Make the Best Wood Choice for Our Forests

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Environmental

Ready to buy a wood floor but concerned about making an environmentally responsible choice? Your best source for addressing that issue is the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Started in 1993 because of concern about forests across the planet, FSC developed a certification process that ensures that wood is harvested responsibly, that organizations use no hazardous pesticides on the wood, and that the indigenous population is protected.

The tough standards developed by the FSC led to recognition by over 50 countries and every major environmental group. One requirement is re-confirming the standards every year, ensuring that your purchase continually meets the certification requirements. The Green Building Council considers FSC certification the standard for ensuring that wood products of any kind have been produced sustainably.

Looking for FSC certified products when selecting a wood floor will not limit your choices. Many flooring manufacturers and distributors proudly display their FSC certification. If you want to purchase wood floor from an environmentally-responsible organization, ask your salesperson to show you products that have FSC certification. That way you will have a beautiful floor, and your children and grandchildren will have a beautiful planet.