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Design Styles

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  It’s hard to explain your style when you don’t have the vocabulary to properly identify it to others when asking for advice. This article helps to explain exactly what a few of these styles are, and what makes them each unique. It may just come in handy when remodeling or shopping for furniture to help explain what you are looking for when you ask an associate or designer. 

The foremost identifier for urban chic is a contemporary design. You will want to make sure that all of the lines in your space are clean and crisp. It will have an air of modern sophistication, employing black, white and otherwise neutral color palettes. Furniture and living room accessories such as lamps will be made of sleek materials using metal accents or perhaps glass. Combining these elements will create an urban chic environment.

Perhaps instead you prefer a more rustic look. Our Rustic Reflections design aesthetic is focused on natural materials. It’s all about bringing the wilderness into your home. If this speaks to you, you’ll want to be sure to use lots of natural stone, wood and colors you would might come across in the great outdoors. This look is great for someone who wants to feel at home but only seems to feel that way when they are on a hike or exploring outside. 

 There is another natural look but it is completely different from it’s woodsy counterpart—that would be Seaside Simplicity. This design concept would bring the beach to your house, and is guided by the colors of the beachfront and sea. You’ll want to think light and airy, and use natural elements in key places. Beach houses are casual places but to keep it from getting too informal you’ll want to also evoke a sense of refinement—it should feel casual but look refined. 


These are just a few of our design inspiration concepts.  Check back soon more in this series but in the meantime go to our website and check out the pictures and design inspiration yourself!  Feel free to stop by Dolphin Carpet any time if you have questions.

Quick Guide: How to Wear Slip-On Sneakers

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Slip-on sneakers are often over looked because we associate them with childhood. It’s natural to file them away in our minds as shoes we left behind with skateboarding and skipping rope at school. These days, though, they are part of a lot of women’s basic go-to wardrobe. The most obvious reason is that they are about as easy and comfortable as it gets. They’ve also come into popularity because the canvas can be printed in just as many colors and patterns as a high heel. The fact that they’re slip-on makes it possible to make them look chic, whereas a sneaker with laces wouldn’t necessarily translate quite as well. Ready to sport absurdly easy and stylish footwear? Try these ideas for outfits! 

  1. Leopard print slip-on sneakers, jet black distressed skinny jeans, basic black v-neck t-shirt, off-white military style blazer.
  2. Black slip-on sneakers, black/white/grey short sleeved sweater dress, black bag.
  3. Black slip-on sneakers, short black skirt, white basic sweatshirt, multi-colored flannel shirt tied around waist, black leather bag.
  4. Leopard print slip-on sneakers, dressy black shorts, red t-shirt, casual black blazer.
  5. Zebra print slip-on sneakers, black skinny jeans, white button up shirt with shirt tails showing from underneath a basic grey sweatshirt, classic denim jacket, black/red/blue/white knit scarf.
  6. Leopard print slip-on sneakers, black leggings, with dark red, oversized, slouchy, lightweight long sleeved shirt.
  7. Light blue slip on sneakers, extra dark denim leggings, white graphic t-shirt, blue scarf, blue and white striped blazer, brown leather bag.
  8. Red/blue plaid slip on sneakers, long blue chambray denim shirt dress with sleeves rolled just below the elbows, chunky necklace, watch, bracelet, Panama hat.
  9.  Black leather slip on sneakers, jet black a-lie short skirt, cream colored sweatshirt with black graphic print, black watch.
  10. Leopard print slip on sneakers, high waisted skirt with zipper detail, basic scoop neck tank top, embellished black leather bag. 

8 Ways To Look Classy Wearing a Sheer Shirt

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Sheer clothing is beautiful due to its light and breezy drape. It’s also very comfortable wear because it is soft and it breathes. It can be quite challenging though because one must be careful to keep it looking classy. Although it’s see-through, the trick is to wear other separates that prevent it from being to revealing.

Sure, you can try the most common cure which is a basic cami underneath. But sheer shirts are way too chic to have only one option for a way to wear them! You’d be surprised just how versatile they actually are when you mix them in unexpected ways. Try these ideas! 

  1. Long sheer off-white blouse with micro dots, under an oatmeal colored loose sweater with ½ length sleeves, distressed skinny jeans, nude pointy toe pumps, animal print bag, gold bangle bracelets.
  2. Short sleeved tan lace shell, black wide bandeau, high waisted cropped black dress pants, sandal mules.
  3. Cropped black cami, underneath sheer black button up blouse, tucked into faded black skinny jeans, black blazer, pointy toe black ankle boots, black leather bag.
  4. Long sleeve white lace peasant blouse tucked into white palazzo pants, black strapless bustier underneath, black strappy sandals, burgundy bag.
  5. Sheer black blouse with tan polka dots and sleeves rolled above the elbow, black denim shorts with cuff, tan cami, extra skinny cheetah print belt, brown leather bag, basic t-strap black sandals.
  6. Sheer navy blouse with ¾ length sleeves, tucked into rust colored straight leg pants cuffed to the ankle, navy blue midi tank, nude pumps, gold watch and bracelets on both wrists.
  7. Sheer black short sleeved blouse with asymmetrical hem skewed to one side, with black and white mini tank dress underneath, long gold necklace with large geometric pendant, red flats.
  8. Cropped black lace blouse with elbow length sleeves and boat neck, over top white button shirt buttoned to the top and left un-tucked, back flare leg jeans, black and white pointy toe kitten heels.  

Discover Your Style!

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Our “Discover Your Style” application is a great way to narrow down your tastes if you aren’t quite sure what look you are most fond of. The best way to use this tool is to be absolutely honest with yourself. If you can’t decide between two that you like the look of you probably still saw one and liked it on first instinct. Stick with this choice because there will be 10 questions that together give you a better idea of your design style.


Remember to have fun while making your choices and no answer is a wrong answer. You may find you have a more modern taste for your living room but when choosing your bedroom you might like something with a little bit more warmth and texture. Once you have answered all ten questions you will be brought to your results page where the tool will break down your style preferences across five types.


Those five types are Urban Chic, Italian Impressions, Rustic Reflections, Seaside Simplicity and Stately Elegance. These five design styles are the most common themes seen in decorating. If you chose any of these styles during the quiz you will be shown a breakdown by percentage of which ones you chose and at what percentage rate each style is representative of your own style.


Additionally, below the “What I Like Results” you will also be given a description of the style you chose the most so that you can get a better understanding of the look you like. It also includes historical information on how this style has evolved and grown over the years so that you can see where it came from and maybe even try and play with different eras of the style as you being to design your space.


Now that you have a better idea of what your style is, take that information and come in to visit us at Dolphin Carpet and Tile so that we can help you make your design dreams a reality! Or you can visit our webpage to browse our inventory. Whatever your design needs, we are here to help.

Improvising with Design

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A cardboard dressing table is probably not something most of us have in our homes. This picture illustrates what many of us do when we don’t have just the right piece of furniture or lighting for the space: we improvise. Now, we’re not saying go out to the garage and gather the cardboard boxes to make a table. Instead, think outside the box to come up with solutions for your decorating dilemmas.

Reinventing and renovating what we already have can save the piggy bank. Paint can perform miracles on not only furniture but fabric and even area rugs. Solid colored area rugs can be painted with textile paint with the hottest patterns and designs. Plain curtains can be transformed into the latest style with a little creativity and inexpensive trim. Nicked and scratched furniture can be given another life with a few coats of paint or stain.

If you do have to use a cardboard box as a table base as you save up for a real table, be creative. Cover it with a few yards of pretty fabric, a table cloth or even a sheet. Add trim and an inexpensive wood top to make it look like stylish. This can be done with an old door and a sawhorse—voila! A new table.

Shop your own house for pieces that might work to solve your design problem before you hit the stores. With a little creativity you might be surprised at what you can find and create within your own home.

Creating Outdoor Magic

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What makes this outdoor space feel so magical? Of course, the view helps, but there’s more to this look than that.

First, take a look at how the lighting defines the space. The light above the dining table provides more than illumination. Its design creates a montage of reflections on the ceiling of the patio cover.

The flooring also defines the space, both in terms of outlining the room and setting a style. By using a variety of stone types in a rectangular pattern, it feels as if the room has a well-designed rug underfoot. Stone choices and styling elevate the space beyond the normal and add style.

The furniture, while able to handle the outdoor environment, doesn’t look much different than indoor furnishings. The exceptional variety of fabrics and cushioning materials that can handle the weather have opened up the possibilities for outdoor rooms, as this space shows.

Most homes don’t have the space or style for this type of patio cover, but there are so many ideas that anyone can borrow to add personality and splash to any outdoor entertaining area.

  1. Use lighting to make specific outdoor locations feel special. By combining general lighting with one fixture that emphasizes the table area, lighting both illuminates the key areas and adds charm to the entire space.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix flooring to support your design plans. The intriguing stone mosaic in the center helps the main entertaining area pop. This is a low-maintenance way to add color and personality to an outdoor living space.
  3. Explore furniture choices that make the outdoors as comfortable and inviting as the inside of your home. Today’s products allow you to do that.

Creating your own Fountain

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Many people would like to add a water feature to their yards but aren’t sure where to start. Do those pre-designed fountains seem a little too big, small, too traditional or modern or just not right for you? How about taking a chance and building your own unique water feature?

If you’re handy, grab some books and start making plans. If you’re not, there are landscape contractors who specialize in water features. Think about what you want. Do you hope for a dramatic fountain? Would you like more of a waterfall effect just off your patio? Maybe you just want a little burbling place to splash your hand in on hot days.

Once you decide, consider style. Would you like something that looks like it has been there forever? You might find stone tiles that give that feeling. How about a contemporary waterfall like the one in the photo? There are plenty of drops to help the water splash and make noise, and the natural-toned tiles help blend the piece with its surroundings. Maybe you’d like a south-of-the-border look with hand painted tiles in rows along the edge.

Whatever your taste and style, take a look at the options at our showroom. Our salespeople can point out the tiles and stone choices that can best handle outdoor living and lots of water.

Do you want to add the magic feeling that water gives an outdoor space? With the right choice, you can make your yard a special place to linger and enjoy.

Herringbone Pattern Perfect for Large Spaces

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Flooring can make a big statement about your style. Hardwood floors continue to be a favorite among many homeowners. They’re elegant, beautiful, eco-friendly and at the same time are very easy to clean and maintain. While many choose to have their wood floors installed in a straight parallel pattern, others are looking for a bit more flair.

The type of pattern used when laying a wood floor can have a big effect on the overall look of a room. Not only does it dictate the room’s style it can make a room look bigger or smaller and can even affect furniture placement.

For larger spaces, such as the great room, many designers suggest the herringbone pattern. Herringbone floors are a traditional floor pattern used commonly in Europe. There are several variations of Herringbone with the most popular being the Chevron and the French Herringbone. These patterns are very bold and are a bit busy in a smaller room. However, they work terrific for larger rooms by creating interest without being overpowering.

Herringbones are oversized blocks which are placed in a zigzag shape, with each end forming a V with the next board. Herringbones are installed piece by piece either parallel to the room or diagonally which visually expands the room, thus making it a perfect pattern for rooms with large spaces.

When considering a wood floor pattern, consult with one of our flooring professionals who are experienced in creating the best look for our customer’s homes.

Sustainable Hardwoods

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Do you think about the environmental impact of your purchasing decisions? Many people today have modified their approach to buying a product by exploring the company’s approach to sustainability.

As consumers pay more attention, suppliers do too. One good example of this is a research project started recently by PE International, a consulting firm specializing in environmental consulting. They are investigating the environmental impact of American hardwoods, from the initial extraction to the final delivery at wood import firms. This analysis will eventually help you make more informed decisions when you purchase wood floors and furniture.

Choosing a hardwood floor involves many choices: style, budget, wood tone, type of wood, manufacturer and installer. Today, many consumers also want to know about a product’s carbon footprint. As a result, many suppliers and distributors are working hard to get that information for you. When you make important purchasing decisions, it’s worth your time to ask about any environmental information available.