Upload a Photo in the Virtual Room Designer

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Using a photo of an existing room is an excellent place to start if you are considering upgrading or renovating a space. Once you have decided a direction to go in, upload the photo of your room and try and achieve the certain design style you are aiming for. This tool makes the design process easier by giving you the opportunity to see what the actual room will look like. It also allows you to tweak many different aspects of the room.

Upload your photo and then we will take the necessary steps to make your photo interactive with our software. In about three business days we will send you a notification in your email, letting you know when your photo is available to use in the virtual design center. This is a free service that is provided by us, so why not take advantage of all the tools we offer right at your fingertips?

Start by selecting what you know you like. If you know you want a warm gray paint color, make this change in the virtual room designer first. From there you can play around with different floor materials and finishes. This is a great opportunity to view what carpet, tile or hardwood floor will look like in the actual space. Change existing cabinet styles and look at the different finishes available.

Make sure you save your room designs as you go along. This will ensure having the ability to go back and take note of certain materials, finishes and patterns that you approve of. You can print these photos out and hang them somewhere you can see them and think for a couple of days.

This tool is also helpful in showing you what your room can look like after upgrades are made. It will also give you an idea of other areas that may need work that you haven’t thought of. When planning a renovation or upgrades, this is the perfect place to start. Our software assists you in the process and helps you understand what materials and finishes to select!

Take the Lifestyle Quiz

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Have you ever wondered which type of floor is the best for the life you lead?  Should you choose carpet?  Or would hardwood work better in your home?  Are there situations where laminate would be better than natural stone?  How can you decide?

We have you covered!  On our website, we offer a powerful online tool that will help everyone with these choices. This tools shows how to match lifestyle needs with interior selections, finishes, requirements and much more. Once the quiz is completed you will see helpful suggestions to help you achieve a balanced home that fits right into your life style.

The quiz asks relevant questions regarding your lifestyle. It takes into account the daily activities and interests in your life. It also asks questions regarding to the people who live in the household and encompasses everyone’s needs. Asking the right questions about who lives in the home and what they do in turn offers suggestions about what types of materials will work best in the home. The suggestions cover floor type, lighting and added space needs.

The quiz determines your needs and helps you create a plan. Whether the plan is to turn a spare room into an office, arts and crafts area or a home gym, this tool gives you a starting point and a direction to go. The suggestions offer answers to existing questions and may cover aspects that you may not have thought about yet!

A home should be a reflection of the family or individual, as well as providing for the needs of the family and pets that live there. The information in this online tool goes beyond making finish selections for you. It gives options and explains each. A home should work with its inhabitants and make everyone comfortable, from extended family to guests and pets!

The quiz lets you know what materials to utilize, how to use them and even suggestions for your lifestyle.

Find out today what your home needs to help create the optimal interior environment!  Try the Lifestyle Quiz today! 

Design Styles

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  It’s hard to explain your style when you don’t have the vocabulary to properly identify it to others when asking for advice. This article helps to explain exactly what a few of these styles are, and what makes them each unique. It may just come in handy when remodeling or shopping for furniture to help explain what you are looking for when you ask an associate or designer. 

The foremost identifier for urban chic is a contemporary design. You will want to make sure that all of the lines in your space are clean and crisp. It will have an air of modern sophistication, employing black, white and otherwise neutral color palettes. Furniture and living room accessories such as lamps will be made of sleek materials using metal accents or perhaps glass. Combining these elements will create an urban chic environment.

Perhaps instead you prefer a more rustic look. Our Rustic Reflections design aesthetic is focused on natural materials. It’s all about bringing the wilderness into your home. If this speaks to you, you’ll want to be sure to use lots of natural stone, wood and colors you would might come across in the great outdoors. This look is great for someone who wants to feel at home but only seems to feel that way when they are on a hike or exploring outside. 

 There is another natural look but it is completely different from it’s woodsy counterpart—that would be Seaside Simplicity. This design concept would bring the beach to your house, and is guided by the colors of the beachfront and sea. You’ll want to think light and airy, and use natural elements in key places. Beach houses are casual places but to keep it from getting too informal you’ll want to also evoke a sense of refinement—it should feel casual but look refined. 


These are just a few of our design inspiration concepts.  Check back soon more in this series but in the meantime go to our website and check out the pictures and design inspiration yourself!  Feel free to stop by Dolphin Carpet any time if you have questions.

6 Genius Ways to Create Drama With Your Décor

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Part 1 – Color and Walls

Some personality types thrive in spaces that are dramatic, decadent, and trasportive. If you’re idea of a dream space demands these qualities grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this three-part series about ways to create dynamic dram in your room or home!

Don’t be afraid of the dark

If you would like add drama to a room an easy way to start is by using dark colors. Create atmosphere with colors such as crimson, deep violet, royal blue, chocolate brown, and, of course, black. Avoid using them as accent colors, and instead use them liberally to achieve the effect. Mix and match dark hues as well. Try crimson and chocolate brown, or black and royal blue. Yes, you can paint walls black by the way! It’s just a matter of handling it properly. High sheen paints don’t translate well to black walls, but a flat, matte black paint can make walls look positively chic!

Let the walls close in

A feeling of open space isn’t necessarily a priority with dramatic décor. It’s about creating a space that transports you and in this case a slightly ‘closed-in’ feeling is ideal. To that effect, try to achieve drama in a room with wallpaper or floor designs. Search for intricate, embellished designs with unique textures. A good word to think on while sifting through possibilities is ‘decadent.’ Beautiful designer wallpapers ooze decadence. Again, search for mid to dark tone colors and don’t be shy about using something bold like raspberry red. Consider metallic finishes as well.

What could make a bigger statement on the walls than gold sheen wallpaper or a dramatic floor pattern? If you’re artistically inclined another fabulous option is to hand paint the walls with an elaborate design. You can find a marvelous set of options for painting tools designed for home interiors. With a little research and, well, a lot of time, the room could be transformed into an iteration of drama that comes straight from your creative mind. Like the idea but not sure you can pull it off? Practice on a large board, and then give it a try. Little is lost if you don’t like it because you can simply paint over it. You can also utilize online tools to visualize the space such as our Virtual Room Designer.

Next read  Part 2 – Ceilings and Scale

Discover Your Style!

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Our “Discover Your Style” application is a great way to narrow down your tastes if you aren’t quite sure what look you are most fond of. The best way to use this tool is to be absolutely honest with yourself. If you can’t decide between two that you like the look of you probably still saw one and liked it on first instinct. Stick with this choice because there will be 10 questions that together give you a better idea of your design style.


Remember to have fun while making your choices and no answer is a wrong answer. You may find you have a more modern taste for your living room but when choosing your bedroom you might like something with a little bit more warmth and texture. Once you have answered all ten questions you will be brought to your results page where the tool will break down your style preferences across five types.


Those five types are Urban Chic, Italian Impressions, Rustic Reflections, Seaside Simplicity and Stately Elegance. These five design styles are the most common themes seen in decorating. If you chose any of these styles during the quiz you will be shown a breakdown by percentage of which ones you chose and at what percentage rate each style is representative of your own style.


Additionally, below the “What I Like Results” you will also be given a description of the style you chose the most so that you can get a better understanding of the look you like. It also includes historical information on how this style has evolved and grown over the years so that you can see where it came from and maybe even try and play with different eras of the style as you being to design your space.


Now that you have a better idea of what your style is, take that information and come in to visit us at Dolphin Carpet and Tile so that we can help you make your design dreams a reality! Or you can visit our webpage to browse our inventory. Whatever your design needs, we are here to help.

How Do You Live?

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There are many useful tools on our website that can help you and your family choose the right design options for your home so that when you have made a decision, it is for flooring that you will all cherish for years to come. On our website you can choose our Virtual Room Designer and from there several design tools are available to you to help make your flooring choices more informed.

One of our favorite tools is the “How I Live” tool. With this tool you will answer several questions about yourself such as how many people live in your home, whether or not you own a dog and what types of preferences you have in terms of design scheme and color. With these questions answered and submitted the tool then generates informative content based on the answers you gave.

For example, if you have a dog and indicated this in your answers, this tool produces information regarding what types of flooring will be most beneficial to your dog. It also accounts for flooring that is best for your home, such as installing hard surfaces in front of exterior doors to protect them from the dirt and grime that can be tracked in with animals.

In addition, it takes into account your design preferences such as color themes and explanations about the differences between cool colors and warm colors. This information can be extremely helpful in pinpointing exactly what colors and themes you want to use for your flooring.

And finally, this tool can give more information based on your answers about what types of flooring might be best fit to suit your needs. Some people may need to consider how having three children and a dog means that a certain type of flooring will work best for their family. Others might live alone and because of this their flooring needs will be different as well. This tool helps make sense of all of your different options based on your answers and then provides you with the information necessary to make the right decision for your home.

To use this tool head to our website and choose the “How I Live” tool to find your perfect flooring.

Virtual Room Designer

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Do you wish you could see how one type of tile would look next to a specific cabinet?  Would you like to be able to visualize if this backsplash would look better than that one?

Now you have the chance!  With our Virtual Room Designer, you can use one of our preloaded room designs and change floor tile, wall color, cabinet color, backsplashes and even ceiling color!  When you find your favorite, you can print your selection names and colors along with a large picture of your creation.

But what if you would like a more accurate image of how these items tie together in your own room? Using the Design Your Room option, you can upload your own photo to see how it would look together.

Try out our Virtual Room Designer for yourself!

How Do You Live?

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With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what type of flooring to choose for your home.  But understanding a little more about your daily living can make the choice much easier.  

Take a couple of minutes to find out “How I Live” by taking this quiz. Your answers to these questions will play a vital factor in your decision-making process regarding the color, design, and products that you will select for your project. 


Take our How I Live Quiz to see the best options for your home!

How to Care for Natural Stone Floors

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Natural stone flooring is may be more of an investment but nothing can surpass the beauty and richness of its natural features.  Natural stone is durable and adds value to your home.  They’ll last as long, if not longer, than your house as love as they’re cared for properly.  To prolong the life and maintain the natural glow and beauty of natural stone, it deserves to be given utmost care and maintenance.

Care for Natural Stone Floors

  • Sand, dust and dirt cause the most damage to stone floors, but there’s an easy fix! Use a dry dust mop or broom to sweep the floors frequently.  If you find vacuuming the floors easier, make sure it doesn’t have a beater bar.
  • Application of stone sealant is also recommended to protect natural stones as it repels oil and water.
  • Take preventative measures and place walk off mats at every entry of the home to help keep the dirt outside.  Area rugs can also help maintain the flooring.  Keep the mats and area rugs clean so they can keep as much dirt off of the floors as possible.
  • Be sure to clean up spills immediately.  You can use a neutral pH detergent and warm water to clean up spills or for periodic cleaning.  After cleaning, make sure you really rinse the floor so you don’t leave excess soap that causes streaking.
  • Finally, avoid any products that have abrasive cleaners or acids.

It’s always a good idea to know the porosity of the stone flooring because some tend to be more susceptible to staining than others.

Stone flooring is an investment and should be given care. By following some of the tips mentioned above, natural stone can be long lasting and serve its purpose to give your home a sparkling beauty.  The photo above was created by our Virtual Room Designer and you can have some fun by designing your own room!

Solving Your Creative Puzzle

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Do you have an active household, medium traffic, a large dog and teenagers. The environment is important to you and so is getting as much bang for your decorating dollar. Your style is casual and modern. Ever wonder what type of flooring would work best in your home?


Do you have a low traffic great room, no kids unless you count your two small dogs and you want to invest in beautiful floors. What kind of flooring would you think would work best for you?

Well, wonder no more. Dolphin Carpet has a great tool on their website that can make choosing the best flooring option for an entryway, formal dining room, kitchen or bedroom as simple and painless as possible.

Called “How I Live” this feature asks a series of questions and then makes recommendations based on how you live your life. Once you sort through your options you can browse through product galleries and even apply for financing right on line.

So, what have you got to lose? With design tools like the creative puzzle, today is the day to make a list of all those home improvements you have been meaning to do.