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Using Pumpkins in Your Thanksgiving Décor

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It is a popular custom to carry the pumpkins from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Find out more creative ways to incorporate the orange gourd into your holiday decorations. They are not just for doorsteps anymore! The pumpkin is making its way onto the table; not only as food but for serving and as table décor.

Hollow out pumpkins and use them to hold dip. Make sure you clean the inside well. The pumpkin will work for any dip; they work best containing pumpkin flavored items. If you do not want the pumpkin flavor to sink in, find a circular, clear container that will fit into the hollow in the pumpkin.

You can also use a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vase to display on the holiday dinner table. Hollow out the pumpkin and insert a large can or a cylindrical container that will keep the flowers standing upright. You can make one large arrangement for the center of the table and use the tiny pumpkins as place cards. Simply write guests name on the smaller pumpkin with a sharpie and place in front of the plate. If you do not fancy your handwriting you can use sticker decals, used for scrapbooking.

Baby pumpkins are actually quite versatile. Use them to hold tapered candles on your dinner table. Place the base of the candle on top of the pumpkin and trace a circle onto the pumpkin. Cut out the hole and make sure there is enough room to insert the candle into the top. Include small branches and other foliage to create a firm hold. Place around your table and light the candles during Thanksgiving dinner.

Smaller pumpkins can also be used as a filler. Hurricanes lanterns that are normally used to shield candles from the wind can be filled with the small pumpkins and placed around the table. These filled hurricane lanterns can be placed anywhere in the home.  Outdoors surrounding the front door creates a lovely welcome for guests.

Don’t leave out this popular gourd during the Thanksgiving season.  Halloween shouldn’t get all of the great decorations!

Design Styles

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  It’s hard to explain your style when you don’t have the vocabulary to properly identify it to others when asking for advice. This article helps to explain exactly what a few of these styles are, and what makes them each unique. It may just come in handy when remodeling or shopping for furniture to help explain what you are looking for when you ask an associate or designer. 

The foremost identifier for urban chic is a contemporary design. You will want to make sure that all of the lines in your space are clean and crisp. It will have an air of modern sophistication, employing black, white and otherwise neutral color palettes. Furniture and living room accessories such as lamps will be made of sleek materials using metal accents or perhaps glass. Combining these elements will create an urban chic environment.

Perhaps instead you prefer a more rustic look. Our Rustic Reflections design aesthetic is focused on natural materials. It’s all about bringing the wilderness into your home. If this speaks to you, you’ll want to be sure to use lots of natural stone, wood and colors you would might come across in the great outdoors. This look is great for someone who wants to feel at home but only seems to feel that way when they are on a hike or exploring outside. 

 There is another natural look but it is completely different from it’s woodsy counterpart—that would be Seaside Simplicity. This design concept would bring the beach to your house, and is guided by the colors of the beachfront and sea. You’ll want to think light and airy, and use natural elements in key places. Beach houses are casual places but to keep it from getting too informal you’ll want to also evoke a sense of refinement—it should feel casual but look refined. 


These are just a few of our design inspiration concepts.  Check back soon more in this series but in the meantime go to our website and check out the pictures and design inspiration yourself!  Feel free to stop by Dolphin Carpet any time if you have questions.

Mysterious and Beautiful Halloween Wedding Ideas

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A Halloween themed wedding isn’t for everyone of course, but some couples love the spookiest holiday of the year and they find it very romantic. If this happens to be you, bravo! The opportunities to create a splendid, memorable, and unique event are endless.  The best way to go about planning a wedding with this theme is to strike a balance between elegance and tradition so it doesn’t seem too kitschy. Try some of these ideas!

  • Serve water at dinner with dry ice misting out of the glass.
  • Use a mini coffin box to hold the rings while the ring bearer is carrying them.
  • Write your vows on vintage parchment paper, roll up, and tie with a beautiful black and purple ribbon. Have a member of the wedding party present the vows on an antique tray when it’s time to read them.
  • Wrap pumpkins in black or white lace and secure at the top with a boa
  • Use Dia de los Muertos figurines for the wedding couple cake topper.
  • If you’re having an outdoor wedding in an area surrounded by trees hang dozens of lanterns in the tree branches to light the ceremony from overhead.
  • Design the dinner table using all black chairs and table, white dishes, and black vases filled with white roses. If you’d like the theme to be slightly creepy place plastic spiders throughout the flowers.
  • Decorate faux trees as you would at Christmas. But rather than green trees use black trees and decorate them with silver, black, and white ornaments. When the tree is fully decorated spray everything with silver and black glitter so it sparkles.
  • On a large white pumpkin hand paint the phrase, “Till Death Do Us Part.” If possible, paint the letters in traditional calligraphy.
  • Carry a bouquet of dark yellow sunflowers, and use them for table centerpieces as well.
  • Have the flower girl carry black and red rose petals and yellow sunflower petals in a pumpkin pail. (Use a fancier version of those typically used by trick-or-treaters.)
  • Serve the formal dinner with a Halloween theme by asking the chef to prepare the mashed potatoes to look like ghosts and to make the squash look like mini pumpkins.
  • If the bride is going to walk a long path to the alter frame it with a large trellis made of multi-colored fall foliage. Line the path on both sides with candle lit jack-o-lanterns that have been carved with wedding themes. 

Three Ways To Decorate For Free With Household Items – Part 3

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In our final installment we share with you one of the most entertaining ways to accomplish the goal of cost-free home improvement. This is just plain fun! 

Leftover paint

It’s common to keep the paint that is leftover after a home décor project. It’s usually for purposes of touch-up when someone dings the wall accidentally. But touch-ups require a miniscule amount of the leftover paint. Rather than waste the rest, use it to create a new color. You’ll feel like you’re back in kindergarten! Gather the paint leftovers from around the house, and grab a few stir sticks and a hammer.

Set up a secure workspace where a paint spill won’t be a problem. Use small plastic cups to mix small amounts of each color in varying proportions. Avoid large cups because they will require you to mix a lot of paint while you’re experimenting and you don’t want to waste it all during your mix experiment. Start small and add or subtract as necessary.

If you love the idea of this project, but feel rather uncertain about the science of color, plan ahead by doing a bit of internet research on color. You can also pick up a color wheel at the local craft store and reference it to see how color combinations typically turn out.

If, after some effort, you create a new color you love, it’s time to mix the big batch. Pour the ingredients into one of the large paints cans and mix vigorously with the stir stick. Determine if you need to make any slight adjustments. If not, hammer the lid down and give the can a massive shake. Voila! A whole new paint color. Use it on walls if you need to cover a small space like a recessed cut out. Better yet, use it for accessories like picture frames or wooden boxes. 

Three Ways To Decorate For Free With Household Items – Part 2

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Next we are going to discuss innovative ways to spruce up your home décor using magazines. They are full of commercial artwork and photography, and high quality publications usually have exciting, stunning or impressive imagery. Reach for all those issues you’ve been relegating to a stack on the table and make something unique.


One option is to display them on hangers. Opt for the ones you bring home from the drycleaner. The wire is small and subtle so it won’t distract from the magazine cover, and it can be spray painted to match the room. Hang one magazine on each hanger, about half way through the magazine so it hangs evenly. Use a nail or tack in the wall and hang the hanger on it.

You can hang just one as a focal point near a place where you might reach for it, such as a crafting magazine in your craft room. You can also hang several of them (each on their own hanger) in an interesting configuration on a wall. Choose a theme or design guideline when selecting which magazine covers to display. For instances, if you’re fashion lover, group your fashion magazines together. Avoid mixing random, unrelated magazine genres, or your collection will look disparate and the overall effect will be less interesting.

Another great way to display magazines is by hanging them on the horizontal towel racks in the bathroom. Many people now roll up clean towels and store them in a cabinet or basket. Rather than leave the towel racks empty, lay the magazines over them, and center them evenly so they don’t fall down.

Last, but not least, create something beautiful in your home for free by tearing pages out of the magazine. If you have old images in frames that you’re tired of looking at, replace them with one of the pages you tore out. Or, look around the house for extra photo frames that aren’t being used. If you don’t have either of these around and you want to accomplish the goal for free, find excess poster boards or paper bags around the house and lay them behind the torn out pages to give the appearance of a frame.

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Three Ways To Decorate For Free With Household Items – Part 1

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Empty Bottles and Jars

If you’re in the mood to do a fabulous new home decorating project but you don’t want to break the bank, try one of these three projects. They all use items that are typically lying around the house. They are fun to do and make for a great lazy afternoon distraction from life’s hectic pace.   

Although glass is not a rarity or luxury, it is used much less frequently than in past. Have you ever picked up something under the impression that it is made of plastic, only to be surprised by the weight of it because it’s actually glass? It’s a pleasant surprise to discover that jars and bottles are still made of glass.

There are several types and all shapes and size. Liquor bottles are often unique and well designed. Some are even display-worthy without any additional treatment. Wine bottles are classically beautiful as well. Both wine and liquor bottles make for interesting holders for taper candles. Display in a group of five and use varying heights and shapes. Or, put one single long-stem flower in each of them.

Jars also provide a creative way to make the most of glass containers. The possibilities with jars are numerous, but one lovely option is to use them for small, fresh bouquets of flowers. Tie a ribbon or twine around the neck of the jar to pull the piece together. 

They’re also great for storing dry goods, using additional free items from around the house to personalize them. Find extra pieces of fabric that are leftover from sewing or textile projects and cut them to size. Lay one over the top of the jar and secure it with a rubber band. If you have several, buy a two tier-rack and line it with 6-8 jars full various items.

With each of these suggestions we recommend removing the labels of the bottles and jars so they look clean and simple. To do so, use nail polish remover. You can also use lighter fluid, but not on items you’re going to use for candles! Once the labels are removed you essentially have a clean canvas. Unless the label is interesting or pretty – then, leave it as is and let it be part of the end result.

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The Top 16 Best Home Decorating Items That You Can Always Find In a Thrift Store

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Thrift stores are famous for the variety and scope of their offerings. They are overflowing with randomness and bizarre little items that are sometimes hard to pass up. While this is certainly fun, it can prove a bit challenging when you’re hoping to truly rely on the thrift store in order to complete a home decorating project.

To keep your sanity during the process, we suggest only planning for items that have been proven over time to always be present in thrift stores. Purchase and make the best use of these, and then rely on standard retail for other items that are necessities.

If there’s anything time sensitive you need to buy, such as a matching set of dishes, you’ll find a standard store is the place with the least headache. If you simply need dishes for utilitarian purposes then you can rely on the thrift store. Make sense? Here’s our list of items that we’ve found to be present in thrift stores nearly all of the time.

  1. Book shelves
  2. Dressers
  3. Chairs
  4. Vases
  5. Picture/art frames
  6. Bed frames
  7. Mirrors
  8. Figurines
  9. Candle holders
  10. Miscellaneous accessories
  11. Tables
  12. Entertainment centers/Armoires
  13. Lamps
  14. Mismatched dishes
  15. Kitchenware
  16. Holiday décor

The key to making these easy-to-find items work well for you is to do one of two things. If you’re not a fixer-upper, crafty type, only buy items that look exactly as you’d like them to in your home. If you know you’ll never get around to a project, don’t buy something that needs your attention.

However, if you are a DIY type, you’ll want to make purchases based on how well an item can be transformed into the vision you have for it. Even if you’re a master of disguise when it comes to repurposing things, you’ll soon tire of thrift store finds if they become exceptionally difficult to manage. Stick with things that you can control easily and still enjoy when the project is done. Happy thrifting!

Creating an Eclectic Interior

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An eclectic style interior looks so easy, yet intriguing. It keeps the mind guessing while making the body feel comfortable within the environment. Many people desire to create an eclectic look, but fail because the look turns out messy and cluttered. This look can be easy to pull off by keeping a few ideas and concepts in mind.

Mesh proportions together using different styles of furnishings. Furniture and accessories carry a certain weight within a room. Meshing proportions means to group like sized items. Size is the common interest both pieces have in common, therefore allowing them go together.

Coordinate art and textiles within the space. By doing so the items become the color palette of the home. This style allows you freedom to display your collections. Anything vintage will fit in to this category: books, records, jars, boxes, plants – the list goes on and on. For example if you collect crystal perfume bottles, display them. If you only display the best, the clutter cannot take over and destroy the look you are working towards.

Textures play a major role when creating an eclectic decorating style. Textiles provide the softness that make guest feel at home while Items of various textures add interest to a space. Add texture by finding unique textures in different flooring, furniture and fabrics.

Most importantly remember to group furnishings together by combining likeness in weight. Don’t pair an oversize chair with a small, dainty accent table. The two items would look off balance sitting next to one another. If you have a chunky item, pair it with another chunky piece.

When designing eclectically, remember less is more. When in doubt take it out! If you have any questions about the best flooring to use for your space, please feel free to contact Dolphin Carpet or visit one of our showrooms.

6 Genius Ways To Create Drama With Your Décor — Part 3

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Part 3 – Textiles and Technology

Think rich

By rich we mean textures. When it comes to textiles in a dramatic room, luxurious fabrics are a must. They should also be used amply because they add warmth and depth to a space. Good choices are brocade curtains, antique quilts, chenille chairs, velvet settees, leather sofas, and so forth.

Look for ways to incorporate as many textiles as possible. The room will look far more elaborate if there numerous textures and designs. Try including pillows, tapestries, blankets, and ottomans. Another nifty way to accomplish this is with a thick luxurious carpet. High pile, real wool carpeting in a color such as plum would do wonders! Carpets are also available in patterns so you could take it up another notch with a dramatically patterned carpet.


The modern world revolves around technology and entertainment so including this consideration is way to make your dramatic space state of the art. When selecting electronics to include buy the best that you can afford. For example, mount an oversized television on the wall and cleverly disguise the cords so that is aesthetically pleasing. Increase the enjoyment factor of the television by installing a top-notch surround system.

If your dramatic space happens to be an office, purchase a high tech monitor that makes the space feel like an awesome “headquarters.” Again, big sound is dramatic so use excellent speakers with your computer. If you are adding drama to a kitchen, try including a futuristic home monitoring system. You can now buy systems that do everything from control exterior surveillance cameras to tell you the status of your preheating oven. There are even “smart refrigerators” that feature USB ports, built-in wi-fi connectivity, and an iOS app. Seriously? You bet! They really exist.

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The Positive Psychology of Color – Part 1: Dark Colors

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How to use color to convey in interior design

Have you ever thought about deciding the color scheme of your home based on the psychology of color? Certainly it’s perfectly fine to go with your favorite colors, but one of the great things about knowing how color affects the way people experience a space is that you can create an ideal setting.

This doesn’t mean you have to forego colors you love, but the meaning of color is so effective that it actually changes with the intensity of the color. For example, the color blue can be light, dark, bold, pastel, etc, and each of these is a little different. Selecting a certain shade allows you to create a very specific effect! Intrigued? Keep reading Part One – Dark Colors. Then check out our other blog posts that explain additional options!

Dark colors:

  • Amber – multi-cultural, mellow, abundant, original
  • Black – powerful, elegant, sophisticated, mysterious, bold, basic, classic, strong, expensive, magical, night, prestigious, stylish, modern
  • Brick Red – warm, earthy, established, strong
  • Charcoal Grey – reliable, responsible, accountable, conscientious, resolute, restrained, conservative, professional, classic, sophisticated, enduring, mature, business
  • Chocolate Brown – scrumptious, rich, robust, appetizing
  • Deep Blue – credible, authoritative, basic, conservative, classic, strong, reliable, traditional, service, nautical, loyal, confident, professional, clarity
  • Deep Purple – visionary, wealthy, royalty, prestigious, subdued
  • Dark Green – nature, trustworthy, refreshing, cool, restful, stately, mountains, hushed, woodsy traditional, reliable, money, prosperity
  • Foliage Green – natural, fertile, healthy, balance, life, growth, soothing, harmony, restful, restoration, lively, spring, renewal, lush
  • Teal – serene, cool, tasteful, sophisticated, confident
  • Vibrant Dark Orange – fun, whimsical, childlike, happy, glowing, sunset, hot, energizing, active, gregarious, good natured, spontaneous, optimistic, talkative, jovial, sociable, self-assured, persuasive, animated