hardwood flooring installation in Miami, FL
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How is Hardwood Flooring Installed?

Hardwood flooring is a naturally gorgeous, classic flooring choice that adds tremendous warmth, character, and value to your home. Available in both solid wood and engineered options, each respective type uses a specific installation method and require different levels of prep! Making a Hardwood Flooring Decision First, it’s time to decide which type of hardwood flooring and installation method you’ll use…

styles of laminate flooring in Miami, FL

How Laminate Flooring Is Made

Tremendously durable and exceptionally eye-catching, laminate flooring is a reliable hard surface option that checks all the boxes when homeowners are shopping for versatile flooring. But how is this popular flooring made, and what gives it its longevity and appeal?  Laminate flooring is manufactured by fusing layers of material with high heat and enormous pressure. The finished product – a solid piece of flooring topped…