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The Perfect Carpet

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Finding the perfect carpet can be a daunting task. There are so many textures and colors and patters and materials out there, it’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. But you have all of the knowledge you need to make the best decision already, based on your needs and your preferences. Just read on for some guidance and before you know it you will know what is best for you and your home!


A great first place to start is to think about what kind of needs you will have over time. If your family is larger and you foresee tipped juice cups and lots of running around causing wear and tear you will want to start with your first decision which is what type of rug would be best. Perhaps instead, you are single and want a carpet that might not hold up to wear and tear like other carpets, but doesn’t need to because of your lifestyle…you might have more options available.


Once you know what type of carpet you are looking for you can get to the fun part—what colors you will use in your new space! There are several things to keep in mind when choosing your colors. As with painting your walls, lighter colors will open up your room and create the optical illusion of more space. This is a great choice if you want to keep the tone of the design airy or if you are laying down your new carpet a room that is on the smaller side. Conversely, if you want to create a more intimate setting to your room or want a more cozy feel to your design, then you might choose from darker carpeting that will tie it all together. 


Finally, keep in mind that when your carpet is installed in your home, it will look different than it did when you purchased it in the store.  This is because the light in the store will not match the lighting in your home. It is a good idea to ask if you can bring a sample home to observe this change.  You can also take advantage of our Shop At Home program.


These are situations that the consultants at Dolphin Carpet & Tile are ready to help you overcome.  Armed with this knowledge, come on in to our store and we will help you find the carpet that’s right for you!

The Modern Bedroom

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Designing with the intention of creating a modern look to your bedroom is sometimes difficult to imagine, especially if this is your first foray into modern interior design. Don’t let this deter you—with the right guidance and your own inspiration you can breathe new life into your bedroom and make it a place worthy of more than just sleeping.  


There are many different ways you can create a modern statement in your bedroom and build out the rest of your design from this statement piece. For example, a large, structured, geographic chandelier can add drama to your bedroom and act as the centerpiece. Once the main focal point in the room has been decided upon, the rest of your design will follow. If your chandelier is made of glass and metal this might lead to a smattering of glass vases and metal bedroom furniture to accent.


Accent walls are another great way to give your design a jumping off point and there are several ways of doing this. You could try to create a modern look by using neutrals in a geometric fashion along the wall behind your bed. Alternatively you can try using little to no color in the rest of your room except for a “pop” of color, for example a vibrant chartreuse accent wall that matches a couple of throw pillows and your bedside lamp. If you aren’t feeling like paint is what inspires you try imagining a wall that is paneled with wood. This is a great way to bring both a modern and rustic look to your bedroom.


Floor choice is another important aspect of your room design.  Wood floors have a classic look and feel, but can easily fit into a modern design scheme.  A dark wood finish is a wonderful choice for a modern floor – for instance this hickory finish on Orchard Fields by Mohawk.  


The final touch to your modern inspired bedroom is to focus on soft lighting. You want to be able to relax in your bedroom.  Harsh lighting can not only ruin your design efforts, but strain your eyes or even make it difficult to fall asleep. What you choose for lighting will depend greatly on what type of statement piece you chose to base your room’s design off of. Look for lighting that uses soft, indirect light that can be adjusted based on your needs.


Using a focal point in your room and using that to inspire the rest of your room’s design is a great way to keep your design focused and edited, while still feeling inspired and fresh. 

Making Floor Selections Based on Proportion

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When making flooring selections keep in mind the proportion of the area you are selecting for. There is a certain scale in any space. Figure out what size your room is first. Is it large and vast? Or is it more intimate and cozy in scale?

Flooring patterns should be selected with care. Beware of selecting a large carpet pattern or large size tiles if the space is smaller. This can cause a room to feel overwhelming or lose the scale of the pattern. If you are unsure set a sample of the flooring in the room, step back and try to imagine it covering the floor. Leave it in the room for a day or two and see how you react to it.  In smaller areas it is important that the flooring isn’t too busy. Avoid intricate tile flooring and carpet patterns in a small space.

If you want to be creative with your tile design but don’t have a lot of room to work, consider selecting one size tile and create a design with just that size. You can place the tile on the diagonal. You can offset the tiles to create a more textured look.

Hardwood flooring can add warmth and comfort to a large area. When selecting hardwood consider using larger width planks for the larger scaled rooms and use smaller width planks for smaller spaces. Keep in mind you can also create a textured look by how you place your planks. You can place hardwood on the diagonal, offset the boards or create a chevron type of design. These are just a few ideas how to make your flooring more interesting.

A great way to visualize different flooring selections is by using our online Virtual Room Designer tool.  We even have a tool to upload your own photo in order to see how your room would look with various selections!  

Our Gallery

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How Do You Live?

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With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what type of flooring to choose for your home.  But understanding a little more about your daily living can make the choice much easier.  

Take a couple of minutes to find out “How I Live” by taking this quiz. Your answers to these questions will play a vital factor in your decision-making process regarding the color, design, and products that you will select for your project. 


Take our How I Live Quiz to see the best options for your home!

Making the Most of Small Bedrooms

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Bedrooms come in nearly every shape and size imaginable. And while most interior design ideas focus on large master bedroom suites that can incorporate separate seating areas, dressing rooms, and conversation areas, there are many homes that have much smaller bedrooms as well. And while these bedrooms are small, it doesn’t mean that their interior design or furniture layout should be overlooked. In fact, the right layout in a small space can have a major impact on the way that a room feels, so the right arrangement of furniture in a small bedroom can make the space feel even larger.

Make the Most of Your Floor

The right type of floor covering can change the feel of your room.  Worn carpet will close the space in a small bedroom quickly, drawing the eye down.  Light carpet or a wood floor brightens a small space and opens the room dramatically.   

Furniture Spacing

Furniture spacing is one of the most difficult things to consider in a small bedroom. After all, you usually have to fit in a bed, pair of night tables, and at least one dresser and some bedrooms may have even more furnishings included.

Ideally, there should be about 36-inches of space around three sides of your bed. This gives the best walking space through the room. If this isn’t possible, however, due to space constraints, aim for between 18 and 24-inches of space around the bed. This may influence where you place the bed, as well as the size of some of the other furnishings, such as dressers if they need to be placed nearby.

Don’t Clutter

Take a good look at each piece of furniture you intend to place in the bedroom, and ask yourself if you really need it. Things like jewelry chests or bookcases might be better off somewhere else to help open up the space in the bedroom to make it feel less cluttered.

Make Use of the Walls

If you can’t fit in things you truly want in the bedroom like storage or bookcases, consider looking up rather than down. By mounting some of your furniture on the wall, you don’t take up valuable floor space, and you can often increase the amount of storage space in the entire room at once. By hanging shelves above a dresser, for example, you can store extra items like sweaters or books, without having to take up any more room.