Create a Jewel Box Bathroom

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DSC_0067Every room in your home deserves your design attention. One often ignored space is the small guest bath. It’s time to open your eyes to the possibilities this room offers.

To begin, consider this room as an opportunity to experiment with a look, color or style that seems too daring for one of the other rooms in your home. This room also gives you a chance to spend more per square foot than other rooms – the space is so small that the overall cost of a more expensive choice won’t break your budget.

How about stepping over to the specialty tile section? Trim tile and backsplashes can really liven up a small bath. For flooring, even a high-end option will only cost a few hundred dollars. Consider a pedestal sink – the extra visible floor makes the room feel larger.

Choose a unique and coordinating mirror and light fixture. If your taste is modern, find something avant garde to catch the eye. For a more traditional look, don’t be afraid to use a small crystal chandelier in this room – maybe something with a light that will create a pattern on the walls.

Remember to keep everything focused and coordinated. Eclectic is not the best style choice for this small a space. You might want to consider one special accessory to make the bath feel extra special. Turn your boring bath into something special, with the jewel box approach.

Updating a Basic Bath

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If you are dreaming of a bath remodel before the year ends you are not alone. Many people are still planning and doing work and remodels on their homes despite the down real estate market. The scope and budgets for the remodels may not be what they were a few years ago, but this doesn’t stop homeowners from making their homes the best they can be.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are the two biggest projects people do for their homes. They can also be the most expensive with the exception of adding on square footage and rooms.  Because of the cost of materials and labor like plumbers and electricians, even simple bathroom remodels can have a sizeable budget.

If you want to update a basic bath on a budget, don’t move around the plumbing or electricity. This can save you money in labor.  Keeping your existing floor plan and updating lighting, flooring, the sink and vanity, tile or bathroom fixtures can still make a huge impact on the look of your bathroom.

Upgrading your flooring and vanity can be a great way to update your bathroom. Removing and replacing tile can be more time consuming than switching out an old vanity for a new one.

Choose classic materials like marble and white subway tile for a bathroom that can stand up to time and trends. This way you can avoid redoing your bathroom in the next few years and make it easier to sell your home if you happen to move. Keep it simple, keep it classic and you’ll be sure to make the best investment.

Decorating a Bathroom for a Man

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His and hers bathrooms are something many women dream of in their ideal home. Not having to share a bathroom with your husband or children may not always be possible. The majority of people are lucky to have an en suite master bathroom with double sinks.  If you do have his and her bathrooms or even his and her vanities, there are simple ways to bring in a more masculine feel for the man of the house.

Of course bachelors don’t have to share their bathrooms with feminine style, which means lots of hair and beauty products. Married men sometimes fight for available counter and sink space with hair dryers, makeup and other styling products.  Finding storage for all of these products in the vanity or medicine cabinet can create more counter space. Baskets and boxes can also help corral everything that comes with being a woman. Room for a traditional shaving set and shaving mirror brings in a bit of masculine style.

A masculine bathroom can be done to resemble a traditional men’s club with dark wood on the vanity and floor.  Classic materials like grey or white marble can be used on both the counter and floor.  Silvery metal hardware and fixtures can give a bit of sparkle but not take away from the masculine style.

Rather than a soaking tub, a steam shower is a good choice for a bathroom for him. Multiple shower heads and a rain shower are the next level of luxury.  Glass shower doors or a walk in shower keep the shower from feeling too closed in.

How to Caulk a Shower

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One of our clients recently complained that she had a water leak. It started in her bathroom but ended up causing a huge damp spot on her dining room ceiling. She has a tile shower and somehow a leak developed. To spare all of you the same headache, here is some information to prevent this from happening to you.

If you have tile shower walls, there is a very good possibility that a leak could develop between the tile and the tub. As your house moves (a natural process that occurs in every home), a hairline crack can occur that allows water to get into the joint. Once water gets in, there is no telling how much damage can be done.

Caulking between your shower walls and tub prevents leaks and reduces mildew buildup. Removing old caulk and recaulking joints between tiles and your tub is an annual bathroom maintenance job. You heard that right – it is an annual job.

There’s another good reason to recaulk. If you’ve tried to remove the black mildew stains from caulk, you know the blemishes are often stubborn and unyielding. That’s because the stains are often behind the caulk, between the caulk and the wall. The answer, of course, is to remove the caulk, kill the mildew, and then replace the caulk.

Removing the caulk isn’t as hard as it appears. There are commercial  products that can assist you with the job. These products are specially formulated to soften caulk for easy removal. After the caulk has softened, remove it with a putty knife. Clean the joint area with paint thinner and then wipe it down with a clean cloth. Kill mildew with a mixture of bleach, water and powdered laundry detergent. (NEVER use any detergent that contains ammonia with bleach as this can create a dangerous gas). Place these ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray the affected areas and then rinse well with water. Use your blow dryer to dry the area. Now you are ready to reapply some caulk.

Apply tub and tile caulk into the joint and smooth it with your finger, an old teaspoon, or a caulking spreader. Immediately remove the tape by pulling it out and away from the freshly caulked joint. Be careful not to touch the caulk. Let it dry.

Not only will your shower look better, but you are also preventing leaks and future water damage.


Decorating With Listellos

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You may know what a medallion is when it comes to flooring and kitchen design, but what is a listello?

Listellos are ornamental tiles designed to create a distinctive look. By using differing shapes, colors, textures and materials within a series of tile work you can create any number of different accents. A limitless variety of tiles can be used including travertine, granite, marble, slate, glass, and porcelain.

Often, listellos are used as stair risers, living room flooring borders, and wall caps for powder rooms or entryways. Listellos are perfect for the transitional space between multi-level granite countertops on a kitchen island or bar area. They add color across the stovetop backsplash and under-cabinet areas of the kitchen.

Kitchen and bathroom decoration is the number one equity builder in a home. Listellos can dramatically change the most uninteresting tile layout into a design statement. Listello borders provide a center of interest and much-needed emphasis, the level of which is determined by the scale, color and design.

When selecting a color scheme, consider the amount of emphasis you are going for. If a dominant emphasis is your goal, high contrasting colors within the same space could be ideal. Alternatively, if a more subtle emphasis is desired, try matching the listellos to the surrounding tile or choosing muted tones. Saturation, or color intensity, can give the illusion of depth. A warm color or light tone will seem to project while a cool color or dark tone will appear to recede. Decide on the effect you would like to create and match other colors in the room to this decision. Start with something monochromatic, or all one color, and see what looks best.

When it comes to enhancing your home’s tile work, installing listellos is a great way to go. We have a great selection of listellos in the store. Please stop by the showroom to see how we can help.

DeClutter Your Bathroom

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Have you ever walked into your bathroom and wanted to scream? Are there cosmetics, toothpaste and dirty towels everywhere? You are not alone. Here are a few tips to help “declutter” the most private room in your home.

Most bathrooms don’t have enough towel racks. Stacking towel racks on the back of your bathroom door is one way to solve this problem. Or color code your towels and hang them neatly on pegs.

Use cubbyhole shelves for larger items and surgical jars for smaller items. This will help keep your counter tops uncluttered.

Use uniform bottles for all your shampoo and conditioners. Uniform bottles look better and fit nicely in storage devices.

Add a sheet of galvanized metal to the back of your medicine cabinet. Now you can add magnetic hooks to hang your scissors, mirrors etc…

Use drawer dividers. You don’t want a junk drawer in your bathroom; you already have one of those in your kitchen. Wooden trays and dividers are available to help make your bathroom drawers neat.

On this note, take another clue from your kitchen and use roll out metal trays to store your trashcans in your lower bathroom cabinets.

Store toilet paper in a clear glass vase or an umbrella stand. This looks really modern and cool.

Keep all your cleaning supplies for the bathroom in a caddy since bathrooms require frequent cleaning. Now it’s simple and easy to keep the bathroom spotless, right?

We’re anxious to hear about your ideas for keeping your bathroom decluttered. Please send them to us and we’ll post them on the blog.

Using Stone in the Shower

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Stone’s natural beauty and durability make it a smart choice for the bathroom. Stone can be used throughout the bathroom on the floor, counter, wall and in the shower. Stone in the shower is a beautiful design element whether large slabs or smaller tiles of stone are used. We’ve even seen river rock used on shower floors for an organic look.

Most types of stone can be used in the bathroom, including the shower. Slabs of marble can give both a traditional and contemporary look to a shower surround depending on the style of fixtures used. One inch square tiles made from stone can be used in a mosaic pattern or border. Both tumbled and polished stone can be used in combination for a border or pattern on either the floor or walls of the shower.

The slick surface of polished or honed stone is not ideal for the floor in a wet area as these surfaces can become slippery when wet. For floors tumbled stone that has a little bit of grip is a better choice. Tumble stone can be found in a number of different tile sizes. The smaller the tile, the more grout lines you’ll have, which can aid in making a surface less slippery. Mixing the finishes of the same type of stone in the shower will give you more visual and textural interest while maintaining a unified design in the small space. Just remember to take into consideration how slippery the stone might be when wet, both inside and outside the shower.

Tile Flooring About both Layout and Tile Choice

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What do these two photos have in common? Believe it or not, the floors have the exact same layout. On the left, the photo shows what appears to be a bathroom’s tile floor. The three shades of blue add a bit of interest without overpowering what is normally a relatively small space.

On the right, this photo of the entryway to a 19th century Paris home uses the same tile layout in a dramatically different way. The juxtaposition of the light and dark tiles adds just the right accent to a room rich in detail.

It’s easy to say the drama comes from the wrought iron gates and the beautiful staircase, but if you imagine that floor as solid stone it’s quickly clear that the flooring is the piece that links everything together.

Chances are this floor is stone. The depth of color and its survival for well over a century with limited damage suggests stone. It’s also likely because the walls and staircase are stone.

Would you like to create a room in your home with the same sense of timelessness as this one? A good start is recreating flooring that reflects the quiet appeal shown here. You may not be able to reproduce the amazing iron work and you may not have room for a staircase that flows into a room the way this one does, but by adding in a floor like this you are on your way to producing some of the mood and magic of this Paris space. Why not take a chance and have a bit of old-world France in your own home?

Keep Pool Water Outside, Away from your Floors

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If you have a backyard pool, you have the potential for a summer of fun for you and your family. Don’t let your frustration over all the wet feet on your floors take that fun away. There are a number of options for reducing or eliminating wet feet in the house.

The best solution is to add a pool bathroom if you don’t have one. In the best situation, the bath will have a door onto the pool area and one into the house. Swimmers can shower, dry and change before coming into the house proper. It’s also handy for outdoor parties and barbeques.

If a pool bath is not an option, consider going half way with an outdoor shower. This can use your outdoor faucet if none of your indoor water sources are convenient to the pool area. Adding a small solar water heater can get the water warm enough for a comfortable shower on sunny days. If you build in some privacy, people can shower, dry, change and then bring their dry selves inside. You may even want to encourage people to rinse off before going into the pool, which will keep your water cleaner.

A behavioral option for keeping floors dry is to set a rule for air drying before coming inside. With a quick towel dry, most people will be drip free in ten to fifteen minutes. This works well if you have nice patio furniture for relaxing and access to cold drinks.

One choice involves eight to ten feet of washable rugs or folded beach towels on the path to the house. People will leave most of their drips outside. This is a temporary solution at best. If you have a lot of pool guests, you are constantly replacing damp with dry towels or rugs and laundering them.

What solution is best for you? To determine how to keep your floors nice without making the pool frustrating rather than fun, consult with your family to choose an option you can all live with. Then enjoy your pool all summer long!

Glamorous Modern Powder Rooms

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The very term “powder room” conjures up images of old Hollywood movies and bygone eras when women excused themselves to powder their noses. A glamorous modern powder room can capture the essence of those days when a lady only carried lipstick, powder and taxi money in her evening bag.

Hollywood glam style powder rooms should sparkle with vintage elegance and modern twists.

Wallpaper is a hot trend that can easily add glamour to a space. Because a powder room is a small space, you can be bold in choosing pattern and colors. Look for wallpapers with a vintage style pattern for old style Hollywood glamour.

Think about sparkle for your powder room. The mirror over the sink is a great place to start. A round mirror or starburst mirror would add flair to the space. A Venetian style mirror is another elegant choice.

Polished chrome fixtures for the sink and towel holder will add additional sparkle. Select silver accessories to match. Look for vintage powder room accessories online or at local flea markets.

A vessel sink can add a modern twist to the old Hollywood glam of a powder room. A small cabinet or mirrored side table would work as a base for the sink without taking up a lot of space.

Flooring options include vintage style tiles like hexagonal or penny floor tiles as well as dark wood floors.

Glamorous modern powder rooms combine vintage design and sparkling elements that transform a functional bathroom into a little slice of old Hollywood. For modern powder room flooring visit us online at