Choosing the right flooring for your home gym

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Looking to furnish your home gym with just the right flooring?

Having home gym can be a great way to save time & money – it’s always open when you want it to be, and it’s a space to work on your fitness in private.

If you’re considering designing a home gym of your own, or simply looking to spruce up your current gym with new flooring, then you’ll want to choose floors that are just the right combination of safe and functional.

There are many options for gym floors, each with pros and cons.  You can tile a gym floor, put down industrial carpet, or even lay hardwood.  Your decision should be based on your space, the type of equipment you use, and how you want your space to fit into the overall design of your home.

Before you make a decision, consider the safety, durability, functionality & maintenance of different gym flooring options so you don’t have to take a leap of faith with your decision.


When you think about safety, consider the types of exercises are you going to be doing, how experienced you are, and the type of equipment that will be going into your space.

Carpet is one option. A rubber-soled cross-trainer shoe will have a sufficient amount of traction on a carpet surface, greatly lowering your chances of a tumble. Furthermore, the natural cushion of carpeting provides just enough of a barrier between your equipment and the ground to prevent damage.

Be sure to choose a carpet with a lower pile – too much cushion could also result in injury. Commercial or industrial carpet would be your best bet.

There are various hard surface flooring types that we also recommend. Hardwood, laminate & luxury vinyl all  offers a bit of give and can be easier to keep clean. They also feature an attractive, inviting look. You can pair wood flooring with rubber-soled rugs & mats that will grip the floor and give certain areas in your home gym a bit more cushion.


When considering the durability factor, you have options.

Carpeting provides just enough give in case a piece of heavy equipment is dropped, making it a solid choice. Tile, though durable as well, is also hard and rigid. One slip can cause a serious crack in the flooring, it may not be suited for spaces where you’ll be doing heavier weight training.

Typically your best option is a type of flooring that holds up to lots of movement and deals well with stains. A carpet with a thicker yarn construction will be able to hold up against the pounding and accumulation of sweat that’s inevitable when you’re getting your fitness on! You can also choose from a variety of luxury vinyl tile and laminate options that are designed specifically to resist stains of all kinds!

Both vinyl & laminate flooring are available in attractive wood looks that will give your home gym the warm and welcoming vibe you need to get motivated to sweat!


Whether your exercise routine consists of cardio, weight training or calisthenics, you need to consider the functionality of your flooring. Carpet, unlike tile, is inviting. If your program requires you to get down onto the floor it has just enough cushion and support to provide some comfort.

Traditional ceramic can be cold, it is most certainly hard, and is generally much less inviting. A gym space should be a welcoming space to encourage you to work out often. Instead, opt for a softer laminate or luxury vinyl tile in the warm look of natural stone or hardwood.

You may also see real hardwood in your fitness center for aerobics classes, but this type of surface tends to wear easily and could require a special sub-flooring for safety, which adds to your overall cost.


After you have made your choice in flooring, maintaining the cleanliness will ensure an enjoyable fitness space.

To keep bacteria buildup to a minimum, start with a quality dust mop & vacuum cleaner. Weekly cleaning will stave off the accumulation of dust, especially if your routine includes exercises performed on the floor. Be sure to address the nooks and crannies in and around gym equipment as these hard to reach areas tend to accumulate the most amount of dust.

If you go with carpet, shampooing is a less frequent but equally important option. This will also keep any unwanted smells and stains from taking away from the overall experience of working out at home.


When it comes to furnishing your home gym, a carpet with a very short pile is definitely our top recommendation flooring for you. It is safe, durable, functional and relatively easy to maintain. If you’d prefer a hard surface, try a laminate, vinyl or hardwood paired with mats & rugs throughout the room. We carry all types of carpet, hardwood & area rug options to suit your fitness needs!

First-Time Home Buyers Guide

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You are about to purchase your first home. This is an extremely big deal and we are so excited for you! You are about to embark upon a new journey filled with ups and downs (hopefully, mostly ups). But what if you do not know exactly where to start? No need to fret, we want to share our first-time home buyer guide with you. We hope you gain insight and knowledge on the home buying world, and that your experience is much more simpler than you expected.

Credit Score. It is important for home buyers to know their credit score because it can affect their interest rate on loans. A higher credit score means a lower interest rate and vice versa.

Pro-tip: Try not to buy a car or other expensive items while you are closing on your home. These large purchases can affect your score and your credit will be reran before closing on your home.

Budget. Write down how much you plan to spend in a month on gas, food, household items, etc. Make sure to leave money for your savings and unexpected expenses. Owning a home will guarantee an array of unforeseen circumstances that are out of your hands. It will be great to have money put away to help you get out of trouble.

Mortgage Lenders. Research, research, research. Look online and gain a knowledge of the different mortgage lenders before you choose.

Real Estate Agent. It is always great to take a recommendation for a real estate agent. Ask your family or friends for a referral because you want the best when you are looking for a home. It will be nice to use someone that is trusted by your family or friend; therefore, you can have comfort in the agent’s recommendations for you.

Homes Online. The internet has a wide selection of homes for sale for buyers to browse. Get an idea of what style of home you prefer, the neighborhood, how many bathrooms and bedrooms you want, etc.

Your Future. Think about long-term goals for you and your family. The school district can be important for resell value as well as your children’s future. Take into consideration your commute to town, work and your family/friend’s houses. Think about everything because you want to make this home last for a really long time.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Once you are settled into your new home, we would love to help you with any of your flooring needs. Store our number in your phone for the future: Dolphin Carpet & Tile (305) 233-3233 . We cannot wait to help you! Happy House Hunting!

Home Staging – The First Impression Is Everything

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Remember the days when all you had to do was polish the floors and make sure the house was spotless before you put a For Sale sign on your property? Well, times have changed. These days homeowners are seeking out the help of professional home stagers to prepare their homes for sale. Home staging involves preparing your home for the real estate market by making it appealing to potential buyers. While this isn’t an entirely new concept, homeowners are taking advanced steps to ensure that their house looks it’s best before putting it on the market.

If your home has been sitting on the market for some time, or you’re getting way below the asking price that you set then you may want to consider employing some popular home staging techniques.

Importance of Home Staging
Just think of the home tours you’ve been on before you purchased your present home. How many times have you seen a house that probably has potential but you were so distracted by the clutter, tacky furniture and walls that needed to be repainted? No doubt, you were turned off by a house that was visually unappealing. Let’s be honest, potential home buyers are less likely to invest in a property that doesn’t look good.

Home staging is necessary because first impressions are everything. You want potential buyers to be able to visualize living your home. Therefore, you should make sure that they can see the beauty in your property by making sure it’s presented in the right way.

The First Rule of Home Staging
The first rule in home staging is to grab the attention of buyers at the curb. That means the exterior of your home should be in the best condition possible. It’s common to see buyers doing drive bys on properties that have been listed for sale. Making sure the outside of your home looks great is crucial because this is the first thing they’ll see and it also sets the tone for the home tour.

Here are some tips for making sure that the outside looks just as good as the inside:
– Wash down all the windows
– Make sure the lawn is free of bikes, toys and other clutter
– Mow the lawn and weed the garden
– Consider adding some potted plants to make the outside look beautiful

These are just a few ways to ensure that your home is giving the best possible first impression to potential home buyers!

Down-Sizing 101

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You have thought about it for awhile and decided that down-sizing would be the best option for you. Down-sizing comes with a lot of ups and downs. The ups include purging and getting rid of unnecessary things and having a new place to love. The downs probably include everything else. We get it, down-sizing can have a negative connotation in your mind. But down-sizing does not need to be difficult nor a bad thing. To help you, we have made a list of five genius tips for down-sizing your home!

Down-sizing 101:

  1. Go One by One. When you are beginning the down-sizing process, your mind may be going every direction. Try to focus on one room at a time to avoid confusion. First, you will want to make a game plan before you begin downsizing. Set a schedule and stick to it. Next, make sure everyone in your family is on the same page before you begin the process.

  2. No Exceptions. Getting rid of things can be difficult, we totally understand. A way to ensure that you actually stay focused on downsizing is by only having a “yes” and “no” pile. Eliminate your “maybe” pile.

  3. A Second Opinion. It may be a good idea to bring in a friend or family member to help you make challenging decisions. It can difficult to decide on what to keep and what to get rid of during the move; therefore, a second opinion can help.

  4. Learn The Layout. Knowing the layout of your new home can be an important step for downsizing. It is a better idea to get rid of things before you move rather than take it all with you. If you know the layout, you can begin planning what furniture will fit and what you cannot take with you.

  5. Make a Profit. One of the positives things about downsizing is that you can make some extra money off of the things you decide to sell. Whatever you cannot sell, try to donate to someone in need.

We hope you enjoyed these five easy tips for downsizing and that your new home is filled with amazing memories!

Six Steps Towards Eliminating Clutter in the Family Room

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If you find yourself struggling for space in your home, it is time to do something about it. Your house cannot reach its maximum potential if it is full of unnecessary items and clutter. The family room is at its best potential when your family is using it and spending time with one another, but sometimes life gets busy. The busier our lives get, the more clutter tends to build up in our homes. Stop what you are doing and devote thirty minutes this week towards cleaning your family room.

Six steps towards eliminating clutter:

Step One: Take a deep breath and turn on your favorite music playlist. The cleaning process will go by faster if you are jamming out to one of your favorite songs.

Step Two: Everyone is to blame for a family room getting out of hand because everyone typically uses it. To start off, you will want to divide people’s things into different piles. Each family member will have their own pile.

Step Three: Once the piles are made, you can determine what items can stay in the family room and what items need to go into that person’s bedroom.

Step Four: There will be some items that you decide to keep in the family room like toys and blankets, but it is important to organize these items before they become clutter. In order to organize, you will want to buy containers for each of your family members. The containers can be as big or as small as your desire, but try to tie the containers into the style of your family room by looking at decorative bins or baskets.

Step Five: Once you have purchased your bins/baskets, call each family member into the room. Give them the instructions that all of their items must return back into their bin before they leave the room. To keep things looking sharp, do not let things overflow the basket. Once the bin is full, all other belongings must go in that person’s bedroom. Younger kids may need some extra guidance with the cleaning process. Try to help them decide what toys to keep in the family room and what to put into their bedrooms.

Step Six: Your family room should already be looking better than before, but there is one more step. Typically, we own items that every family member uses like DVDs or CDs. Sit down as a family to go through these items. Create a rule that five things must go in the give-away box and in order to take something out, another item must go into the box. This will help reduce clutter and useless items.

As flooring experts, we understand that you cannot appreciate your beautiful flooring when clutter is running your life. We hope you enjoyed these six steps towards eliminating clutter in your family room.

Becoming A Gardening Expert

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Curb appeal can be determined from a well-kept yard and your home’s exterior. Establishing a well-kept yard can be done through garden work and the right landscaping. You may have an immense knowledge about how to garden or are a novice to gardening. Either way, we have tips that every homeowner, who wants a thriving garden, should know.

Expert Gardening Tips:

Plan out your garden. Pro-gardeners will agree that it is beneficial to go in with a plan. Decide what plants and flowers you want to include in your garden then draw a layout of where you would like them. Make sure to always consider your area’s climate and growth tendencies before planting.

Work with dry soil. There is a hidden importance to working with dry soil rather than wet soil. When you walk on wet soil, it can press down the soil and make unwanted clumps while gardening.

Transportation at its finest. Before heading to pick up new plants for your garden, lay down a mini ladder on top of a plastic tarp. The spaces in between your ladder are superb for securing your plants while you are driving. Housing the plants in the mini ladder will also help avoid spillage.

Utilize a rain gauge. Do not guess that your plants are getting enough water from rain. Be absolutely certain by using a rain gauge.

Pro Tip: Add some food coloring to your rain gauge to see where the rain lies inside on your gauge.
Always use clean garden tools. Your garden tools should always be clean before using.

Lighten the load. If you have ever tried to move a planted pot from one area to another, you understand how heavy it can be! The solution is to fill the bottom half of the pot with packing peanuts and the top half with your soil. You will need to put in a piece of a landscape fabric between the packing peanuts and the soil.

Do you have any gardening tricks that you cannot live without? We would love to hear your advice and tricks in the comment section below.

Unusual Playlists: 20 Songs to Help You Clean Your Home

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Cleaning is not exactly fun. However, a great way to the battle mundane nature of it is to do it while listening to a playlist that is befitting of the task. We thought it would be fun to offer a playlist in which all of the songs are somehow related to a word associated with cleaning. We tried words such as mop and dust and we were pleasantly surprised by the wide and varied options that surfaced. For that reason, this list is not genre specific. It includes everything from old blues to modern pop.

We recommend listening to the whole list to find songs you love. It isn’t likely that every song will move you, but if you find even a few songs that help to motivate your cleaning efforts, then we’ve done our job well. Anything that helps along the drudgery of cleaning is a good thing! Enjoy, and don’t forget to dance with your broom and mop! They’re great partners who won’t step on your feet.

  1. Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive
  2. So Fresh, So Clean by Outkast
  3. Clean Up Woman by Betty Wright
  4. Come Clean by Hillary Duff
  5. Love In A Vacuum by ‘Til Tuesday
  6. Moppin & Boppin by Fats Waller
  7. Rag Mop by Lionel Hampton
  8. Dust My Broom by Elmore James
  9. Jump The Broom by Mr. Sipp
  10. Sweepin’ The Clouds Away by Maurice Chevalier
  11. Scrubs by TLC
  12. Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac
  13. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
  14. Dust In The Wind by Kansas
  15. Car Wash by Rose Royce
  16. Washing Dishes by Jack Johnson
  17. Windows by AWOLNATION
  18. Rag Doll by Aerosmith
  19. Rag and Bone by White Stripes
  20. Living Loving Maid by Led Zeppelin

Making Your Home Lovely Part 2

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Now that you’ve tackled the clutter, it’s time to start examining your cleaning patterns. Whether you’re expecting guests or you simply just want your house to be in order, good house cleaning patterns can bring out your home’s full potential. Below are some tips to help you effectively and efficiently clean your home.


Develop and Follow A Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the house can seem overwhelming, especially when coupled with the other housework and responsibilities that we have. That’s why a plan is essential. Write up a schedule that determines what and when things need to be cleaned. The cleaning schedule should also show what everyone’s chore is in the family.  A clean schedule can be designed around what works for you.


Your cleaning schedule should identify what needs to be cleaned in each room and how often the area needs to be cleaned. Grouping each task by the frequency it needs to be cleaned can be  helpful in gaining a sense of what chores you’ll need to do each day.


Buy Cleaning Supplies

While having clean supplies seems like the most obvious step often people forget to purchase appropriate tools. Begin by purchasing plastic containers, each container can be assigned to specific cleaning areas. For instance, there should be a separate container for the bathroom, one can be designated to the  kitchen and an additional to the rest of the house. Each cleaning container should be equipped with its own cleaning brush or cloth.


Consider investing in packaged shop towels. Shop towels are inexpensive and available at most hardware stores. These types of towels are bigger than your average wash cloth and made from a terry fabric. Shop towels are great to clean with because they are durable and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. 

Small Rooms Can Appear Larger!

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Working with small living spaces can be difficult. However, any room can appear to be larger than life by simply implementing design schemes that trick the eye. Often, interior designers utilize optical illusions to make a small space seem larger than it really is. What are some easy ways you can open a small room in your house?


Color Schemes: Color is a powerful aspect of decorating that can easily create a believable illusion.  The right color combination can make a small room look and feel spacious. Lighter colors, especially white, light green and blue hues brighten a room instantly making it appear bigger. However, be careful of using shades of color that are too bright. Dark colors have  the tendency of giving off a closed off feeling. Using stripes in your decorating scheme can also add to appearance of spacious.


Mirrors: Mirrors aren’t only great for viewing, but by using them in your designs you can add some depth to a room. Yes, mirrors give the illusion of increasing a room’s size. Consider, creating a mural effect with one entire wall.  Leave massive or busy frames out because this can create the opposite effect. Mirrors reflect light and color.


Windows: Avoid hampering windows and sliding glass doors with large or distracting coverings such as solid colored curtains. You may opt for sheer coverings instead or pull back the curtains.  Leaving your windows uncovered, you can easily create a sense of depth to a small space. Allowing your windows to be free can bring in extra light which instantly creates a feeling of spaciousness.


Furnishing:  A small room can feel and look even smaller when it’s filled  with too much stuff. Limit the number of decorative accessories in your design scheme. If you have a lot of items, be sure to keep things organized and utilize storage space that is out of sight. Select furniture that fits the size of the room and larger pieces of furniture should be placed against walls so as to maximize the available space.


Pictures: One large painting such as a mural instead of small groups of pictures can help to open up a small space. Murals can draw a room out and make it seem much longer than it really is. 

Easy to Make Window Cleaning Solution

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The recipe for this window cleaner is so easy to make, it only requires three ingredients and it works wonders. It contains items that you probably already have and only cost a few cents to make. Find out how to make a cleaning solution that works just as well, if not better than any store bought solution, without the harsh chemicals!

What You Will Need:

2-3 Tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent, or liquid dish washing soap

1 Tablespoon of a liquid rinsing agent for dishwashers

½ Gallon of warm water


Mix the three ingredients together in a cleaning bucket or spray bottle.

Rinse windows with a hose or wipe them down with water and a clean cloth.

Apply the solution by spraying it on the windows or simply wiping it on with a clean cloth.

Immediately rinse the solution off by spraying the windows with the hose. This is the easiest and most effective way to rinse the windows.

There is no need to dry the windows, the rinsing agent will take care of that for you! That’s it, windows are done and now you can move on to another task! The sunshine can now illuminate your beautiful floors!