Wood Floor Styles: Modern

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Do you like wood floors but feel they are too traditional for your taste? Well, before you dismiss them, take a look at an ebony wood floor. The dark cool tones are made to complement the most modern of tastes.

Versatility shines in this flooring option. You can take a black and white sculptural look and the floor will support it. If you want to stay contemporary but want a Moroccan market of rich colors, the dark contrast of the floor will balance your bright colors and help them pop. The tones work with virtually all art as well as standard wood tones, as you can see from the photo.

This particular ebony floor – African Oak – has a wide tonal variety, creating an interesting style. This allows you to keep furniture to a minimum while still providing an interesting and visually arresting room. Other ebony floors are completely dark, providing a strong base to your modern furniture and art choices.

If this look is for you, stop in our showroom and let one of our salespeople show you the possibilities with ebony. It’s a wood floor made for today’s homes.

Wood Floor Styles: Formal

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If you are drawn to light colors and muted pastels such as the tones shown in this photo, consider adding a dark wood floor to create a space that is formal and rich. Adding the dark wood floor creates the feel of a high-end spa and keeps the room from being too delicate.

If you appreciate a more formal mood in your home, a dark wood floor is a good starting point. This Brazilian cherry floor has a muted grain and consistent color with a rich warm undertone. This contributes to the feeling of formality.

The table and chair in the foreground, as well as the sinks and faucets, fit a more modern taste, and then the colors and the floor bring in the traditional connection. This style of room is called transitional, because it combines elements of both modern and traditional. You could place an antique wood armoire on one wall and the floor would make the piece work.

If you are drawn to this look, plan for a balance of modern and traditional, using color and texture to pull everything together. With a little effort, you can create a bedroom suite to rival the best of the classic hotels.

Wood Floor Styles: Casual

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The rich variety of wood floors available can make it challenging to pick the right one for you. If your style is casual, here are some characteristics you may want to consider for your floor.

Go light: lighter tones are less formal and more comfortable. They naturally complement casual furniture choices such as simple woods and wicker. Notice how this floor works well with the casual wicker chairs around the dining table and the basket by the sofa.

Look for personality: floors with stronger grains and more color differences among the boards provide a more casual feel. The color variety allows you to more easily mix woods and other materials in your furniture choices. The mix of medium-to-light tones in this floor provides an interesting look while still allowing the furniture to play an important role in the room. No need for rugs with this floor’s personality.

Wider planks are more casual: a wide-plank floor echoes the pioneer past and feels more handmade. These five inch planks in varying lengths make the floor feel like it was laid without a formal plan, just set in place as each board came into someone’s hand.

Consider hand-scraped floors: these floors feel more handmade and each plank is different. This variety of texture creates a more casual environment. The floor in this photo isn’t hand-scraped, but you can see examples of this type of floor in our showroom.

Want the casual look? Your choice of wood floors is your first step in creating a home that matches your relaxed style.

Bobby Flay – The Essence of Sophistication

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On a recent set of commercials, HGTV celebrities ended up designing sandwiches for various “clients.” What would happen if we turned the tables and had Food Network chefs designing spaces? In the last blog post, Paula Deen created a warm cozy kitchen. Let’s jump to a chef with a totally different style, Bobby Flay.

Flay started cooking at a very young age, and his amazing food led to his reputation as one of the best chefs on the Food Network. His sophisticated, modern metropolitan approach says ebony hardwood flooring. No other option creates a mood of rich style. The dark ebony tones provide just the right background for a cross between mid-century modern and contemporary that Bobby showcases in his dress and his sense of style. Let’s face it; the man is the ultimate in cool.

Bobby isn’t afraid of color, and it shows in the furniture and accessories scattered in the living space outside his open kitchen. A sleek sofa in a rich red faces a low-slung orange chair, with a trio of yellow vases sitting on the rich wood-grain coffee table between them. No curtains needed when this high rise commands an amazing view of the New York skyline.

Bobby’s prep counter faces the windows, and the dark solid surface countertops reflect pops of color from his glass serving plates and bowls. It’s paella tonight, and nobody makes it better than Flay. Can we get an invitation? Are we cool enough?

What Would Paula Deen Choose?

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Home and Garden TV and the Food Network have been crossing paths lately through a series of commercials. Candace Olsen, for example, designed a “man sandwich” for one guy on a recent mayonnaise ad. What would happen if we took this idea one step further? What if some of those celebrity chefs showcased their own preferred spaces?

Let’s start with Paula Deen. Her down-home southern charm gives us only one reasonable option for flooring – heart pine. Whether reclaimed from some barn or old home or newly milled, this classic wood choice has Paula written all over it. Any occasional spills or scratches – and there would be some, she isn’t the neatest cook – would be greeted with her characteristic chuckle and a comment such as, “Oh honey, the floor don’t care and neither do I!”

Finish the room off with a big circular wood table with room for her family, and some comfy deep armchairs and a sofa for everyone to relax in after a hearty meal that definitely has more bacon and butter involved than we’re used to consuming in a week.

Old fashioned goodness and flavor – heart pine and Paula Deen. It just doesn’t get any better than this!