Working with an Open Concept Living Space

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Many people have open concept living spaces that flow into one another, like this kitchen and dining room. Working with an open kitchen and dining area to create a design that highlights both the kitchen and the dining areas can be a little tricky. Successfully decorating these areas will leave you with spaces that flow together yet maintain their own identities.

Making a dining room that is open to the kitchen feel like its own room means highlighting the dining space to make it feel special. Here that is done by a gorgeous inlay in the floor that has bands of darker wood outlining the dining area. The space is further anchored by an area rug under the table. If you do not want to go through the expense of having a stained border added to your wood floors, simply adding an area rug or room size rug in the dining area can help the space feel separate.

A pretty chandelier above the table is a lovely way to make the dining area feel more formal. A similar chandelier or pendant in the kitchen, above the sink or island, would tie the spaces together.

Working in the same color palette for both rooms, playing off the cabinet color with a similar toned wood dining table and chairs also unifies the design of the two joined spaces.

Open kitchens allow the chef to interact with family and guests. Use design to celebrate this great feature of open entertaining.

Take a Bird’s Eye View of This Kitchen

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This fun perspective on a kitchen highlights its thoughtful design. Although the space is relatively small, the high ceiling and limited upper cabinets make it feel open and inviting.

The room supports the active cook with a generous amount of counter space and high-end appliances. The vinyl floor is a simple choice, but suits the room well. The colors and style match the feel of the space and make clean up easy.

The countertops are butcher-block maple, which is gaining popularity among active cooks. The light tones work effectively with the light cabinets and flooring. When a kitchen is smaller, choosing coordinated tones with minimal contrast expands the appearance of the space.

There are a few touches of color – the yellow tube-shaped lights coming down from the ceiling and the whimsical pink toaster by the sink. The high design of the room shows in the exciting range hood echoing the lights and the curved snack area on the right.

Altogether this kitchen is as inviting as it is functional. Cooking in this space would be a pleasure.

Pure White Kitchen Design is Timeless

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Are you in the process of building or renovating your kitchen? Have you decided what color scheme you would like to use? One of the most popular colors chosen for kitchens is white because of its timeless beauty. Plus, white is the most versatile color in the spectrum because it translates well with almost any kitchen style from country to modern. White is a classic that will never be out of style.

Now, is a pure white kitchen design aesthetically pleasing and not too cold or boring? Pure white design can be both warm and welcoming and will never look dull if you use the right accents, textures and tones to help bring out the best in your kitchen.

You can start with your kitchen cabinets. If you want your kitchen to have a modern style, you can opt for bright white cabinets. But if you want a more rustic and country feel, try using antique white. To have a continuous flow of white, use white barstools and white floors to give it a monochromatic effect. However, if your kids have you second guessing an all-white kitchen decor, not to worry—you can use surfaces that are easy to clean like stone countertops and laminate flooring.

Using the right lighting such as mini pendants or small chandeliers above the bar area and bigger lights above work areas will give a warm glow to your kitchen. Bring texture through the window coverings, flooring, and countertops in tone on tone designs. Place flower pots around the room filled with fresh flowers to create an even more inviting all white kitchen.

Today’s Kitchen: Inviting & Functional

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Although you may still see a kitchen that feels old-world in some new homes, the trend is moving more toward a simple and inviting look. This kitchen demonstrates the style and features many of today’s kitchens are now sporting.

Some things are still part of any well-designed kitchen. Porcelain tile on the floor allows a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The light and varied pattern provides the warmth of stone without the cleaning and sealing challenges. This pattern of rectangular and square tiles keeps the floor a strong design element without overpowering the rest of the choices made in this kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances are still the surface of choice, particularly with exceptional cooks. Stainless is easy to maintain and tolerates hot dishes and pans. This particular range/hood combination also has a backsplash in stainless to stand up to abuse while still looking good for years. However, you may see certain appliances such as refrigerators or microwaves with covers to match the cabinet doors. Too much stainless can be a distraction and will show fingerprints more than wood, particularly on much-used refrigerator doors.

Kitchen drawers have come into their own, replacing the deep dark spaces that used to be standard in lower cabinets. This kitchen shows nothing but drawers under the countertop. Other styles have doors that open to show two pull-out drawers. With simple segmentation, drawers can hold any kitchen item, from pots and pans to an entire set of dishware.

Are you ready for a new kitchen? If so, check out how choices have changed in the last few years. You can have a great space that is also a functional and effective support for your cooking goals.

Two-level Countertop

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This well-thought-out kitchen includes something that can benefit many open style living areas – the multi-level countertop.

When granite and solid-surface countertops came on the market, people used them the same way they placed laminates – at one level covering the lower cabinets. With the introduction of countertops that provide such a rich design element, designers began to recognize the possibilities.

Multi-level counters provide multiple benefits. One important plus is evident in this photo. The raised counter camouflages many of the standard counter elements that a kitchen requires. For example, the soap container is functional but not really a design accessory.

Camouflage is even more important when entertaining. Dirty dishes and clutter from food preparation hides from guests.

The higher counter in this photo is rather narrow, possibly because of space limitations. However many raised counters are wide enough to provide an additional eating space by placing stools or bar-height chairs on the other side. With the addition of the raised counter, your home suddenly gains a breakfast bar or place for afternoon snacks, or even a location for spelling drills while cooking dinner.

This area is also useful for parties. It provides another conversation area as well as buffet space. Imagine people seated there munching on various appetizers while talking to their hosts as they complete the meal preparations.

Many people spend time and energy planning their kitchen layout and then stop before addressing their countertops. Be flexible with your thinking and you may find that your countertop design adds to your kitchen’s beauty and usefulness.

How To Add Flavor To Your Kitchen

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Do you wish your kitchen were more inspiring and less mundane? If you answered yes, consider some tips below. Adding a dash of flavor to your kitchen is easier than you may think. Give your kitchen a make over by doing one or a few of the following:

  • Paint your walls or your cabinets a vibrant color; such as green, yellow, blue or red. The kitchen is one room in your house that can handle a little drama, take advantage of this and add your favorite color. *Tip: Replacing the hardware on your cabinets is a small detail that makes a big difference. Have fun and choose exciting hardware!
  • Add a backsplash. You have a wide variety of types and styles to choose from. Tumbled stone tiles add warmth and comfort to a traditional kitchen. Glass tiles make a kitchen feel clean and fresh. Metal backsplashes are available in tiles or sheets and sold in a number of sheens; from honed to shinny chrome. Metal backsplashes add a sheik spin to any kitchen. No matter what style you prefer; a backsplash tends to look classic for years.
  • Kitchens can have a tendency to look cold and institutional. This is especially true when there is a large fluorescent fixture; providing the majority of light. Replace that fixture with one more stylish and warmer colored bulb. *Tip: You can continue using a fluorescent bulb for energy efficiency. They are available in a range of shades from cool to warm.
  • Clear containers, in gradual sizes, are great for storing items and ingredients. They also make great accessories for a kitchen. You can fill them with seasonal items and place them directly on your counter or sit them on top of cabinets. Filling them with different colored substances is a way to add spice anytime the mood strikes you!

Bathroom Styles: Which is Your Style?

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