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Choosing the right flooring for your home gym

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Looking to furnish your home gym with just the right flooring?

Having home gym can be a great way to save time & money – it’s always open when you want it to be, and it’s a space to work on your fitness in private.

If you’re considering designing a home gym of your own, or simply looking to spruce up your current gym with new flooring, then you’ll want to choose floors that are just the right combination of safe and functional.

There are many options for gym floors, each with pros and cons.  You can tile a gym floor, put down industrial carpet, or even lay hardwood.  Your decision should be based on your space, the type of equipment you use, and how you want your space to fit into the overall design of your home.

Before you make a decision, consider the safety, durability, functionality & maintenance of different gym flooring options so you don’t have to take a leap of faith with your decision.


When you think about safety, consider the types of exercises are you going to be doing, how experienced you are, and the type of equipment that will be going into your space.

Carpet is one option. A rubber-soled cross-trainer shoe will have a sufficient amount of traction on a carpet surface, greatly lowering your chances of a tumble. Furthermore, the natural cushion of carpeting provides just enough of a barrier between your equipment and the ground to prevent damage.

Be sure to choose a carpet with a lower pile – too much cushion could also result in injury. Commercial or industrial carpet would be your best bet.

There are various hard surface flooring types that we also recommend. Hardwood, laminate & luxury vinyl all  offers a bit of give and can be easier to keep clean. They also feature an attractive, inviting look. You can pair wood flooring with rubber-soled rugs & mats that will grip the floor and give certain areas in your home gym a bit more cushion.


When considering the durability factor, you have options.

Carpeting provides just enough give in case a piece of heavy equipment is dropped, making it a solid choice. Tile, though durable as well, is also hard and rigid. One slip can cause a serious crack in the flooring, it may not be suited for spaces where you’ll be doing heavier weight training.

Typically your best option is a type of flooring that holds up to lots of movement and deals well with stains. A carpet with a thicker yarn construction will be able to hold up against the pounding and accumulation of sweat that’s inevitable when you’re getting your fitness on! You can also choose from a variety of luxury vinyl tile and laminate options that are designed specifically to resist stains of all kinds!

Both vinyl & laminate flooring are available in attractive wood looks that will give your home gym the warm and welcoming vibe you need to get motivated to sweat!


Whether your exercise routine consists of cardio, weight training or calisthenics, you need to consider the functionality of your flooring. Carpet, unlike tile, is inviting. If your program requires you to get down onto the floor it has just enough cushion and support to provide some comfort.

Traditional ceramic can be cold, it is most certainly hard, and is generally much less inviting. A gym space should be a welcoming space to encourage you to work out often. Instead, opt for a softer laminate or luxury vinyl tile in the warm look of natural stone or hardwood.

You may also see real hardwood in your fitness center for aerobics classes, but this type of surface tends to wear easily and could require a special sub-flooring for safety, which adds to your overall cost.


After you have made your choice in flooring, maintaining the cleanliness will ensure an enjoyable fitness space.

To keep bacteria buildup to a minimum, start with a quality dust mop & vacuum cleaner. Weekly cleaning will stave off the accumulation of dust, especially if your routine includes exercises performed on the floor. Be sure to address the nooks and crannies in and around gym equipment as these hard to reach areas tend to accumulate the most amount of dust.

If you go with carpet, shampooing is a less frequent but equally important option. This will also keep any unwanted smells and stains from taking away from the overall experience of working out at home.


When it comes to furnishing your home gym, a carpet with a very short pile is definitely our top recommendation flooring for you. It is safe, durable, functional and relatively easy to maintain. If you’d prefer a hard surface, try a laminate, vinyl or hardwood paired with mats & rugs throughout the room. We carry all types of carpet, hardwood & area rug options to suit your fitness needs!

A New New Years Eve

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Do you ever feel like the same old New Years Eve parties are getting a little old for you? Or perhaps you feel like you might be getting a little too old for them! There are plenty of fun and innovative ways to ring in the new year without having to go out to a traditional New Years Eve celebration. Some offer relaxation while others change it up for some fun, but whatever way you choose to celebrate, as long as you spend this time with loved ones you are sure to have a great beginning to the new year.


One alternative to the ‘same old’ is to go camping. It might be cold outside where you are, but camping is a great healthy alternative to kick off the new year. Perhaps you can get a jump start on that weight loss you are hoping to begin! If it’s too cold where you are consider renting an old wood cabin. Invite everyone to stay the night as you sit by the fire, roasting marshmallows and reminiscing about the past year with each other. 


Was this past year full of stress for you? Are you looking to bring in the new year with something a little more relaxing? Consider inviting all of your close friends over for a spa night! You can shop around at your local spas to see what do-it-yourself spa products you can prepare with ahead of time. Gather some healthy snack and drink options together and relax with your friends as you start the new year in the right state of mind.


A great way to avoid the craziness that tends to accompany New Years Eve is to stay in. Whether it be with your family, friends, a significant other or just yourself, be sure to stock your pantry with your favorite snacks and drinks and cozy up under a blanket while watching a couple of movies. If you have enough people you could even throw together a few fun rounds of board games together. Either way, you can avoid the hassle of leaving your home and relax.


Traditional methods of celebrating New Years Eve can be fun, but it might also be fun to break that tradition and try out something new for the festive holiday. As long as you are with loved ones it is sure to be a beautiful start to your new year.

Using Pumpkins in Your Thanksgiving Décor

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It is a popular custom to carry the pumpkins from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Find out more creative ways to incorporate the orange gourd into your holiday decorations. They are not just for doorsteps anymore! The pumpkin is making its way onto the table; not only as food but for serving and as table décor.

Hollow out pumpkins and use them to hold dip. Make sure you clean the inside well. The pumpkin will work for any dip; they work best containing pumpkin flavored items. If you do not want the pumpkin flavor to sink in, find a circular, clear container that will fit into the hollow in the pumpkin.

You can also use a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vase to display on the holiday dinner table. Hollow out the pumpkin and insert a large can or a cylindrical container that will keep the flowers standing upright. You can make one large arrangement for the center of the table and use the tiny pumpkins as place cards. Simply write guests name on the smaller pumpkin with a sharpie and place in front of the plate. If you do not fancy your handwriting you can use sticker decals, used for scrapbooking.

Baby pumpkins are actually quite versatile. Use them to hold tapered candles on your dinner table. Place the base of the candle on top of the pumpkin and trace a circle onto the pumpkin. Cut out the hole and make sure there is enough room to insert the candle into the top. Include small branches and other foliage to create a firm hold. Place around your table and light the candles during Thanksgiving dinner.

Smaller pumpkins can also be used as a filler. Hurricanes lanterns that are normally used to shield candles from the wind can be filled with the small pumpkins and placed around the table. These filled hurricane lanterns can be placed anywhere in the home.  Outdoors surrounding the front door creates a lovely welcome for guests.

Don’t leave out this popular gourd during the Thanksgiving season.  Halloween shouldn’t get all of the great decorations!

Three Ways To Decorate For Free With Household Items – Part 3

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In our final installment we share with you one of the most entertaining ways to accomplish the goal of cost-free home improvement. This is just plain fun! 

Leftover paint

It’s common to keep the paint that is leftover after a home décor project. It’s usually for purposes of touch-up when someone dings the wall accidentally. But touch-ups require a miniscule amount of the leftover paint. Rather than waste the rest, use it to create a new color. You’ll feel like you’re back in kindergarten! Gather the paint leftovers from around the house, and grab a few stir sticks and a hammer.

Set up a secure workspace where a paint spill won’t be a problem. Use small plastic cups to mix small amounts of each color in varying proportions. Avoid large cups because they will require you to mix a lot of paint while you’re experimenting and you don’t want to waste it all during your mix experiment. Start small and add or subtract as necessary.

If you love the idea of this project, but feel rather uncertain about the science of color, plan ahead by doing a bit of internet research on color. You can also pick up a color wheel at the local craft store and reference it to see how color combinations typically turn out.

If, after some effort, you create a new color you love, it’s time to mix the big batch. Pour the ingredients into one of the large paints cans and mix vigorously with the stir stick. Determine if you need to make any slight adjustments. If not, hammer the lid down and give the can a massive shake. Voila! A whole new paint color. Use it on walls if you need to cover a small space like a recessed cut out. Better yet, use it for accessories like picture frames or wooden boxes. 

3 Ways To Keep Children Entertained At a Wedding

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Children are a wonderful presence at a wedding because they bring with them an aura of youth and an appreciation for things that are festive and imaginative. And, who doesn’t love the timeless tradition of the ring bearer and the flower girl? Adorable! However, children can also be a tough crowd to please. Many of the ceremonial aspects of a wedding will be a big bore to them. To ensure that everyone is happy (the kids are having fun and the adults aren’t stressed by their presence,) offer lots of enjoyable activities to keep the children busy.

  1. Love Glow station – If you’re hosting an evening wedding, create a neon glow stick station. Set it up on a table short enough that the little kids can reach. Fill glass jars with un-activated glow sticks. You can find these at a party supply store of through a wholesale party supplier. Include a jar of the fasteners used to hook them together. Place a chalkboard on the table that read “Let Love Glow” in neon chalk colors.
  2. Order custom made puzzles with your engagement photo on them. When there is a time during your wedding day that the kids need to be especially quiet and well behaved, give them the puzzles to complete. Give out prizes to whoever does the puzzle the quietest, finishes first, etc.
  3. Rely on “old reliables.” When it’s not appropriate for the children to be freely roaming the festivities escort them to a game station. The station includes an assortment of classic board games, and tables and chairs. Make sure the tables and chairs are low and small enough for the kids to be able to comfortably play the games. 

Affordable Home Remodel Ideas: 3 Ways To Make Extra Money As a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Are you a stay at home Mom with a burning desire to re-imagine and redesign your home? If so, there’s a good chance your might also be a woman who is smart about budgeting. This allows you to continue to raise your children on a single income. While it may seem like you have to sacrifice goals such as a new bathroom or remodeled kitchen, it’s actually possible to do a few extra things to bring in some money from home!

Here are three of our favorite suggestions for making it happen:

  • Hook up with Amazon by way of a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. It typically requires little more than a laptop computer and the ability to jump on opportunities as soon as they’re posted. This would be easy if you set aside a few hours of down time each day, maybe while the kids are napping, and wait for offers to pop up. The assignments are simple, basic tasks that aren’t likely to zap the energy you need to run your household.
  • If straight forward money isn’t necessary and you’re willing to work for gift cards try out free gift card promotions. There are companies that will send you gift cards just for signing up. The only limitation usually requires that you make a purchase with them within a predetermined time frame such as 60 days. Ebates is a popular company for this opportunity. What could be better than the equivalent of feeling like it’s your birthday all the time?!
  • The Airbnb concept that recently took off like wildfire has created a profitable dynamic between travelers and home owners. If you own instead of rent, that’s you! With space to rent out there is an opportunity for you to add significant income to your budget, because people are participating in this in droves. Homeowners are making a pretty penny by renting out either a room or their whole house, and travelers are loving the hominess and comfort of staying in an actual dwelling as opposed to a hotel. One point of caution: There’s a smart way to go about it and fail prone way to go about it. Make sure to do your research on how to best handle an Airbnb arrangement. 

Creating a Neutral Nursery

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It has become popular to find out the sex of your baby at the time of delivery. This really is the best surprise in a parent’s life. Not finding out the sex of your baby can make it a little more difficult to prepare for baby’s arrival. Alleviate some of that difficulty by making a gender neutral nursery.

Start by selecting a theme. Nature themes are great. You can choose a theme straight from the outdoors. For example, forest or jungle themes are exciting. Beach or ocean themed nurseries are calming. Space and celestial themes spark imagination.

Non-traditional themes can be appealing and educational. For example a travel themed nursery can incorporate maps on the wall. Alphabet themes use different sizes and fonts of lettering around the room. Showcase the child’s name in an alphabetical theme. If you prefer you can go the geometric route. Use interesting patterns and textures, while basing the nursery around your chosen color pallet. Theme-based rooms tend to be very colorful.

 For a more simplistic nursery, concentrate on the colors rather than a theme. Select gender neutral colors like grey or beige paired with white. You can add pops of color later after the baby is born.

For a bolder look, select a navy blue and beige, and then add the gender-neutral color later. Navy and pink is exciting for a girl. Navy and green or navy and yellow are very suitable for a boy. Looking for a bright color palette, consider using turquoise, blue or green as the main color. All of these colors are gender neutral. Be careful using yellows and oranges. These two colors can be overwhelming, use them sparingly. Yellows and oranges are great as accent colors, but avoid painting the walls with too much of either.

Don’t forget to add exciting textures to your nursery. Texture provide sensory stimulation to your little one. Corduroy is great for upholstery. Soft carpeting and a shaggy rug add warmth and comfort to the floor.

Whatever you decide, we here at Dolphin Carpet wish you many good times with your new family member!

8 Ways To Look Classy Wearing a Sheer Shirt

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Sheer clothing is beautiful due to its light and breezy drape. It’s also very comfortable wear because it is soft and it breathes. It can be quite challenging though because one must be careful to keep it looking classy. Although it’s see-through, the trick is to wear other separates that prevent it from being to revealing.

Sure, you can try the most common cure which is a basic cami underneath. But sheer shirts are way too chic to have only one option for a way to wear them! You’d be surprised just how versatile they actually are when you mix them in unexpected ways. Try these ideas! 

  1. Long sheer off-white blouse with micro dots, under an oatmeal colored loose sweater with ½ length sleeves, distressed skinny jeans, nude pointy toe pumps, animal print bag, gold bangle bracelets.
  2. Short sleeved tan lace shell, black wide bandeau, high waisted cropped black dress pants, sandal mules.
  3. Cropped black cami, underneath sheer black button up blouse, tucked into faded black skinny jeans, black blazer, pointy toe black ankle boots, black leather bag.
  4. Long sleeve white lace peasant blouse tucked into white palazzo pants, black strapless bustier underneath, black strappy sandals, burgundy bag.
  5. Sheer black blouse with tan polka dots and sleeves rolled above the elbow, black denim shorts with cuff, tan cami, extra skinny cheetah print belt, brown leather bag, basic t-strap black sandals.
  6. Sheer navy blouse with ¾ length sleeves, tucked into rust colored straight leg pants cuffed to the ankle, navy blue midi tank, nude pumps, gold watch and bracelets on both wrists.
  7. Sheer black short sleeved blouse with asymmetrical hem skewed to one side, with black and white mini tank dress underneath, long gold necklace with large geometric pendant, red flats.
  8. Cropped black lace blouse with elbow length sleeves and boat neck, over top white button shirt buttoned to the top and left un-tucked, back flare leg jeans, black and white pointy toe kitten heels.  

Designing the Perfect Laundry Room

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If you are building, remodeling or sprucing up your laundry room, there are a few items  you should consider. Having an organized laundry area can make your life much easier. Do yourself a favor and create an orderly laundry area. Make this chore pleasant by taking pride in the neat appearance of your newly organized space each time you see it.

A soaking utility sink in or near this area is a wonderful addition. The best way to remove stains often includes treating the area and soaking in water. A nice, deep utility sink will give you the ability to better treat stains and also give you the ability to hand wash delicate items.

A dedicated place to fold clothes helps to encourage immediate folding and keeps the clean clothes off of your bed! If you have a place to fold, the laundry is more likely to get done and put away. It is also great to have an ironing board near this location. Space to fold and organize near an ironing board will make it easier to get this task done, as soon as the clothing is dry. For easy access and clearance, opt for an ironing board that folds up and out of the way.

Purchase a durable drying rack or you can be creative and make one yourself.  Create a rack by suspending an old wooden ladder, or install a collapsible wooden rack on the wall. This is a must have item, used for hanging clothing that is being stain treated or too delicate for the dryer.

Most laundry rooms come equipped with some sort of floor that can withstand water. This is wonderful for the space but not as nice for your body while standing for the folding of laundry.  Do your body a favor and place a nice memory foam rug or runner in this space. You will get more done if you can stand more comfortably. 

If you have any questions about the type of flooring to use in your laundry space, feel free to ask us at Dolphin Carpet or visit one of our showrooms!

Creating an Eclectic Interior

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An eclectic style interior looks so easy, yet intriguing. It keeps the mind guessing while making the body feel comfortable within the environment. Many people desire to create an eclectic look, but fail because the look turns out messy and cluttered. This look can be easy to pull off by keeping a few ideas and concepts in mind.

Mesh proportions together using different styles of furnishings. Furniture and accessories carry a certain weight within a room. Meshing proportions means to group like sized items. Size is the common interest both pieces have in common, therefore allowing them go together.

Coordinate art and textiles within the space. By doing so the items become the color palette of the home. This style allows you freedom to display your collections. Anything vintage will fit in to this category: books, records, jars, boxes, plants – the list goes on and on. For example if you collect crystal perfume bottles, display them. If you only display the best, the clutter cannot take over and destroy the look you are working towards.

Textures play a major role when creating an eclectic decorating style. Textiles provide the softness that make guest feel at home while Items of various textures add interest to a space. Add texture by finding unique textures in different flooring, furniture and fabrics.

Most importantly remember to group furnishings together by combining likeness in weight. Don’t pair an oversize chair with a small, dainty accent table. The two items would look off balance sitting next to one another. If you have a chunky item, pair it with another chunky piece.

When designing eclectically, remember less is more. When in doubt take it out! If you have any questions about the best flooring to use for your space, please feel free to contact Dolphin Carpet or visit one of our showrooms.