront a few years ago, so it is now easy to find them in mainstream stores. They are typically available in three formats. Framed artwork, canvas with no frame, and adhesive wall stencils. 

You can also hang artwork that represents where you want to be in the next five years. Visualization is an enormously effective way to realize your dreams. Seeing what you want makes you want it more and that makes you work harder. Now, imagine seeing it at least twice every day! Over the course of one year that’s 720 exposures to the desires of your heart. An example of what to feature is a wall hanging of a place where you want to move. Perhaps you feel that your dream life simply isn’t possible unless you live in Colorado. Hang a large print of a gorgeous image of Colorado and get a little further along with you’re your plan each day by seeing it. Another idea is to feature artwork that represents a skill you want to develop. Let’s say you are obsessed with becoming a photographer. Hang a large print that features vintage cameras or an abstract painting of a photographer at work.  

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Is It OK to Choose a Theme for a Kids’ Bathroom?

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Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to design a child’s bathroom. In these cases, sometimes themes can be a good option because they let you pull together a cohesive room with a built in palette of colors. While themes are always a great choice for playrooms and bedrooms, however, some people hesitate a little more in the bathroom. After all, it’s a little more difficult to swap out tile if a theme becomes outgrown. Therefore when choosing a theme for a kid’s bathroom, consider one that can be timeless or that can grow with your child.

Timeless Bathroom Themes

Timeless themes work well in bathrooms everywhere. Best of all, they are nearly universally liked so they are less likely to hurt resale than a princess-themed bathroom. The key to using a timeless theme is to bring in non-permanent decorative items that can help make it fun for the kids that you can pack up later. Some theme ideas include:

The beach: Use sandstone, limestone, and textured porcelain tiles along with sea glass and shell accents. Make it fun with beach pails and framed dried starfish and shells

The pond: Use green, yellow, and blue colors and include tiles shaped like cat tails, reeds, frogs, turtles, and fish. Make it fun with lots of rubber toy animals that look like they belong there

Grow With Them Themes

If you want a theme that is more personal to your kids, beware of falling into the trap of what their particular interests are now. Instead, make the theme more general and a little wider, incorporating more favorite colors into a theme that relies more on pictures, wall art, and vinyl accents than on tile and fixtures.

For example, Mad Scientist is a fun theme filled with lime green, orange, and red “experiment” colors that can be complemented by test tubes and pipettes that can be removed as they get older. Then, the colors by themselves become the theme of a more sophisticated room.

Remember that while themes are always a fun idea, that kids do grow and tastes change. Keep this in mind when designing your bathroom and have a little fun with the space.

How To Choose Grout Colors

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After the initial tile choice, grout color is often one of the biggest decisions facing homeowners. The color of your grout can have a big impact on the way that your finished tile installation looks.

For the majority of installations, the grout color should blend in with the surrounding field tile. This helps to give the tile the appearance of a larger, unbroken field. Grout joints that stand out from the tile can have the effect of creating a grid on the wall or floor, chopping it up into smaller sections that can potentially make an area appear smaller.

When selecting the grout for field tile that is predominately one color, try to find a grout sample that blends in with the lightest color in the field tile. Keep in mind that most plastic grout samples are about one shade darker than the actual grout will dry, so when using them pick a shade that is slightly darker than you would actually want.

When selecting the grout for a blend of different tiles, such as a mosaic blend or a mixture of various tile colors, you have a few choices. Ideally, the grout should blend in and let the tile stand out, but that isn’t always possible.

If the blend is of several related shades or colors such as tan, medium brown, and dark brown, choose a grout color that matches one of the lighter shades in the blend. This will help it emphasize the tile without drawing attention to itself.

If the blend is of several unrelated shades such as a field of tumbled marbles like Rosso Asiago, Giallo Sahara, and Coral White, choose a mid-toned neutral for the grout color such as an off-white that blends with the Coral White; choosing a neutral whenever possible helps draw less attention to the grout.

Selected carefully, grout can help to pull a tile installation together and give it a more uniform appearance. Weigh your decision carefully to help ensure a good match and know that your tile installation will look exactly how you intended.

Reorganizing the Kids’ Bathroom

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If your kids share a bathroom, then you know the difficulty in keeping peace between children in this space.  The problem can be especially difficult if you have both a boy and a girl!  However, whether you have tweens, teenagers or toddlers, we have some great ideas for organizing a children’s bathroom space to minimize fighting and hectic mornings.


With young children, the height of objects can stand in the way of neatness.  A towel rack hung at their level encourages tidiness and responsibility.  A large compartment bin can hold each child’s bath toys and extra towels. A row of personalized hooks can also keep towels and bathrobes off the floor while a step stool near the sink can keep small floods from invading your bathroom! Stocking fun soap dispensers encourages hand washing and creates great habits for the future. Kid-friendly mouthwash and colorful toothbrushes also helps bring fun to a child’s day.


Tweens and teenagers often have a larger number of items to organize. An individual basket on each side of a sink encourages small items to have a home.  Plastic baskets underneath the sink also help keep personal items separated while utilizing available space. One bin dedicated to items such as a curling iron and hairdryer also help to calm the chaotic counter space.  Use drawer organizers to neaten small items such as hair ties, makeup and toothpaste that may be shared between teens.  Individual shower caddies are a great way to separate bath items and create a feeling of space for each person.


More tips for organizing a shared bathroom:

  • A dedicated caddy for cleaning supplies to be kept in the towel closet
  • Feminine products can be stored in a discreet container nearby
  • Liquid soap, lotion, towels and bins can all be purchased in matching or coordinating colors. 
  • Laundry bins are a great way to pre-sort dirty clothing into dark and light loads.  A great way to make laundry a bit easier as well.