Smart Makeup Tips for Mature Women

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Beauty is a timeless and subjective thing. It’s only partially a matter of how you look on the inside. It’s also the result of the type of person you are on the inside and how much light and joy you choose to share with the world. For these reasons we should actually celebrate getting a little older each year, and embrace the current version of ourselves, no matter our age. 

That said, most of us also want to feel we’re presenting our personal best to the world each day. In order to source that confidence we can’t ignore the value of feeling like we look great! The way to accomplish outer beauty changes as we mature and old beauty tricks might not be very effective anymore. Check out these beautiful suggestions for women age fifty and older!

  1. Toss the powder based makeup. It creates a slight bit of visual texture and mature skin already has natural texture. It also tends to settle into creases. Time to enjoy the benefits of cream based cosmetics.
  2. Dial back the hue and boldness of your lipstick. It doesn’t have to be boring by any means, but if you choose something even a little closer to a neutral it will look more attractive. Truly bright lipstick can actually add age rather than detract from it.
  3. Pay some time and attention to your eyebrows. They have likely thinned and become faint. Eyebrows, however, are a very important part of a complete face. Use a pencil or angle brush and power to fill them in. Don’t go to the extreme though! 
  4. Dial back on the eye shadow and avoid anything with shimmer. When you do wear eye shadow use soft neutral colors and nothing too dark. Stay out of the crease as well. A little definition there is fine, but any more and it will make your eyes look more recessed than they are.
  5. Skip the BB cream and tinted moisturizers. As we age, our face benefits a great deal from an application of true foundation. Be sure it absorbs into the skin like a veil, and does not hover on top of it and look unnatural and forced. Also, match the color perfectly!

Three Ways To Decorate For Free With Household Items – Part 3

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In our final installment we share with you one of the most entertaining ways to accomplish the goal of cost-free home improvement. This is just plain fun! 

Leftover paint

It’s common to keep the paint that is leftover after a home décor project. It’s usually for purposes of touch-up when someone dings the wall accidentally. But touch-ups require a miniscule amount of the leftover paint. Rather than waste the rest, use it to create a new color. You’ll feel like you’re back in kindergarten! Gather the paint leftovers from around the house, and grab a few stir sticks and a hammer.

Set up a secure workspace where a paint spill won’t be a problem. Use small plastic cups to mix small amounts of each color in varying proportions. Avoid large cups because they will require you to mix a lot of paint while you’re experimenting and you don’t want to waste it all during your mix experiment. Start small and add or subtract as necessary.

If you love the idea of this project, but feel rather uncertain about the science of color, plan ahead by doing a bit of internet research on color. You can also pick up a color wheel at the local craft store and reference it to see how color combinations typically turn out.

If, after some effort, you create a new color you love, it’s time to mix the big batch. Pour the ingredients into one of the large paints cans and mix vigorously with the stir stick. Determine if you need to make any slight adjustments. If not, hammer the lid down and give the can a massive shake. Voila! A whole new paint color. Use it on walls if you need to cover a small space like a recessed cut out. Better yet, use it for accessories like picture frames or wooden boxes. 

Three Ways To Decorate For Free With Household Items – Part 2

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Next we are going to discuss innovative ways to spruce up your home décor using magazines. They are full of commercial artwork and photography, and high quality publications usually have exciting, stunning or impressive imagery. Reach for all those issues you’ve been relegating to a stack on the table and make something unique.


One option is to display them on hangers. Opt for the ones you bring home from the drycleaner. The wire is small and subtle so it won’t distract from the magazine cover, and it can be spray painted to match the room. Hang one magazine on each hanger, about half way through the magazine so it hangs evenly. Use a nail or tack in the wall and hang the hanger on it.

You can hang just one as a focal point near a place where you might reach for it, such as a crafting magazine in your craft room. You can also hang several of them (each on their own hanger) in an interesting configuration on a wall. Choose a theme or design guideline when selecting which magazine covers to display. For instances, if you’re fashion lover, group your fashion magazines together. Avoid mixing random, unrelated magazine genres, or your collection will look disparate and the overall effect will be less interesting.

Another great way to display magazines is by hanging them on the horizontal towel racks in the bathroom. Many people now roll up clean towels and store them in a cabinet or basket. Rather than leave the towel racks empty, lay the magazines over them, and center them evenly so they don’t fall down.

Last, but not least, create something beautiful in your home for free by tearing pages out of the magazine. If you have old images in frames that you’re tired of looking at, replace them with one of the pages you tore out. Or, look around the house for extra photo frames that aren’t being used. If you don’t have either of these around and you want to accomplish the goal for free, find excess poster boards or paper bags around the house and lay them behind the torn out pages to give the appearance of a frame.

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Three Ways To Decorate For Free With Household Items – Part 1

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Empty Bottles and Jars

If you’re in the mood to do a fabulous new home decorating project but you don’t want to break the bank, try one of these three projects. They all use items that are typically lying around the house. They are fun to do and make for a great lazy afternoon distraction from life’s hectic pace.   

Although glass is not a rarity or luxury, it is used much less frequently than in past. Have you ever picked up something under the impression that it is made of plastic, only to be surprised by the weight of it because it’s actually glass? It’s a pleasant surprise to discover that jars and bottles are still made of glass.

There are several types and all shapes and size. Liquor bottles are often unique and well designed. Some are even display-worthy without any additional treatment. Wine bottles are classically beautiful as well. Both wine and liquor bottles make for interesting holders for taper candles. Display in a group of five and use varying heights and shapes. Or, put one single long-stem flower in each of them.

Jars also provide a creative way to make the most of glass containers. The possibilities with jars are numerous, but one lovely option is to use them for small, fresh bouquets of flowers. Tie a ribbon or twine around the neck of the jar to pull the piece together. 

They’re also great for storing dry goods, using additional free items from around the house to personalize them. Find extra pieces of fabric that are leftover from sewing or textile projects and cut them to size. Lay one over the top of the jar and secure it with a rubber band. If you have several, buy a two tier-rack and line it with 6-8 jars full various items.

With each of these suggestions we recommend removing the labels of the bottles and jars so they look clean and simple. To do so, use nail polish remover. You can also use lighter fluid, but not on items you’re going to use for candles! Once the labels are removed you essentially have a clean canvas. Unless the label is interesting or pretty – then, leave it as is and let it be part of the end result.

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Affordable Home Remodel Ideas: 3 Ways To Make Extra Money As a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Are you a stay at home Mom with a burning desire to re-imagine and redesign your home? If so, there’s a good chance your might also be a woman who is smart about budgeting. This allows you to continue to raise your children on a single income. While it may seem like you have to sacrifice goals such as a new bathroom or remodeled kitchen, it’s actually possible to do a few extra things to bring in some money from home!

Here are three of our favorite suggestions for making it happen:

  • Hook up with Amazon by way of a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. It typically requires little more than a laptop computer and the ability to jump on opportunities as soon as they’re posted. This would be easy if you set aside a few hours of down time each day, maybe while the kids are napping, and wait for offers to pop up. The assignments are simple, basic tasks that aren’t likely to zap the energy you need to run your household.
  • If straight forward money isn’t necessary and you’re willing to work for gift cards try out free gift card promotions. There are companies that will send you gift cards just for signing up. The only limitation usually requires that you make a purchase with them within a predetermined time frame such as 60 days. Ebates is a popular company for this opportunity. What could be better than the equivalent of feeling like it’s your birthday all the time?!
  • The Airbnb concept that recently took off like wildfire has created a profitable dynamic between travelers and home owners. If you own instead of rent, that’s you! With space to rent out there is an opportunity for you to add significant income to your budget, because people are participating in this in droves. Homeowners are making a pretty penny by renting out either a room or their whole house, and travelers are loving the hominess and comfort of staying in an actual dwelling as opposed to a hotel. One point of caution: There’s a smart way to go about it and fail prone way to go about it. Make sure to do your research on how to best handle an Airbnb arrangement. 

26 Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Girls

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Gift suggestions strictly for girls age seven? Isn’t that rather specific? Well, not when you consider child development. Within one year they change drastically and this remains the case until they’re well out of high school. So, gift shopping can be a bit baffling. That cartoon character she ADORED last year? Yesterday’s news, and she’ll confidently tell you as much if you happen to ask. However, the element of surprise is one of the best parts of childhood and asking her exactly what she wants runs the risk of giving away your intentions. Before you resort to questioning, take a look at this list we compiled. Our understanding is that these toys are currently the bees knees among the seven year old set. If you want to feel really sure, just ask a different child about them. Not a friend of your child though. Kids are terrible at keeping secrets!

  1. Barbie Sparkle Studio Doll
  2. Ever After High Spellbinding Secret Chest
  3. Furby – Boom Crystal Series
  4. Disney Frozen Royal Sister Dolls (sold as a set)
  5. The Electric Claw Game (like the ones in public places where the robotic claw drops and attempts to grab a prize)
  6. The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball
  7. Crayon Ultimate Crayon Case – 152 pieces
  8. My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset
  9. Bike seat for a favorite stuffed animal or doll
  10. Disney Frozen FRS 2-Way Radios
  11. Fire HD 7–Inch Tablet
  12. Singing Machine Karaoke Player
  13. Lalaloopsy Baking Oven
  14. Lalaloopsy Doll Furry Grrrs-A-Lot
  15. “Barbie and the Secret Door” DVD
  16. KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with furniture
  17. Calico Critters and Triple Baby Bunk Beds set
  18. LEGO Disney Princess Merida’s Highland Games
  19. Goldie Blox and the Parade Float play set
  20. Melissa &  Doug Deluxe Wooden Stringing Beads
  21. Fashion Angels Tapefitti Art Desk Set
  22. Crayola Dome Light Designer
  23. DohVinci Style & Store Design Kit
  24. How to Draw Pets book
  25. Fashion Angels Interior Design Sketch Portfolio
  26. Hedbanz Game 

Alsatian Salad

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It is about that time of year where you begin to start making cold salads for those warm sunny afternoons. This salad, whose origins began in the Alsace region of France, is a dish traditionally served with thinly cut cheese and vegetables. This variation is just a little bit different, changing up the dressing with some yogurt for a healthier base and adding herbs and spices to add more flavor. The cheese can be chopped to your liking; our suggestion is just one way to do it. If you are trying to cut calories you can add tofu instead of the cheese as well.


An added perk to this meal? It serves six so if you are only cooking for two or three you can throw the leftovers in your lunchbox and have a fresh salad ready to go at work the next day! Enjoy this chilled salad with a side of sliced baguette or for a healthier option an apple will do as well.


Salad Ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 cups cubed cheddar cheese (about 1/2 inch in size)
  • 1 1/2 cups cubed swiss cheese (about 1/2 inch in size)
  • 1 cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1 bell pepper, thinly sliced and halved
  • 1 bundle of diced green onion
  • 1 finely diced white onion
  • 1 package of heirloom tomatoes (whole)


Dressing Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 3 tbs. mayonnaise
  • 2 cloves of garlic minced
  • 2 tsp. dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp. horseradish sauce
  • 1/2 tsp. paprika
  • 1/2 tsp. basil
  • 1/2 tsp. tarragon
  • 1/2 tsp. dill
  • dash of parsley



  1. Toss the cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, sliced cucumber, sliced bell pepper, diced green onion, diced white onion, and whole heirloom tomatoes (you can slice in half if you prefer) in a large salad bowl.
  2. Whisk the yogurt, mayonnaise, minced garlic, dijon mustard, horseradish, paprika, basil, tarragon, dill, parsley and a dash of salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Combined the dressing with the vegetables and cheese in your salad bowl and toss well.
  4. Serve immediately or chilled. Leftovers can be refrigerated for up to several days.

No-Sew Easy Fleece Pet Bed

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This project is so easy you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it first. If you’re the queen of the sewing machines then this might not be for you. For those without the ability to master a needle and thread though, this will seem like pure genius. It’s also incredibly affordable – bonus!

This project is a breeze and it allows you to use fabric with a design you love. Start by using tape to mark the floor with the measurements you’ll need. Create a rectangle and mark the four corners. The dimensions should allow plenty of comfy space for your pet, as well six extra inches on all sides. Don’t forget that dogs and cats stretch out while they’re sleeping, just like we do, so account for the size of your pet when ‘zonked out!’

Next, purchase two pieces of fleece fabric that are identical in size. These will be the top and the bottom of the bed. Lay one on top of the other on your workspace (the floor might be easiest,) and cut 2×6 inch strips along every side. Strips are six inches long and two inches wide with approximately one inch between them.

Then, on three sides, tie the strips together using one from the bottom piece of fleece and one from the top piece. This is what replaces the need to sew seams. Fill with plenty of poly filling so that the bed is fluffy and comfortable. Last, tie the fourth side closed.

Not only is the project easy, it’s cheap enough to make cushions for all the rooms in the house where your critter spends time. With so many patterns available in fleece, you’re likely to find a design that looks perfect in your beautiful room. If you have kids, though, watch out! They’re sure to like the bed as much as your pet does. In that case, you might need to make two for every room. Or settle for a kiddo who still looks cute, despite being adorned with pet hair!

How To Create Runway Model Hair

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How in the world do they do it? It seems like every time you see a runway fashion show or magazine there are women with impossibly big hair, full of curls and volume. But when you try it at home it falls flat in 30 minutes. Here’s how the pros do it. It isn’t a quick process but at least it will actually last long enough for someone other than you to see it!


  • Fine tooth comb
  • Short bristled teasing brush
  • Medium barrel curling iron
  • Hairspray
  • Styling clips

Using the styling clips, start with small sections. They should be no more than four inches wide. Begin at the base of the neck, and split an eight inch section in half. Bring forward on each side of your neck. Use the fine toothed comb and teasing brush to “tease” the hair at the base, nearest to your head. Teasing hair is also called back combing, and it simply means that you comb in the opposite direction than you normally would. This creates a structure that supports lots of volume in your hair. Next, spray the section the section with hairspray. This might surprise you, but spraying it before you curl it gives it more hold.

Then, instead of wrapping the hair from the ends, start the curl at the base of the hair. Do so by slipping the curling iron over the hair nearest your head, and using your hand to hold the end of the section of hair so can control the section as you move through it. Wrap entire the entire section around the barrel of the curling iron while still holding onto the end, and hold for 15 seconds. Then release it by gently pulling the iron downward to create a spiral. Notice how much more curl you created by not starting at the end. Lightly spray again with hairspray, and then move on to the next section.

Continue until you’ve curled all of your hair. When you get to the hair that surrounds your face pay attention to the direction you curl it. Curling it toward your face will achieve a different look than curling it away from your face. Neither option is wrong, however you need to decide which you prefer so that you don’t accidently curl it in the wrong direction. To set it, bend over and flip your hair over your head and spray thoroughly but lightly with hairspray. Before you complete the style make sure to let all of the curls cool completely. Once they’re ready, flip your head over again and slide your fingers into the middle shafts of the hair and tousle it. Do so vigorously for a big, glam hair or gently for a more pulled together look.

Making the Most of Small Bedrooms

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Bedrooms come in nearly every shape and size imaginable. And while most interior design ideas focus on large master bedroom suites that can incorporate separate seating areas, dressing rooms, and conversation areas, there are many homes that have much smaller bedrooms as well. And while these bedrooms are small, it doesn’t mean that their interior design or furniture layout should be overlooked. In fact, the right layout in a small space can have a major impact on the way that a room feels, so the right arrangement of furniture in a small bedroom can make the space feel even larger.

Make the Most of Your Floor

The right type of floor covering can change the feel of your room.  Worn carpet will close the space in a small bedroom quickly, drawing the eye down.  Light carpet or a wood floor brightens a small space and opens the room dramatically.   

Furniture Spacing

Furniture spacing is one of the most difficult things to consider in a small bedroom. After all, you usually have to fit in a bed, pair of night tables, and at least one dresser and some bedrooms may have even more furnishings included.

Ideally, there should be about 36-inches of space around three sides of your bed. This gives the best walking space through the room. If this isn’t possible, however, due to space constraints, aim for between 18 and 24-inches of space around the bed. This may influence where you place the bed, as well as the size of some of the other furnishings, such as dressers if they need to be placed nearby.

Don’t Clutter

Take a good look at each piece of furniture you intend to place in the bedroom, and ask yourself if you really need it. Things like jewelry chests or bookcases might be better off somewhere else to help open up the space in the bedroom to make it feel less cluttered.

Make Use of the Walls

If you can’t fit in things you truly want in the bedroom like storage or bookcases, consider looking up rather than down. By mounting some of your furniture on the wall, you don’t take up valuable floor space, and you can often increase the amount of storage space in the entire room at once. By hanging shelves above a dresser, for example, you can store extra items like sweaters or books, without having to take up any more room.