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A New New Years Eve

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Do you ever feel like the same old New Years Eve parties are getting a little old for you? Or perhaps you feel like you might be getting a little too old for them! There are plenty of fun and innovative ways to ring in the new year without having to go out to a traditional New Years Eve celebration. Some offer relaxation while others change it up for some fun, but whatever way you choose to celebrate, as long as you spend this time with loved ones you are sure to have a great beginning to the new year.


One alternative to the ‘same old’ is to go camping. It might be cold outside where you are, but camping is a great healthy alternative to kick off the new year. Perhaps you can get a jump start on that weight loss you are hoping to begin! If it’s too cold where you are consider renting an old wood cabin. Invite everyone to stay the night as you sit by the fire, roasting marshmallows and reminiscing about the past year with each other. 


Was this past year full of stress for you? Are you looking to bring in the new year with something a little more relaxing? Consider inviting all of your close friends over for a spa night! You can shop around at your local spas to see what do-it-yourself spa products you can prepare with ahead of time. Gather some healthy snack and drink options together and relax with your friends as you start the new year in the right state of mind.


A great way to avoid the craziness that tends to accompany New Years Eve is to stay in. Whether it be with your family, friends, a significant other or just yourself, be sure to stock your pantry with your favorite snacks and drinks and cozy up under a blanket while watching a couple of movies. If you have enough people you could even throw together a few fun rounds of board games together. Either way, you can avoid the hassle of leaving your home and relax.


Traditional methods of celebrating New Years Eve can be fun, but it might also be fun to break that tradition and try out something new for the festive holiday. As long as you are with loved ones it is sure to be a beautiful start to your new year.

Bring The Indoors Outside

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Do you wish to make your outdoor space into a comfortable livable place to entertain or relax? If you are considering furnishing your outdoor space, remember that the exterior style should compliment the interior and architectural styles.

When shopping for outdoor furniture and accessories, look for characteristics that are similar to your interior furnishings. It can be helpful to take a picture of the interior when you go shopping for your exterior. A picture of the exterior can also come in handy because you don’t have to rely solely on memory.


Try and keep your outdoors consistent with your indoor, not only in terms of design and overall look, but also where furniture and furnishings are concerned. If it is a major outdoor project, set some amount aside for quality furniture. Outdoor furniture looks similar indoor furniture, but is far more resistant to the elements it might be exposed to.

If you have an abundance of space, feel free to spread out. Areas can be separated for individual uses. For example one open flat area can be used for games, such as Horseshoes. A concrete slab near the entrance can be a great and stable place for a BBQ grill, dinning table and chairs. Maybe off to the side are two trees that are perfect for tying a hammock up.

Color schemes for outdoor furniture can be a bit more fun and vibrant; compared to subtle interior themes. Outdoor spaces are meant to be fun and casual. Have fun during the selection process. A cheerful outdoor space is perfect for weekend life. Go for it and really let down your hair. You won’t regret it!