Finish this Room Beautifully

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This graceful room benefits from a thoughtful design that includes interesting hardwood flooring, rich window trim and moldings that carry the wood theme throughout.

The furniture’s tones suit the space, but lining all the pieces up along the wall this way shortchanges the room’s potential.

What would you do to make this room show off its lines and beauty? How about breaking up the solid row of furniture for a start? The attempt to make them look built-in isn’t working. Also, the television and other accessories lining the top distracts from the view through the window.

You could put the television and its cabinet in the far corner, angled between the two windows. That would be a good start toward breaking up the crowd. The tall shelving unit could move across the room. This will connect the space without emphasizing too much matching.

A large area rug in dark tones would add an anchoring element to this lighter room as well as a strong piece of interest. Light upholstered furniture could provide seating. The art in the room is too high – it should be set at eye-level for everyone to enjoy.

With just a little effort and a few more pieces, this room can reach its graceful potential. What else could you do to rescue this room and turn it into something to be proud of when family and friends visit?

When you’re Not Sure – Use the Walk Away Tactic

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When confronted with a wealth of choices on what to purchase, whether it’s flooring or other design elements, it’s easy to get confused. This can lead to purchases you later regret. There may be a point when you can make the best decision by not deciding at that moment. Taking a day to walk away and consider your options at home may help you clearly define your goals and determine what will work best. If possible, take photos or samples of your choices with you. When you see them in your home, or with the perspective of time, you will make a better decision.

Now, every store wants to generate a sale, but smart stores like ours think it’s more important to generate a satisfied customer. Particularly for a large purchase, a good flooring consultant will understand and appreciate your need to ponder. If you do want to bring samples home or take a photo, please just ask.

Once you’re home, set everything aside for at least a few hours, if not a day. Then consider your options with fresh eyes. Ask the opinions of others in your household, if any. Chances are very good that you will find one choice stands out over the others. When you buy it, you can relax in the realization that your decision was well thought-out and will work well for you and your home.