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Stone and Ceramic Floors

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With the vast array of tile options available to you when you are deciding on what type you want to install in your home, the choice can seem overwhelming. However, once you understand the basics of types of tile, you will find it is much easier to narrow down your choices to just a few that you want to investigate further in store.  Below are a few fundamentals.


Ceramic tile is manufactured from clay and comes in two varieties—traditional ceramic and porcelain ceramic. Traditional ceramic is made from white, red, and brown clay. Porcelain ceramic is also made of this clay but about half of the mixture is comprised of a white mineral called feldspar. It is a type of crystal that, when introduced to a mixture of clay before the kiln-drying process, melts the materials. You have plenty of glazing options for both types of ceramic tile and glaze can be useful, not only as a decision for your design, but also as a guard against scratching, staining and water absorption.


There are plenty of natural stone options available on the market as well and each has qualities that better qualify it for certain types of rooms. For example, granite is a good choice for kitchens and high traffic areas because of its durability. Once installed, granite will be highly scratch resistant and also able to withstand the wear and tear of a floor that sees a lot of foot trafficl. On the other hand, a natural stone like marble is going to have rich and beautiful vein detailing. Marble is very porous though, and so it does not serve as a practical flooring option for somewhere like the kitchen unless you are willing to put in the maintenance work necessary to keep it properly sealed.


Finally, you have the more exotic stone flooring such as travertine. Travertine is a type of limestone and this can offer your space a beautiful light look with its crystallized, earthy appearance.


Always be sure to inquire if the type of stone you purchase requires special maintenance and that it fits the environment in which it is to be installed. This way you match your needs with the right type of stone for the perfect floor for your home.  Representatives at Dolphin Carpet are always happy to answer any questions you may have about natural stone options or any floor covering!  Visit us, either at our showrooms or online!

Our Gallery

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Making Your House A Home

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13122566_SSome homes speak to us by saying “hello” and welcoming us with open arms.  What characteristics do these homes have that makes us feel welcome, comforted, and happy?

Below are three simple changes you can do to bring out your personality in your own home to make it feel just right!

  • Colors:  Paint your walls, install new carpet, add decorative pillows, or hang new curtains. A color scheme is very important and should flow throughout your home. If you are uncertain how to coordinate your colors, you could purchase a color wheel for guidance. This tool can be a very helpful resource.
  • Finishes: Flooring can be the first and easiest fix to change any room or an entire house. New carpet, wood, or tile is a quick fix and you will literally get miles of enjoyment for years to come.
  • Textures: Replacing tile on a fireplace can change the aesthetic of the whole room. For added texture use river rock or stone. Don’t be afraid to install tile and wood side by side on your floors; this looks great in the right space, as long as there is a “cut off” between the two rooms.

There is “no place like home” what are you waiting for?

Flooring Options for Around the Fireplace

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If you have a wood burning fireplace, wood stove, or a gas fireplace that puts out strong heat, you’ll want to protect your wood floors with a heat proof or resistant hearth. If your fireplace is not set right on the floor, but higher up you may be okay with having carpet or wood right up to the wall. The point of the hearth is to provide a safe surface in case of embers, sparks or hot ash leaving the firebox and hitting the floor.

This lovely stone and wood floor is a nice example of incorporating the hearth material into the rest of the room’s style. Natural stone blends into the warm wood. The stone’s pattern is a nice complement to the wood grain. A thin border piece separates the two elements and creates a frame around the tiles. The small mosaic square in the corners is a nice design detail that makes the design feel well thought out and special.

Other materials besides stone that are typically used around a wood stove or fireplace are marble and tile. In some Craftsman style homes the original Arts & Crafts tile can still be found on both the hearth and fireplace surround. Brick is also typically used in both the firebox and on the hearth because it resists heat.

If your hearth or surround are stained with smoke and ash, they can be cleaned with a little bit of elbow grease to remove the black soot. Decorate the hearth with a beautiful box or basket for firewood to draw attention to the hearth and fireplace.

Creating your own Fountain

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Many people would like to add a water feature to their yards but aren’t sure where to start. Do those pre-designed fountains seem a little too big, small, too traditional or modern or just not right for you? How about taking a chance and building your own unique water feature?

If you’re handy, grab some books and start making plans. If you’re not, there are landscape contractors who specialize in water features. Think about what you want. Do you hope for a dramatic fountain? Would you like more of a waterfall effect just off your patio? Maybe you just want a little burbling place to splash your hand in on hot days.

Once you decide, consider style. Would you like something that looks like it has been there forever? You might find stone tiles that give that feeling. How about a contemporary waterfall like the one in the photo? There are plenty of drops to help the water splash and make noise, and the natural-toned tiles help blend the piece with its surroundings. Maybe you’d like a south-of-the-border look with hand painted tiles in rows along the edge.

Whatever your taste and style, take a look at the options at our showroom. Our salespeople can point out the tiles and stone choices that can best handle outdoor living and lots of water.

Do you want to add the magic feeling that water gives an outdoor space? With the right choice, you can make your yard a special place to linger and enjoy.

Tile Flooring About both Layout and Tile Choice

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What do these two photos have in common? Believe it or not, the floors have the exact same layout. On the left, the photo shows what appears to be a bathroom’s tile floor. The three shades of blue add a bit of interest without overpowering what is normally a relatively small space.

On the right, this photo of the entryway to a 19th century Paris home uses the same tile layout in a dramatically different way. The juxtaposition of the light and dark tiles adds just the right accent to a room rich in detail.

It’s easy to say the drama comes from the wrought iron gates and the beautiful staircase, but if you imagine that floor as solid stone it’s quickly clear that the flooring is the piece that links everything together.

Chances are this floor is stone. The depth of color and its survival for well over a century with limited damage suggests stone. It’s also likely because the walls and staircase are stone.

Would you like to create a room in your home with the same sense of timelessness as this one? A good start is recreating flooring that reflects the quiet appeal shown here. You may not be able to reproduce the amazing iron work and you may not have room for a staircase that flows into a room the way this one does, but by adding in a floor like this you are on your way to producing some of the mood and magic of this Paris space. Why not take a chance and have a bit of old-world France in your own home?

The First Flooring

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Sometimes a book can make you take a second look at an everyday idea or product. This is certainly the case with At Home, a new book by Bill Bryson. It focuses on things we take for granted in our homes and discusses how they developed over time.

This month all the newest in flooring will be shown at Surfaces, the largest flooring event in the U.S., so now is a good time to consider the start of flooring and the progress we’ve made.

Initially, homes were constructed to protect people from the elements. Not only were style and design unimportant, so was something as basic as comfort. Floors were simply the dirt a home was built upon, generally packed down.

Over time, wealthier people in England and other parts of Europe added layers of rushes over the dirt to keep down the dust and make the ground softer and warmer to walk on. These rushes were replenished about twice a year generally. However, don’t picture nice clean green grass or dry hay underfoot. People generally didn’t remove the old rushes; simply placing new rushes on top. This meant that floors were deep, natural havens for insects as well as worse options such as mice and rats.

Eventually wood, stone and tile replaced this practice, but choices were limited to what was available locally. Carpets, which often came from far away or were woven at home, were so valuable that they were hung on the walls or placed on tables. Certainly no one expected to walk on one.

It’s worthwhile to think of the challenges homeowners had in the past the next time you come into our showroom. You have an amazing selection of a variety of flooring materials gathered from across the world. Instead of picking up rushes, you can pick from our samples, and we will remove the old flooring before installing your new choice. And our rugs are meant for your feet, and are priced accordingly.

Care Tips

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Everyone needs Care Tips regarding their flooring. Our website features a page focusing on only care tips for carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate and stone care and maintenance. Under the “Services” tab at the top of the page, click on “Care Tips”, this will direct you to the right page.

The following tips are listed for each product:

  • Carpet- color selection, spot removal, vacuum regularly, preventative maintenance and cleaning recommendations.
  • Tile- what to do and what not to do.
  • Hardwood- routine maintenance, protecting, repairing and what not to do.
  • Laminate- routine maintenance, protecting, repairing and what not to do.
  • Stone- how to clean, maintain and seal.

We hope you find this tool useful ad refer to it whenever you are curious about how to care for your flooring!